The U.S. Would Be Insane to Intervene in Haiti — Realist Review

The Biden Administration is flirting with disaster in the Caribbean. As the violence in Haiti escalates, top policymakers have advocated for an American-backed military intervention on the troubled island. Foreign interventions have devastated Haiti time and again, and there is no reason to think this time may be any different. In fact, it may be worse.

Acting Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has requested foreign armed forces to help restore order, while calls for foreign military intervention are intensifying among political elites worldwide. In October, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres called for “armed action” to establish a humanitarian corridor and support the Haitian police. A United Nations Security Council Resolution, drafted by the United States, urges “the immediate deployment of a multinational rapid action force.”

Many supporters of foreign military intervention in Haiti claim to acknowledge the dangers of intervention but maintain that it is the “least bad option.” On the contrary, it is the worst option there is. Intervening in Haiti would not be a solution to the problem but instead a continuation of a policy that sets Haiti back repeatedly at the cost of the lives of American soldiers and taxpayer money.

The U.S. Would Be Insane to Intervene in Haiti — Realist Review

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