Planning for This Week’s Posts

I have a few ideas on what I would like to write about sometime this week, but I am still trying to figure out which one deserves to be articulated first. Overall, I have narrowed my ideas to three proposed posts.

Obviously, the first post involves continuing Scenario 1999 by revisiting that “Student Cooperative” from an earlier post. It would focus on the establishment and development of the Student Economy as an analogue to the National Economy. The SSE continues to be the easiest, most straightforward way of conveying how the Work-Standard operates.  

The second post is intended to be another relevant discussion of Hamiltonianism. If I had to write a research paper or graduate thesis about Hamiltonianism in the contemporary America that already exists (as opposed to Scenario 1999), where would we find this Weltanschauung in American political life? Given that Hamiltonianism is absent in the Democratic-Republican Party, how might the new-old Federalist Party present itself? What would be the signs and characteristics based on current conditions?

The last post is going to be one of those current events posts. In the weeks and months since I had last devoted a post to current events, West Germany and post-1945 Japan are rearming themselves. West German and post-1945 Japanese rearmament in the 21st century have been anticipated, but some have been insinuating that there are new movements afoot in both nations to overcome their pacifist tendencies at the behest of the Jeffersonians.      

Out of those three posts, I strongly felt that I need to write something about the third and second posts first. While the former is more immediate, the latter will assist in ensuring consistent rate of posting on The Fourth Estate.   

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