Christmas Post (Pt. II of II)

As promised, I am sharing the photos I had taken of my last playthrough of Workers & Resources. The photos depict the towns that I had established while playing between last Friday and Tuesday. I assembled the first set of photos in a slideshow for anyone to browse. The in-game timeframe is set between 1970 and 1975.

The first slide shows a major town devoted to automotive, aeronautical, agricultural production, coal, and uranium mining.

The second and third slides are two photos of a strategic mining town dedicated to iron mining and steel production. The steel mills are seen in the sixth and seventh slides.

The fourth and fifth slides showcase another town focused on aluminum production.

These four slides depict a town situated in the center of the map. The first two slides were taken at night, the other two during the morning. This town featured a tourist area, an airport, food production facilities and railway stations to export products to the Eastern and Western Bloc countries. Out of frame are drydocks and a harbor for transporting wares downriver.

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