Post-Fordism and Nostalgianomics


Isn’t this chart from 1946 fantastic? Click to see it full sized.


(from A Consumer’s Republic) “A thinner slice from a bigger pie still means more pie.” We don’t even talk in terms like this anymore. I wonder if a more equal distribution of wealth makes growth more stable, and get nothing in terms of economic theory. And even in public policy talking in terms like this seems taboo, and the media sphere is even worse given the outrage on Obama’s “spreading the wealth” line.

I’m on a huge deadline at work this week, so of course there’s a lot of blog movement on one of my favorite topics – the move from the economy, labor arrangements and income distributions of the 1950s-1970s (which I’ll call Fordist here) to the one of the 1980s-now (which I’ll refer to as Post-Fordist).

Brink Lindsey has an excellent post at Reason critiquing…

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