Update (14 August 2022)

Okay, I just posted the two-part comment I made to the latest ARPLAN post on my Blog. I have already provided a summarization of my conclusions in an earlier post, where I discussed why the five articles covered in the latest ARPLAN post contain metaphysical ideas and concepts resonant with the Work-Standard. My conclusions there remain valid.

Moving on to other topics, I will be posting another post pertaining to the topic of personal finance. All the major costs associated with personal living under Liberal Capitalism are the focus of that post.

And finally, my decision from last month about lowering the frequency of my Blog posts from at least 5 posts per week to about 3 posts per week will come into effect starting next week. That should be next Monday, August 22 (or ’22 August’). The Intent will of course be tied to the second aforementioned post.

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