Pan-Germanic Socialism and the English-speaking World (Pt. II of II)


If you managed to read my last comment sent to the ARPLAN Blog, then I should have mentioned that I was going to write a follow up to that comment. While the initial post is about something related to Pan-Germanic Socialism, this one pertains to the latest ARPLAN post itself. To begin, I did refrain from commenting on this post. Part of the reason was that I have been preoccupied with other matters this month. Yet the other half was that I felt I should start a discussion about the content of the latest ARPLAN post on my Blog, letting that be my official position on the topic.

Three weeks ago, I wrote that the Salzburg Speech contained a number of half-truths whose purpose was to promote a “Führer Myth.” The Führer Myth was an opportunistic ploy by Adolf Hitler to exert absolute power over the movement to further his own agenda, which is to seize power in Germany. The Pan-Germanic Socialists were more interested in economic reform; Hitler, even in this speech, was more interested in seizing power and unrightfully claiming Pan-Germanic Socialism as his. As long as the Führer Myth persists to this day, Pan-Germanic Socialism has no chances whatsoever of ever being taken seriously, not even as a legitimate Socialism.

Apart from misguided people in the English-speaking world equivocating Hitlerism with Pan-Germanic Socialism, the Liberal Capitalists have a vested interest in keeping this Führer Myth alive, and it has nothing to do with remembering the tragedies of the Second World War. As you have suspected, to which I have no doubts entertaining, certain Liberal Capitalist factions in the Western world have a lot to gain from letting Pan-Germanic Socialism’s Social-Democratic origins be forgotten and obscured by Hitlerism.

In Neoliberalism, there are Social Liberal factions supportive of Social-Democracy and there are Classical Liberal factions opposed to it. The Social Liberals believe that Social-Democratic reforms will allow them to mitigate the worst tendencies of Neoliberalism, making it more tolerable. If the Classical Liberals were to realize that Pan-Germanic Socialism originated from Social-Democracy within the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, they will use that information to discredit the Social Liberals. They will claim that the Social Liberal factions are “closet Hitlerists” as a means of challenging their political legitimacy. Thus, the Social Liberals cannot afford to let that happen, so they have to let the true origins of Pan-Germanic Socialism remain forgotten.      

That was my official position on the latest ARPLAN post.



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