Revision (25 March 2023)

My latest comment to the ARPLAN Blog is going to be a two-part post. The first part will be to describe my observations about the Whig interpretation of UK history and its significance for Pan-Germanic Socialism. The second part will delve into the implications of Pan-Germanic Socialists reinterpreting it to justify either a “Pan-Germanic Europe.” That could mean the German-speaking world or it could mean Europe itself under the leadership and influence of the German-speaking world. Whichever the case may be, I have reasons to believe that some form of “Germanic Federalism” would spearhead the endeavor. Exactly what that Germanic Federalism might entail or how it would function if implemented in practice is beyond the focus of my analysis. What I would like to do for today, apart from reposting content from other Blogs and following up on a few comments, is to share some tidbits I found while I was researching and articulating Hamiltonianism over the years.

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