Russian Economic Mobilization?

As many people are aware, the Russian intervention of Ukraine is still ongoing, and there is no indication regarding when the fighting will end. It remains to be seen if Russia will be escalating its offensive operations or mobilizing its national economy. There appears to be an initiative by the Russian government to not mobilize its economy for a full-scale war with Ukraine. Even though Moscow continues to be adamant that they are not mobilizing, there has been a few scattered reports of Economic Mobilization. However, these initiatives are so limited and decentralized that it is doubtful that they will make a serious difference in the Russian war effort.

The Moscow Times, an independent news source in Russia, reported back on 6 May that a number of state enterprises have posted job offers for “‘mobilization and wartime experts.’” Apparently, there are state enterprises that require individuals who are familiar with preparing their economic activities for wartime purposes. That was the impression I had when I stumbled across the article prior to writing this new Blog post. What I did not expect to learn was which state enterprises are looking to hire such experts:

“The employers include a tax service in Moscow, a pharmaceutical chain in annexed Crimea, and hospitals in Belgorod near the Russia-Ukraine border and Novosibirsk in Siberia, as well as an airport in the Far East Kamchatka region.”  

None of the enterprises mentioned in the article have explicit military-industrial capabilities. It should be obvious because the article was adamant that those enterprises have little to no ties to the Russian armed forces. The job postings are for those wishing to not be conscripted into the Russian armed forces, ensuring that whoever gets hired will have their employment be deemed as necessary for the war effort. Anyone employed at enterprises whose activities are deemed to as strategically necessary would be exempted from conscription. At least, that is how most conscription policies operate concerning those who are working in important positions.  

But with the obvious exception of the tax service, I cannot fathom why those other enterprises would need personnel trained in the conduct of economic mobilization. The Belgorod hospitals in particular should be looking for medical doctors and nurses. So far, there has not been any serious interest in the Russian government for wartime mobilization in which the armed forces will be expanded in terms of manpower, equipment and resources. Until there is an interest to do so, I am convinced that the conflict will continue in its current state of affairs.

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