Marx on Capital as a Real God

I thought I should share this insightful perspective about the metaphysics of Kapital from an “Occult Marxist” perspective. Who would have thought that Marxism and the Occult can do together in such a way to deliver an outstanding class analysis? It does reinforce my conclusions about the metaphysics of Kapital as far as the Work-Standard is concerned.


Image is a detail from Harmonic Tower by Daniel Martin Diaz

(Transcript of a talk. The video is here).


There is a specific aspect of Marx’s theory of capitalism that I believe isn’t sufficiently emphasised. And that is Marx’s view that capital is an actual entity — a being with a mind of its own that operates independently from us.

And of course, when stated plainly like this, the proposition seems absurd. How can a large sum of money that is used to make profit have a mind of its own? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

But my aim, here, is to explain precisely why this proposition is not absurd, but in fact articulates the essential nature of capital, and that viewing capital as an entity is necessary to fully understand the social reality that we find ourselves in.

Marx’s alien entity

Marx viewed capitalism as…

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