Revision (19 April 2023)

This brief post is intended to be a Revision to this morning’s Update on the ongoing Entries for The Digital Realm (1st Ed.). So far, “Hamiltonianism in Words, Jeffersonianism in Deeds (Pt. III of III)” is halfway finished. I just need to complete the other half, which is a procedural list of statements on how to deal with Factionalism in Council Democracy. If there was an issue with me completing that particular Entry, it’s the fact that I must include a diagram depicting how Council Democracy is applied across the entire nation.

The average Council is split into a multitude of Chambers for the State and the Totality or the Student Government and the Student Body. Every Profession and Guild, Enterprise and Industry, Office and Department, Class and School have its own Delegates to the Councils. The most pressing issue at the moment is making sure that the political organization of the Council Democratic system is made clearer because I will also be including the Social Forums.

Therefore, if I do finish the aforementioned Entry with a diagram depicting the organizational structure, bear in mind that I still intend to include it in the final .PDF copy of the First Edition. Even though everything shown on that diagram is based on information covered elsewhere, having a diagram will go a long away in providing points of reference on how the Council Democratic system operates in both theory and practice. My goal for the rest of today is to complete the other half of “Hamiltonianism in Words, Jeffersonianism in Deeds (Pt. III of III).”    

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