Update (23 February 2023)

I am going to work on the final two Entries of Work-Standard Accounting Practices both today and tomorrow. The goal is to complete everything before the middle of next week is now at hand. The final .PDF File and the associated webpage are going to be done as soon as those two Entries are completed. It will definitely take up my coming weekend, but writing the Treatise was worth all the trouble in the end.

Speaking of which, I drew a new symbol befitting of Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping for the Treatise. It’s a comprehensive one that best embodies what the Treatise is all about:

Author’s Symbol for Financial Reporting under Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping. Three arrows encircle the inner ring. They represent the Arbeit-into-Geld and Geld-into-Arbeit of the State, the Totality, and the Self in Production for Dasein. Inside the inner ring, three wedges symbolize the Balance Sheet (Top), the Workflow Statement (Bottom Left), and the Income Statement (Bottom Right). The Y-junction at the center reflects the three Principles of the LEBM and NSBM Accounting Techniques. This symbol was drawn to provide an easy frame of reference serving as a visual aid for Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping.”  

This Symbol is distinguishable from the Liberal Capitalist equivalent for Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping. It also describes just how different the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System is compared to the Fractional-Reserve Banking System. The Liberal Capitalist Symbol is this:

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