Update (4 October 2022)

I managed to create three new diagrams for The Third Place (1st Ed.). These three were designed to provide further clarification on what has been written.

In case anyone is struggling to figure out how the LER and LERE Processes apply in Real Trade Agreements, I made this diagram to illustrate how everything was organized back in The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.). Acquiring more Actual Arbeit from an RTA (“Lower QW”) results in cheaper Exports, whereas receiving less Actual Arbeit from that same RTA (“Higher QW”) yields expensive Exports.
The diagram here depicts the Total Educational Effort of the SSE. Every aspect of the educational curriculum is designed to funnel directly into a Vocation.
The final diagram I drew is a simple chart depicting the chain of command in the SSE at the local level. The community-organized Guild acts as the intermediate between the Student Tournament and the Student Government.

Those are the not the only ones that I intend to create before I can finally consider the First Edition to be finished. Aside from the diagrams that need to be done for the Entries of Section Five, I would like to create three separate diagrams for Section Three to describe how the “Scholarship,” the “Apprenticeship,” and the “Sponsorship” function as NSFIs that the wealthy would then purchase to invest in the Total Educational Effort.

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