Alternate Way to Find Quality of Geld

Looking back at my mathematical handiwork in Section Eight of the SMP Compendium, I am convinced that there needs to be a more straightforward way of running the calculations. As it stands in its current forms within the current First Edition, there are still too much room for error while doing the math. Too many errors in the math will give us inaccurate, distorted returns. We can start with the equations for finding Quality of Arbeit (QW) and Quality of Geld (QM) because I have found a way to streamline them and still yield the same answer as the equations used in First Edition. Let’s have the calculations from “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. 4 of 4)” be the prime example.

[WP(FM) – WI) * MR] = FQW

FQW + ES * (SR1/SR2) + FSR = FQM

FQW/FQM = Attrition/Inaction Rate [A/I]

Yes, I ran the calculations several times over to verify that this can be a faster way of finding FQW and FQM based on the information given in “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. 4 of 4).” And just as I had concluded earlier today, I did get $5.42 as my final answer.

The viability of this particular method is ultimately dependent on how well it translates to TEP (Total Economic Potential) and TFP (Total Financial Potential) as well as RTEP (Real Total Economic Potential) and RTFP (Real Total Financial Potential) to yield part of the TPP value. The challenge that I see here is realizing that not every Vocation, Profession, Enterprise, Industry and Sector in the VCS Economy is going to yield the same sets of values. This is a factor that I took into account in the First Edition.

What I did not account for, however, was the Inflow/Outflow Convertibility Rate (CR). The IOCR essentially refers to alterations or corrections to the conversions of Arbeit-into-Geld and Geld-into-Arbeit within the LER Process (and the LERE Process by extension). The problem that I had while I was working on the First Edition is figuring out where CR applies to those two equations. It needs to be introduced as early as the equations for FQW and FQM.

Where, then, should the ICOR become applicable? Is it the equation for FQW or the equation for FQM? It needs to be the equation for FQM, and we would include it as a Plus-Minus Sign with a given value. The result should look something like this:  

[WP(FM) – WI) * MR] = FQW

[(FQW ± CR) + ES] * (SR1/SR2) + FSR = FQM

FQW/FQM = Attrition/Inaction Rate [A/I]

It should be noted that CR only become relevant whenever the FQW value needs to be altered. That would only be done to devalue or revalue the Value of Arbeit against the Price of Geld.

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