Accounting for Differences in Quality of Arbeit (Pt. I of II)

There is an important factor that I need to address as part of my revisions in Section Eight. Since the Final Quality of Geld (FQW) is affected by the Final Quality of Arbeit (FQW), I should note that the FQW value is the final sum of every Quality of Arbeit (QW) value from every Economic Sector, Industry, Enterprise, Profession and Vocation in the VCS Economy. The FQW cannot be found by simply finding the QW sum of every Industry in each Economic Sector, otherwise we will come away with some distortions in our results. Everything needs to begin from the bottom-up, rather than the top-down approach that I originally had in mind back in the First Edition.

So how does one go about determining the FQW value from the QW values of the entire VCS Economy? Start with all of the Vocations within each Profession. Whoever is in charge of their Profession needs to find the QW value for all of the Vocations among its ranks. Repeat the same operation for all of the Professions under each Enterprise. Once we have the QW values for all Vocations, Professions and Enterprises, all we have to do then is combine the QW values according to their respective Industries to yield their QW values as Economic Sectors.

It may seem difficult to understand where I am going with this ongoing test to find streamlined methods of finding the FQW, but I am convinced of its validity to warrant further investigation today. If I have any more time later today, I will be sharing my results in a follow up post.

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