Preview of “Scenario 1999: State Development of National Culture”

There are other ways in which the Council State may contribute to the flourishing of the Totality. One notable avenue involves facilitating the establishment of a National Culture through the creation of assorted media and publications. Aside from the usual State Media, the Council State should consider allocating a portion of its State Budget toward supporting Student Media and Social Media. Obviously, the narratives will not necessarily be the same, but at least it will support the Vocations of the personnel involved in their production processes.  

Radio and television broadcasting stations, literature and newspaper publications, music labels, film studios, video game developers, museums, memorials, monuments, parks and wildlife preserves can all become potential sources of Actual Arbeit, Digital Arbeit or both. The corresponding Actual Geld and Digital Geld will not just come from the Totality and Foreigners purchasing the media and visiting the sites, but also the production processes associated with creating the National Culture and the subsequent efforts made to sustain it.

The most proper analogy that one should be thinking about when it comes to the need for the Council State to contribute to the National Culture is to think back to its roles within mass transportation and energy production. The Council State pours much of its State Budget into the construction and maintenance of highways, railways, seaports, airports, and other modes of transportation. They enable the Totality to commute to the workspace and bring the nation together by facilitating the flow of information from the countryside to the cities and back. A similar proportion of the State Budget goes toward the construction and maintenance of the electrical power grid. The sources of Arbeit here are not at all limited to what the Council State initially builds and maintains for the Totality insofar as those are the short-term, temporary contributions. The long-term, permanent contributions stem from the other sources of Arbeit that were made possible by the Totality, with or without the immediate participation of the Council State.   

The recurring pattern shared by those economic activities is one of “Arbeit begetting Arbeit.” Somebody’s contributions of Arbeit to the Life-Energy Reserve eventually enabled somebody else to make their own contributions. The contributions of the latter could not have been achieved without the contributions of the former. While the Council State can achieve similar conditions by governing and operating the National Intranet on grounds of National Sovereignty, there will be circumstances in the Digital Tournament where the Totality will be able to repeat the same conditions for the Council State. It is under those circumstances where one could speak of the Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification (LERE) Process as being the digitalization of the Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) Process.   

Thus, the Council State’s governance of the Digital Tournament among the Social Forums will facilitate the creations of new Professions and Enterprises as well as enable the expansion of existing ones from the VCS Economy. At the same time, the SSE will receive additional opportunities to broaden the capabilities of the Student Body and the Student Government, some of which will involve Student Media. In both cases, the Digital Tournament will be there to host the creations of Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld, both of which will be converted into Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld by the LERE Refineries by means of Blockcycle Technology. The National Culture is hardly an exception to these promising developments.

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