Update (28 August 2022)

Okay, I finished the Preface and the first half of the Introduction to The Third Place (1st Ed.) last night. Everything appears to be going well at the moment, so I hope that I will be able to complete the second half today before diving straight into the rest of The Third Place. I will be posting the Preface and the completed half of the Introduction in two separate posts, and I synchronized them to be posted around the same time as this Update post goes live.

In the meantime, remember what I had written in “Revising ‘The Third Place?” I am referring to the following:

What would be the best point of origin, the lynchpin that would give the SSE and all three Places their intended roles? Look no further than the 1959 “American National Exhibition” in Moscow, an historical event whose exhibits bear instructive lessons and impactful implications for the SSE and the three Places. What began as a 1957 diplomatic ploy to open an exhibition of an American supermarket in former Yugoslavia would later go on to become a debate over, up until now, the merits of “Capitalism” (Read: Production for Profit) and “Communism” (Read: Production for Utility).

Were the Kitchen Debates really a debate over the alleged superiority of “Capitalism” (Read: Production for Profit) and “Communism” (Read: Production for Utility), as we are often told by Cold War historians?

Or, to refer back to what I wrote in “Applications of Reciprocal Theory of Value and Work Theory of Money (Pt. I of II),” were the debates instead about the merits of one National Essence and that of another National Essence? If so, would the National Essence of one nation manifest itself through its own Technologies?

My argument there still stands, but I figured out how to connect it with another seemingly unrelated historical event from the Cold War, that being the 1980s story of Samantha Smith. The “Total Educational Effort” concept as it was posited by Mary Perkins Ryan in her 1972 manifesto, We’re All in This Together. Everything ties back to the Socialist Student Economy (SSE), and one will know this as soon as those other two posts go live.

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