France bans ‘recreational’ use of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram — ByoViral

France has banned “recreational” use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, amid concerns that such apps are littered with “degrading” content.

The move comes as a Representative from the French Culture Ministry warned that such apps are “a gateway to debauchery and a haven for cyberbullying.”

Twitter had already been limiting user access to the app in France following a series of problematic updates.

The Paris-based app-maker said Friday in a statement that it will make “adjustments” to its business in order to prevent “negative effects.”

“We deplore the fact that these apps are become a haven for cyberbullying and we will take firm measures to stop it,” said Ibrahim Khalfa, a spokesman for Twitter in France.

France is only the latest country to take such measures in the face of outbreaks of online predatorism and violence.

Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium have all pass resolutions condemning the consumption of “degrading” social media content.

France bans ‘recreational’ use of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram — ByoViral

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