Respect is the Universal Currency…

Intellectual Shaman

Respect is the Universal Currency

It’s inflated by idiots

and deflated

by reality. The truth is

respect can be taken from you at any moment

It knows no social class.

All a man or woman wants

is respect. In fact, human beings

spend most of their lives

trying to be respectable. They buy luxury cars

and live in big houses. They have tea parties

and go to the Opera. Some of them collect books

and never read a single one. People will envy your wealth, your good looks, your social status, your education, your intelligence,

but never

your wisdom.

Respect, or a lack there-of

is why gangs commit violence

and white-collar workers shoot-up the office.


is why teenagers race hot-rods

and lawyers become politicians—it’s not enough, just to do paperwork in private

Power, is respect

and if you have power

people will try to take that from you.


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