Update (8 February 2023)

I am not expecting to have to any new Entries to Work-Standard Accounting Practices today. The purpose is to spend the time I have today tackling other matters outside the Blog and preparing a new batch of Entries that I intend to release later this week. At the very least, I am just going to repost content from other WordPress Blogs.

In the meantime, I was able to finish two relevant Reference Charts for Part III last night. Much of the mathematics related to the SI-EF Account and the Electrified Qualities of Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld were simplified because the original incarnations in The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) were not only convoluted, but they were also riddled with accounting errors and even cases of double counting. Now, the SI-EF Account is truly split between State Investments (SIs) and Economic Foreignization (EFs) involving NSFIs and Work-Tenures. Variable “NSB” represents the Geld originating from Work-Tenures, whereas variable “Office V” only pertains to the Arbeit of Borrowers and Lenders across various Work-Tenures. Due to the accounting errors, it will take some time before I can finally submit the next Entry of Work-Standard Accounting Practices.

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