Responses to “Extending a Hand to West Germany” (Pt. I of II)


To begin, I must apologize for not being able to respond to your latest ARPLAN post sooner. I am currently working on an International Relations research paper about “pariah states” and why their survival depends on them receiving support from larger neighbors with similar ideological orientations and geopolitical interests. While the topic itself is technically related to the latest post, the research paper itself is a different matter altogether. Therefore, I felt it was necessary to write this comment first before proceeding to write a separate one for the latest post.  

There is enough empirical evidence on my Blog as well as yours to argue that “pariah states” such as the German Reich and the DPRK cannot survive in this world alone. The German Reich saw the Soviets as a potential strategic partner who might help them overcome the Versailles Treaty and the Allied Powers. The Soviets helped the German Reich evade arms control limitations of the Versailles Treaty by allowing statesmen and generals invest in the Soviet Union as part of the Reichswehr’s secret rearmament programs. Conversely, the PRC has helped the DPRK evade international sanctions and turn a blind eye to its nuclear weapons development. In both cases, we have two nations with a shared opposition to a prevailing hegemon and engaging in an exchange of ideas and values that are not necessarily economic in nature.

Currently, I am still gathering documents and other historical evidence to support my assertions. Thanks to your continued efforts on ARPLAN, I am also confident that I have the makings of a solid case to be made from the standpoint of conventional IR analysis. Who knows, maybe it will lead to an entirely new Theory for IR?


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