Hugo Fischer: Ernst Jünger’s Mentor – Tiana Berger – Junge Freiheit n°20 – 2000

A while back, I encountered this post from the now-inactive Blog known as the “Ernst Niekisch Project.” The post in question is a biography about the obscure life of Ernst Jünger’s mentor, Hugo Fischer. Consider this one as another important post of relevance to the research on my own Blog.

Niekisch Translation Project

When Hugo Fischer died on May 11th 1975 at the age of 76 in the town of Ohlstadt in Upper Bavaria, nobody was supposed to recognize this news, at least officially. Fischer was a forgotten thinker. Towards the middle of the 1950s, he returned from India, from Varanasi, and lost all contact with the academic world of West Germany. Only a few tenuous threads vaguely linked him to the University of Munich, so he continued to lead the life he had always lead: an underground existence, the existence of a savant turning inwards into his private sphere. Yet, after his death, two voices raised themselves to recall the importance of the deceased, to judiciously draw up the critical reading of his work. The first voice was Armin Mohler: in the columns of the daily Die Welt, he declared that Fischer “had been one of the principal intellectual pioneers of the…

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