Xi Jinping heads to Russia to deepen bilateral ties and possibly pave the way for peace in Ukraine — Global News Insider

Xi Jinping is set to visit Russia from March 20 to 22

This is will be Xi’s first overseas trip since he was officially rubber stamped as head of state by the country’s political elite earlier this month. The fact that Russia has been chosen as the first foreign destination for Xi to visit shall not be underestimated as Russia might play a significant role in the Chinese long-term geopolitical strategy.

The decision to visit Russia was made by Xi Jinping before International Criminal Court (ICC) issued warrants of arrest for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Although three world powers – the United States, Russia, and China aren’t part of the ICC system, the issuance of warrants for the arrest of the head of Russia (a party to the conflict) could significantly complicate possible peace talks between Zelensky and Putin, which China is seeking to organize.

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Sino-Russian cooperation

During Xi’s official visit two leaders are expected to discuss further Sino-Russian cooperation and the pressing geopolitical issues, with special emphasis on the Russia-Ukraine war. The visit comes just around one month after top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi completed his European “peace mission” in Moscow and after China unveiled its 12-point plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, which began just over a year ago. The Chinese “peace plan” has been received with great scepticism by Western leaders, but it is possible that it could serve as a basis for further peace talks.

On the other hand, apart from geopolitics, the Kremlin stated that during the visit of Xi some “important bilateral documents will be signed”. It seems that predominantly western experts somehow exaggerate the so-called “peaceful nature” of Xi’s visit, while the main content of the meeting might be the deepening economic cooperation between two countries.

Xi Jinping heads to Russia to deepen bilateral ties and possibly pave the way for peace in Ukraine — Global News Insider

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