Soviet Centennial on 30 December

December 30, 2022 marks the would-be centennial of the Soviet Union’s founding. The Soviet Union was formally established on December 30, 1922, continuing to exist until its dissolution sixty-nine years later on December 26, 1991. Had the Soviets survived past 1991, they would have reached the centennial. What was once the Soviet Union is now a collection of sovereign nations still struggling to define themselves in the 21st century. Post-Soviet Russia remains the largest benefactor of the Soviet legacy, continuing to consider this part of the Eurasian landmass its own sphere of influence. Belarus, on the other hand, is arguably the one that has tried to preserve as much of the Soviet legacy as it could within a State Capitalist framework.

I am thinking about writing a future Blog post to revisit the topic, reminding people about the significance of December 30, 2022. The country continues to loom large in the imaginations of everyday people, seeing how it has only been three decades since its dissolution.

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