On Russia’s Invasion of the Ukraine (7 March 2022)

The casus belli, the justification that Post-Soviet Russia is professing as its motive for invading Ukraine, is the “Denazification of the Ukraine.” The claim argues that because Ukraine is allegedly Hitlerist, Russia should invade the Ukraine in an act of self-defense. It is a bold claim which continues to reverberate over the years around a specific Ukrainian military formation currently known as the “Azov Special Operations Detachment.” Originally known as the “Azov Battalion,” it was the formation that included a number of Hitlerists among its ranks. While some of its members were indeed Ukrainian, the rest pro-Hitlerist foreign volunteers being drawn from European nations and even Canada, these United States and Brazil in one infamous case.     

Knowing what I know now about Hitlerism and its sordid relationship with Pan-Germanic Socialism, there is some anecdotal evidence to support this claim. For instance, I do recall a few instances where the Western media had tried to look past the formation’s Hitlerist tendencies back in 2014. I believe it was from an article that I had read in The Guardian at the time. In the years since, there has been a flurry of news articles from Western media outlets stating that the Ukraine was becoming a haven for Hitlerism. Examples ranged from a 2014 Blog post featured on the website of the RAND Corporation and a United Nations report regarding the refugees from that same year to a more recent 2020 article from Russia Matters (whose proprietary owner is Harvard University’s “Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.” However, as one may surmise from the links which I have provided here, all of them are exclusively focusing on that particular military formation. None of them are suggesting that the State and Totality of Ukraine are both Hitlerist in their ideological orientation, which is the propaganda line that Moscow has specifically chosen for itself.

It is true that some members of the Azov Regiment did establish a political party, the National Corps, and tried to run in elections prior to the Russian invasion. Unfortunately, the party never managed to be in any position to dictate any domestic policies whatsoever. That is where the whole narrative crafted by Moscow falls apart. Of course, it would be naïve on my part to insinuate that the Russian invasion was entirely unjustified. There was another motive at play which I believe the Western media is uninterested in reporting because they have no Incentive to do so.

What I can argue is that in the countries where the Jeffersonians had launched their Color Revolutions back in the 2000s, namely Georgia and Ukraine, it became natural to expect Russia to later invade that country in perceived self-defense, and under the guise of asserting territorial claims. In the case of Georgia, the country was invaded in 2008 as part of Russia reasserting territorial claims over the South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions.

There is something about the preceding Color Revolutions which deserve mention here. Since the Western media has no interest in reporting a glaringly obvious historical fact, it should be noted that the Color Revolutions consistently featured a modus operandi. When the Jeffersonians launched the Color Revolutions, the goal was to usurp a nation whom they perceive as “Autocratic” (ruled by an Individual) and not “Liberal” (ruled by an Individual). The real difference between the two designations, apart from some clever manipulations of the English language, was over whether the targeted nation was a Parliamentary Democracy with a Market Economy beholden to Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty, the Liberal International Economic Order (LIEO).    

With a specific target in mind, they would manipulate the Totality into ‘thinking’ that the People’s Party is no longer capable of governing in their interests. That in turn allows for pro-Jeffersonian political opposition to form and pro-Jeffersonian NGOs to enter the country, forcing the People’s Party to hold elections. If the Jeffersonians fail to usurp the People’s Party through elections, they will then proceed to accuse the People’s Party of rigging the elections in their favor, and the NGOs are then going to try and find evidence of electoral fraud. As protests grow and the Totality rallies around the pro-Jeffersonian opposition, the People’s Party loses its political legitimacy, its dominion over the State. Either the People’s Party suppresses that dissent, let the country fall into civil war, or risk being overthrown by a Totality succumbing to the Liberalization of Minds.

This is the modus operandi for various countries which have succumbed to the Color Revolutions, and it has formed the basis of Russian and Chinese internal security policy. Both Post-Soviet Russia and the People’s Republic of China know that the Jeffersonians are still determined to overthrow their regimes in order to perpetuate the Empire of Liberty. There can be no potentials rivals to challenge the Empire of Liberty, otherwise the political legitimacy of the Jeffersonian concept and the Democratic-Republican Party here in these United States will be in question.

Does anyone here notice how the Color Revolution script has been more or less expropriated by Trump in the infamous incident on January 6, 2021? Has anyone realized that the goal of casting doubt over the validity of elections is to divide and conquer a Totality by polarizing into two extremes with their own electoral claims? It may seem outrageous to claim in the days before the World Wide Web (WWW) as information did not circulate as rapidly as it does nowadays. Today, it is possible for intelligence services to manipulate the outcome of elections by creating false narratives for corporate media outlets to report on because it appeals to the cognitive biases of its readership or viewership. What we are witnessing over the past decade since the Color Revolutions are historical events being manipulated by selective interpretations of specific events, technology allowing anyone to the alter flow of information in specific directions. It will not be just the intelligence agencies or their States; another factor is the willingness of any Totality to believe anything in a world where most grand narratives are meaningless.

Everything points back to the same set of questions which I have postulated previously back on 5 March. Does the Ukraine belong to Russia? Is the Ukraine meant to be an independent nation? These questions continue to resonate in the ongoing discussion, but nobody appears to be willing to address other factors which definitely had their own roles to play.

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