Our Post-Scarcity World

The American Sun

We are living in collective trauma. Conventional wisdom tells that the world is finite, that all resources, including the money supply, is scarce. Malthus is among the brightest articulator of this wisdom, with Darwin applying Malthusian theory to biology and both libertarians and Marxists making economic and sociological applications. Climate change and overpopulation are two recent moral panics about scarcity, panics that have caused some to seriously suggest eating bugs and humans to adapt to the coming food shortages (either caused by a climate catastrophe, overpopulation, or both). On the right, accelerationists in the vein of Nick Land and Guillaume Faye attempt to deal with the problem of scarcity via neo-feudalist and archeo-futuristic models, opposed to what is usually dubbed “globalism.” There is a startling alternative to this, one that sounds patently absurd, but is the only way out of dystopia: we live in a post-scarcity world.

Let’s take a…

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