Finalizing the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents for Work-Standard Accounting Practices (1st Ed.) is completed, at least in the areas that matter most. I had to reduce the number of Sections in the Treatise further to three due to the apparent lack of accessible information on other accounting techniques. To compensate for this, I did find a number of Environmentalists, Feminist, and Marxist critiques of Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping System. What is really tragic for Environmentalists, Feminists and Marxists (barring the Material Product System) is that they have not proposed an alternative accounting system.

Valid arguments made against Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping and the Fractional Reserve Banking System contributing to environmental degradation, resource depletion, and Climate Change. There are also arguments about both empowering Bourgeois and Reactionary Patriarchies. After all, we must never forget that Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping, prior to Western Civilization, was originally used as a propaganda tool used by the Caesars of Ancient Rome (since Augustus Caesar) to flaunt their power and wealth to political friends and enemies.

The problem that I have noticed with their critiques is that, because they did not propose an alternative accounting system, Neoliberalism continues to remain unchallenged within the realms of accounting. Even the advocates of Bitcoin and Ethereum, in spite of my own objections to Blockchain Technology, have gone farther to oppose Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping and Fractional-Reserve Banking. Thus, if I had previously challenged it in monetary and economic policies, it is inevitable for me to delve into this area from the purview of the Work-Standard.

That brings me to Section Three. I will be revisiting the previous developments that I had made back in The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) and The Third Place (1st Ed.). Any new contributions to the Work-Standard’s versions of accounting and finance will definitely be included there as well.

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