Christmas Post (Pt. I of II)

I wonder if Bogumil is going to publish a Christmas-themed post on the ARPLAN Blog. I know that he posts one each year, usually on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Today is December 23, so I am guessing either tomorrow or Sunday. As soon as he posts something on ARPLAN, I will definitely wish him merry Christmas. Even if he does not post anything tomorrow or Sunday, I am still going to.

Anyhow, I have been shopping around lately to check up on the Inflation Rate, and perhaps find some work on the side. It looks like Inflation is falling, but not by much. Some things had gone up, while others had held steady. Since I am not expecting Prices for all kinds of goods to fall anytime soon, it helps to make comparisons outside of the Blog.

Tomorrow, I am going to post some photos of my earlier playthrough of Workers & Resources. I have played enough of that game to the point where I now know what I am supposed to be doing. The photos are screenshots of my last playthrough, and I am currently doing another playthrough at the moment. I felt that maybe tomorrow would be a great time to demonstrate how far I have come since last week.

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