Plans on Finishing “Work-Standard Accounting Practices”

As it stands, I am nearly done with Work-Standard Accounting Practices (1st Ed.). There are four Entries in Section One that remains incomplete, while I have yet to determine how many Entries should be devoted to Section Three. For Section One, “Accounting Standards” is meant to be about the various accounting standards that exist. I feel that it and the other two remaining Entries in Section One should be done last before the Conclusion.

This brings me to Section Three. With Part III of “Fundamentals of Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping” being about the SI-EF Account, I felt that two or four more Entries should be added to Section Three. There needs to be at least two Entries to discuss about the Domestic and Foreign Accounts, delving into aspects of LERE Process as well as Military Arbeit and Military Geld. I also need to discuss about proposed accounting techniques involving Arbeit and Geld.

As for the Economic and Financial Indicators Entries, they are more for discussions about ways in which we can gather statistical data about the State and Totality relying on the Work-Standard. The purpose of those Entries is for me to expand upon existing literature on Work Theory of Money (WTM) to facilitate future research. Anyone interested in the Work-Standard will be able to pick up on my earlier research and build their own conclusions based on what I had established.

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