Preface to “The Third Place (1st Ed.)”

Two important questions gradually presented themselves in the months following the completion of the original First Edition of The Work-Standard. Although their significance was apparent to me during the First Edition’s development, I felt that they could not be given the adequate attention they deserved as part of The Work-Standard. When the time came to write the Second Edition, in response to what I felt were the shortcomings of the First Edition, I still refrained from writing a set of Entries devoted to them. A new treatise was needed to be written in order to give these questions their overdue diligence. For the crux of those questions pertained to a delicate array of political, sociological, educational, technological, and philosophical subjects.

The questions can be summarized as follows. What is the significance of the Student Government and the Socialist Student Economy (SSE) within Council Democracy? And what are the ways in which the culture and social structures of a Socialist Nation differ from those found in Neoliberalism? Both questions required their own separate treatise because they delved into areas beyond the prevailing theme of The Work-Standard, which was about devising a Socialist conception of Currency and what forms Pure Socialism would have to take in these United States of America. These questions became so persistent that I was forced to spend a few months looking for answers before briefly setting them aside throughout much of early 2022.

By July of that year, I began contemplating on whether to finally compile the First Edition of The Third Place or whether to abandon the endeavor altogether. That meant scrapping the entire webpage from my personal website, The Fourth Estate ( Fortunately, I decided to not delete that website, but instead revisit the two questions from a fresh perspective. It took me about a month to get everything together, so I took my time to rethink, refocus, and reevaluate how I should go about writing The Third Place.

The rest of the treatise is the final result of my efforts. All I expect from the Reader is that I have already read enough of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) to have a general idea as to what I intend to discuss. For those who need background information before reading The Third Place, I recommend reading two Entries in Section Four of The Work-Standard. Those Entries are entitled “The State’s Educational Policies and Ranking System” and “State Issuance of Medals, Awards, Commendations and Promotions.” But for those in need of a quick reference before diving straight into the rest The Third Place, I will be including both Entries as part of the Table of Contents.

My hope is that, by completing the First Edition of The Third Place, the Reader will comprehend the overall purpose of the SSE and the importance of family, community, culture, tradition, and order in any true Pure Socialism. Young people can and should play an important strategic role in the political-economic life of their Nation. It is only a real shame that such opportunities were never provided to them under Neoliberalism. But with the Work-Standard, young people will be able to realize their fullest potential in Life. Let their Nation expect only the best from them.  

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