Update (21 April 2023)

Aside from more important personal matters at the moment, the latest Entry remains ongoing as I am trying to think about how the concept of “Arbeit begetting Arbeit” can be recreated on the National Intranet for Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld. Back in The Third Place (1st Ed.), I pointed out how contributions of Actual Arbeit are not limited to the physical production and transactional sale of finished goods and services. There are sources of Arbeit and Geld where the contributions are small in the short term but eventually become more and more lucrative over the long term. We can encounter a similar context involving the recruitment of people among the Enterprises and Professions.

With Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld, however, the question here pertains to whether a similar conditions can be observed from the reproduction of existing media for the National Intranet. The creation of a major work of art on the National Intranet may fetch a lot of Digital Arbeit in the short term, but the recurring contributions from producing reproductions elsewhere may not be worth as much as the original. This will not only further sketch out the definition of Intellectual Property under the Work-Standard but will also provide a Work-Standard response to the concept of “Intangible Assets” generating Kapital from the mere existences of digital media.

I am posting the first third of the Entry in case I do not finish the rest today. If I do not post the rest before the end of the day, I will post them tomorrow.

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