Update (20 April 2023)

I once wrote in The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) that the “Separation of Powers” does not exist in Council Democracy. The more I began to understand how Council Democracy functions, the more I am beginning to realize the term itself will take on an entirely different meaning unlike the one associated with Parliamentary Democracy. It no longer means that the powers of the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary shall not be infringed by the other branches of government. In Council Democracy, it is more so one’s political standing within the political process should not be determined based on their Social Rank and contributions of Arbeit and Geld.

But as I had demonstrated in subsequent Treatises, one’s political, economic and social statuses are closely intertwined with each other. The ones with the most power and the highest positions in the Nation are those who demonstrated the greatest commitment and service to both the Totality and State as the Nation. Thus, the “Separation of Powers” should be assigned an entirely new meaning.

These conclusions are part of the upcoming Entry for The Digital Realm (1st Ed.), which is slated for release in the next thirty minutes after this Update post goes live.

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