Update (15 August 2022)

True to the final set of major posting, I am going to devote this week’s posts to a variety of topics. I have no definite subject that I would like to cover at the moment, and there are indeed a few areas of interests which deserve further elaboration. The slated posts in question are discussions related to the “carbon-neutral fuel technology” discussed in The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.), the “Unified Federal-State Civil Service System,” and a few forays into political-economic commentating.

First, when I originally wrote about carbon-neutral fuel technology, I did so with a specific conception of it in mind. It called for ways to capture carbon emissions as a viable energy source, convert it into a synthetic fuel that can then be used by automobiles, buildings, and so forth. This would call for a new national infrastructure designed to facilitate this fuel production process on a nationwide scale, capable of even helping a single Household create its own electricity from it as a major power source. The biggest challenge with realizing the technology, apart from the need to fund major infrastructural and construction projects just to accommodate said technology, is having it be miniaturized and still be able to capture carbon emissions without any loss in effectiveness. So far, the technology has yet to find the necessary workarounds, but I am confident that somebody will discover them.

I would like to devote an entire Blog post regarding any ongoing efforts in the research and development of carbon-neutral fuel technology. It should serve as an attempt at cataloging the the most recent discoveries and determine how close the researchers are to achieving a major breakthrough.

Second, the “Unified Federal-State Civil Service System” was an attempt at outlining the specifications of what it would take for a Pure Socialism to emerge in these United States. American Socialism must recognize the historical legacy of the Union, including the centuries-long frictions between the Federal and State governments. When the Jeffersonian Empire of Liberty ceases, the Democratic-Republican Party are no longer in power, and the American Individual is able to know where they exist as part of the Union, the real tension begins at the Federal and State levels.

Just like the preceding topic, I would like to discuss about contemporary politics and address where and how the Unified Federal-State Civil Service System fits into the present context. A lot has certainly happened in the year since I had finished the original First Edition of The Work-Standard.

And third, I am interested in delving into a number of miscellaneous topics concerning political-economic happenings outside the US. My theory regarding Mainland China being the only nation with sufficient economic and military firepower to challenge the US has remained valid since 1991. Some obscure discussions on esoteric subjects loosely tied to what appears on the ARPLAN Blog is in order.

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