Update (11 August 2022)

Continuing with the economic theme of this week’s posts (and reposts from other blogs), I will be writing another important one about personal living expenses and the significance of viewing a government’s finances as akin to that of a household. This is tied to opposition to one of the Work-Standard leading rivals, which in this case is MMT (Modern Monetary Theory). Has MMT been applied and could it have something to do with the Inflation Rates affecting most Western currencies, including the US Dollar? If so, could that be a suitable way of criticizing MMT in a way that has not been explored yet? If not, were the Inflation Rates the result of the Quantitative Easing (QE) measures that continued since the Great Recession?

If there were two recurring topics in the The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) that I would like to explore further at some point, they would have to be personal finance and Work-Standard critiques of MMT. I will be exploring these topics in two new posts. For now, expect a few more posts sourced from other economic and financial-related blogs.

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