Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. III of IV)

In this part of the final SMP Compendium entry, I will be providing simulated examples of how the Work-Standard functions for Socialist Finance, Socialist Technology and the Hegelian Synthesis of both as “Socialist Fintech” (Financial Technology). Doing so will demonstrate the Jungian Synchronicity in the United States between the Federal and State governments, US Congress and the American people as a Totality, the President of the United States and the youngest high school student. I will split everything discussed here into four massive subsections: “Federalist Economic Planning Revives American Manufacturing”; “Federal-State Taxation and Investments”; “Federalist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System”; and then briefly conclude with the “United States Federalist Intranet” for the future.

We will finally conclude this Compendium entry with Wages and Prices, Paygrades, Unified SSE, Council Democracy, Electoral College, State and Federal governments. Rounding that final Compendium entry is me offering a multitude of different ways for the Work-Standard to help the States and Federal government achieve fiscal discipline and balanced budgets under Hamiltonian Federalism.

Federalist Economic Planning Revives American Manufacturing

Thanks to the Work-Standard, I can now righteously argue that economic planning can and will be done the American way. Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP) is as Prussian-American as Prussia’s Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben turning the US Army into an effective fighting force during the American Revolutionary War. MTEP allows us to overcome the flaws of STEP (Soviet-Type Economic Planning) and its related cousin, PTEP (Prussian-Type Economic Planning), by providing opportunities to exert the flexibility, creativity, energy, leadership and talent necessary for the US to overcome the Economic Calculation Problem with the Political Organization Problem. The Intent behind replacing the Economic Calculation Problem by means of the Political Organization Problem is to stress the realization that everything in Life will always be uncertain except for two things: self-awareness of who we are as Americans and what we are capable of achieving; and the situational awareness required to realize where and when there is a change in economic conditions.  

MTEP does not provide quantifiable targets and quotes that everybody in America has to reach. Instead, MTEP provides us with the ability to determine qualitatively which decisions in the workspace will lead to the best-possible decision to yield the greatest Quality of Arbeit. The “Central Plan” characteristic of every known Command Economy is, in actuality, the US Constitution, its Intent enshrined in the Preamble:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

We the people” refers to the Totality, the American people who constitute these United States. The Intent of the Central Plan is for us to provide all of the necessary economic conditions conducive to “a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” This Central Plan is eternal and how we realize that Intent was left at our discretion by the Framers.

The Work-Standard, meanwhile, will provide us the means by which to uphold the Intent of that Central Plan described in the Preamble. We can start by realizing that the Work-Standard can finally help us bring back manufacturing in the “Rust Belt States,” reduce our dependency on Economic Foreignization, and resurrect the Hamiltonian Federalist “spirit of competition” that “makes America great,” nurturing it with the kind of American Nationalism and American Socialism described by Theodore Roosevelt that will “keep America great.” Thanks to MTEP, I have a number of important opportunities where we can revitalize the US, achieving simultaneously economic redevelopment and financial autarky.

For Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping, the general idea behind in Part II of “Paygrade Scaling, Accounting and Distributing” remains valid, except with the most obvious inclusion of separate tables for the Federal and State governments. American Federalism allows it. Please consult that Compendium entry for further information.

The real distinctions begin when describing the Federalist and States Command Economies. In order to address the distinct characteristics of the United States, I found it prudent to combine the accounts for the Federal and State governments, so that they share the same general table for the Natural, Industrial, Services, Information and Government Sectors. I will then proceed to demonstrate how to format the other tables discussed previously in the Compendium.

Please note that these following accounting tables as of late are never meant to be complete: I have full confidence in the American people’s ability to always find new ways of contributing Arbeit and generating Geld, in addition to revolutionizing older methods with newer Technology. Besides, the Intent is to demonstrate how Command-Obedience Accounting Bookkeeping would format them when applied by someone in practice. Pay close attention to any Industry that I had marked with an Asterisk (*) because I will be explaining them in further detail.

Has one found which Industries in those five incomplete Tables that I had marked?

The ones that I specifically asterisked are Equipmentalities*, Basic Essentials*, Synthetic Materials*, LERE Refining*, Economic Planning*, Gambling and Lotteries*, and LER Process*.

Replacing the Liberal Capitalist concept of “Commodities,” Equipmentalities are those raw materials that have been harvested and ready to be sold in bulk by Office III of the US Federal Kontore. Replacing the Liberal Capitalist concept of Utilities, Basic Essentials include water distribution, heating and air conditioning, water and waste treatment, wind turbines, solar panels, and renewable resources as sources of energy unrelated to Synthetic Fuels. I have stated earlier in the Compendium that “Commodities” and “Utilities” are related to the specific psychic and psychological conditions conducive to Kapital and Schuld (Debt/Guilt). Synthetic Materials refer to any Equipmentalities that we would someday be able to create through nuclear transmutation processes in the search for the Noosphere. 

Economic Planning denotes the amount of Geld going to economic planners embedded throughout the US Economy in every Industry, Enterprise and Profession. It is in fact now separate from Gambling and Lotteries thanks to the Work-Standard because Alexander Hamilton did mention that Gambling and Lotteries should always be considered as part of the States’ taxation policies. It is also interesting that Hamilton ran this particular experiment as part of his own economic planning ploys in the early years of Union vis-à-vis the “Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures.” The Work-Standard is helpful in reconstructing his original logic since the average restaurant waitress and bartender working at a hotel bar or restaurant inside a casino resort and a gas station cashier clerk selling lottery tickets are technically not levying taxes on all Americans. Anyone can avoid being taxed this way by simply not playing. Economic Planning needs to be designed along very similar parameters by means of Financial Instruments pegged to the Work-Standard where the contributions of Actual Arbeit by an Individual or an Economic Organization can then be cashed in for Actual Geld with the Federal or State governments. Granted, no matter what happens, the Preamble of the Constitution will always serve as our Central Plan in this Federalist Command Economy.

Moreover, I am also convinced that we can repurpose casinos into something more productive as sources of Meaningful Work for Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld. The massive amounts of electrical power that Three-Mile Island or the Hoover Dam generates for places like Atlantic City or Las Vegas respectively are perfectly suitable for facilitating the construction and operation of the Work-Standard’s LERE (Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification) Refineries in those two gambling destinations. LERE Refineries, it should be recalled from “Operational Logic of Technology,” specialized in overseeing the LERE Process for the conversion of Digital Arbeit into Digital Geld before it enters the LER (Life-Energization Reciprocity) Process, both of which will be gradually discussed over course of this part of the final Compendium entry.  

“Audit the Fed!”: A Hamiltonian Economic Planning
App for PC, Tablet, and Smartphone

As stated earlier, Mission-Type Economic Planning is unaffected by the flaws of Soviet-Type Economic Planning. That is because we are more concerned about the qualitative performance of each and every US citizen and Economic Organization in these United States. Emphasis is placed on the Sustainability of the Qualities of Arbeit and Geld and the Frequencies for them in everyday economic life at the workspace. For under the Work-Standard, everyone will be able to literally do real-times audits of the United States Federal Life-Energy Reserve, otherwise known as “the Fed,” anytime, anywhere in the US. Standard telecommunications rates still apply, of course. 

This Hamiltonian conception of the Federal Reserve formally serves under the Command Responsibility of Alexander Hamilton’s former government ministry, the US Treasury Department. It sets the Mechanization Rate. It receives contributions of Arbeit and generations of Geld from the Federalist Command Economy and its subordinate State Command Economies. It converts Actual Arbeit into Actual Geld, allowing the entire Union to watch as our Final Quality of Arbeit (FQW) and Final Quality of Geld (FQW) coalesce into the Total Economic Potential (TEP) and Total Financial Potential (TFP) respectively. Once we know our own Attrition/Inaction Rate [A/I], we can then determine for ourselves the Real Total Economic Potential (RTEP) and the Real Total Financial Potential (RTFP). If we know how much Geld belongs to the American people, the States and the Federal government, the Values of all Federal-issued FSFIs (Federal-State Financial Instruments) and State-issued NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments), and how much Federal and State governments receive as Federal-State Taxation and Investments, we can finally determine America’s Total Productive Potential (TPP).  

Additionally, by auditing the Fed, we can determine our own Quality of Arbeit and Quality of Geld as Individuals, courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS, equipped with Socialist Fintech, will be able to know how much Arbeit we are contributing and how much Geld we are generating based on our past and current performances in the workspace on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual or lifetime basis. That is correct: thanks to everyday Americans no longer having to waste their time filing oppressive Income Taxes on every “15th day of April,” the IRS is spared from doing that Meaningless Work. The Meaningful Work of the IRS involves helping every US citizen unlock their untapped potential and avoid missing any opportunities that comes their way.   

Thanks to this app from the IRS, we can compare our personal Quality of Arbeit and Quality of Geld against each other, fellow citizens sharing the same Rank as us, our superiors and any subordinates that we may have at the moment. If we are working in separate Economic Organizations, we can compare their performances and those of other Economic Organizations among Municipal, State and Federal governments. The IRS also maintains a Top 1000, Top 100, Top 50, Top 40, Top 20, Top 10, and Top 5 lists for those deserving to be called “Arbeiter of these United States.” I might see you in any of those categories someday.

We can even compare ourselves against Federal officials like members of Congress, the Federal Courts and Supreme Court Justices, Department Secretaries, the Speaker of the House, the Vice President, and the President of the United States under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However, Individuals with SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) will always have their identities kept hidden from public knowledge due to the nature of their professions. SCI-level clearance is required to know those people and even then, one is not supposed to be letting complete strangers know what they are doing.

Performance Grades, Actuality Dates, and Grade Point Averages

Furthermore, the IRS is always updating the App weekly. It is also authorized by Congress to confer on its behalf Federal Department and Congressional medals, awards, promotions, and prizes to Individuals and Economic Organizations alike on all Federal Holidays like May 1. Since we are relying on a Federal-Service Ranking System instead of a “Net Worth,” we can replace the “Credit Score” with a Performance Grade, applicable for all Ranks in the Federal and State Civil Services.

We begin to understand the Intent behind the Performance Grade by realizing why the US is able to issue Federal-State Financial Instruments (FSFIs) in addition to the conventional National-Socialized Financial Instruments (NSFIs). The Federal government issues FSFIs to potential investors at the Federal Kontore, whereas the States governments issue their NSFIs directly. Federal and State Economic planners can facilitate transactions digitally on our US Federalist Intranet (courtesy of the US Treasury Department), over the phone, email, or in-person consultation and negotiation. Investors in the State Civil Services (SCS) can purchase lucrative FSFIs just as investors in the Federal Civil Services (FCS) can also purchase regular NSFIs.

Unlike conventional NSFIs, FSFIs are a special variant that are more lucrative in terms of Quality of Geld but are also more arduous in terms of the Quality of Arbeit. Anyone who purchases an FSFI must realize that the Federal government under Hamiltonianism expects only the courageous, selfless and daring Individuals among the American people–the Totality–to accept their challenges because the tolerance for margins of error is lower than regular NSFIs. What this means is that it is financially possible for somebody to ‘default’ on an FSFI by failing to maintain a high-enough Performance Grade or failing to turn them in before or on the Actuality Date. Either will lower one’s Performance Grade and the worse it becomes, the greater the probable likelihood that the Federal government will no longer be allowing that investor to purchase another FSFI, restricting them to NSFIs. The Federal government is obligated to do this in order to keep all collateral damages to a minimum whenever somebody defaults on an NSFI. Expect the same experiences from the State governments with regard to their NSFIs.       

Performance Grades determine an Individual’s ability to exercise Full Faith and Allegiance to the Duty and Honor of their Oath of Office. Since high school and university students are also eligible for NSFIs and FSFIs, everything will be determined based on a US educational Grade Point Average (GPA) Scale, which means the Performance Grades will listed as: A+, A, A-; B+, B, B-; C+, C, C-; D+, D, D-; and F. High school and university students will receive them with their Student Transcript.

Just like in one’s personal school life, there will be no cheating, embezzling, forgery, counterfeiting, defrauding, perjury, and other financial crimes against the State and Federal governments. Anyone caught doing will be held criminally liable and may have to pay a large fine or be sent off on a luxurious vacation to a Federal minimum security penitentiary. The latter is only applicable to those who have no prior criminal history of violent or sexual offenses, has no prison escape attempts, and is expected to leave prison in ten years or less. For more serious offenses, especially for those speculators trying to become the next George Soros, they will be sent off to The Hague for financial war crimes because Financial Warfare will finally become a discernible challenge to address and confront under the Work-Standard.    

Federal-State Taxation and Investments

Simplified US Taxation System

In Part II of the Work-Standard, I specifically stated that the Jeffersonian Taxation System developed between the presidencies of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Sadomasochistic. It deserves to be called that because whenever somebody tries to manipulate it, we can summarize the decision as this:

The Jeffersonian billionaire asks a Hamiltonian billionaire, “Which would you prefer?”
1. “To inflict Pain on other Americans and to give myself Pleasure!” (Read: Cut Taxes)
2. “To inflict Pleasure on other Americans and to give myself Pain!” (Read: Raise Taxes)
3. “Neither Pain from Republicans nor Pleasure from Democrats!” (Read: Reject Democratic-Republican Party)

Your answer, my fellow Americans, should be:

3. “Neither Pain from Republicans nor Pleasure from Democrats!” (Read: Reject Both)

I had rightfully argued in Part II that the Jeffersonian Taxation System is a false dialectic, an inauthentic pair of choices for all Americans, no matter who they are, which State they are from, and how much Geld they have. What the Federal and State governments need is a simplified Taxation System. In Part III, I stated the Work-Standard will provide us with the Arbeit and Geld that we will need to sustain ourselves, allowing America to thrive and prosper through our efforts. What we will do instead is implement a handful of Taxes designed to encourage certain behaviors and discourage others that are potentially harmful for all Americans. Ideally, I prefer that we keep Taxation to a minimum by focusing these ten justifiable examples:

  • Alcohol Tax (To avoid repeating Prohibition)
  • Childlessness Tax (To compel able-bodied men to raise families)
  • Cosmetics Tax (To compel able-bodied women that true beauty lies within)
  • Church Tax (We can implement this one after the Hamiltonian Congress passes the “Greater America Amendment,” which we are going to need as part of implementing the Work-Standard)
  • Gambling and Lottery Taxes (Las Vegas and Atlantic City are well-known for this)
  • Intranet Tariff (Levied on Foreigners accessing our Federalist Intranet from Internet cafés within their own country as part of a Real Trade Agreement with the United States)
  • Petroleum Tax (US Department of Energy will be developing Zero-Carbon Synthetic Fuels to combat American dependency on Petroleum)
  • Pornography Tax (To further the purposes of the Childlessness Tax)
  • Recreational Cannabis Tax (Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Production are exempted)
  • Tobacco Tax (To combat organized crime buying them cheap in the South for profit in the North)

Federal-State Investments: Payment Cards

“Debit and Credit Cards” have been replaced by a more streamlined Payment Card for those who do not spend like a Jeffersonian. The Federal and State governments will devise ways of implementing Federal-State Investments in a manner that is far more necessary and proper for the purposes of this Federalist American Union. Anybody who overspends beyond their own means of production will inflict unwanted Sovereign Schuld on these United States. For instance, if somebody buys something with a Payment Card and they do not have Geld, their National-Socialized Bank (NSB) is allowed under Federal Law to charge them with Schuld. If they are broke, their Schuld is added to the US National Debt. Spend responsibly and wisely!  

Suppose that somebody owns $23,000, earns $4,000 each month, and contributes $7,200 in Arbeit and Geld to the Federal and State governments as part of their Vocation. $140.00 is spent on Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes. Today, they are spending $20.00 with a Payment Card. Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping records their transaction as of this month as this:

Any further expenses on the Individual’s part will see their personal savings diminish. Conversely, if the Individual learns fiscal discipline, they can be able to reduce their personal expenses while at the same time maintain their current contributions of Arbeit and generations of Geld. How much Arbeit and Geld they give the Federal and State government is specifically related to their overall performance in the workspace. Neither their State nor the Federal government can compel them to increase the rates in peacetime; wartime, however, is an entirely different matter altogether.

The Federal government and that Individual’s State government will split the amounts of Arbeit and Geld from that Individual as evenly as possible. Since the bank in question is an NSB, the Holdings will go straight to their State government:

Federal-State Investments: Special Levies

Municipal Enterprises (Tier-1 Economic Organizations) and State Enterprises (Tier-2 Economic Organizations) are eligible to negotiate with the Federal-State Commissaries to attach a Special Levy to the Prices of their goods and services. The Prices will be temporarily increased to allow the State Industries of those specific Enterprises to gain more State Revenue, allowing those same Industries to expand production capabilities and allow more Americans to work for those Enterprises. The Hamiltonian Congress shall pass the Greater America Amendment to ensure that special legislative structures are in place for all State Constitutions, preventing State governments from diverting the Geld generated by Special Levies to any spending or activity outside of that specific Enterprise. A Special Levy ends with the repeal of its associated State Law by the same State legislature that passed it in the first place.

Federal-State Investments: FPXs, FXEs, People’s Surcharges, and FECs

Federal Post Exchanges (FPXs) are those specialty department stores and shops that originate in America’s frontier heritage as “Trading Post.” Europeans and Native American Tribes bought and sold wares there back in the old days. Today, that tradition continues for all US citizens interested in purchase a wide selection of imported merchandise like luxury goods and cultural items from other nations. Most US military installations have them under different names, but the States will be able to establish ones for all US citizens interested in importing foreign goods and currencies.

Foreigners and their Foreign Exchange Enterprises (FXEs) are only allowed to sell foreign goods and services as well as contribute Arbeit for their own nations in these United States on the condition that Congress negotiates for them as part of a Real Trade Agreement.

Any purchasing of foreign goods and services from an FPX or FXE will include a People’s Surcharge specified by the Federal government. A People’s Surcharge allows the American people to mitigate the effects of Economic Foreignization by limiting how much Geld is allowed to leave the US Economy. And before one purchases anything, just remember to always read that tiny print on your banknotes with a magnifying glass:

“This United States Note is Legal Tender for all Works, both Personal and Federal, except for Federal Imports; all Works are Redeemable in the Amounts thereof as Payments on all Federal and Personal Debts to these United States.”        

Anyone interested in purchasing foreign goods and services in the US must convert their United States Notes (the “Red Seals”) into the Federalist Exchange Certificates (the “Brown Seals”). These ‘Brown Seals’ are ornately designed to be distinguishable from the ‘Red Seals’ which we are more accustomed to encountering in our everyday economic life. Conversely, any foreigners interested in working abroad in these United States with a Green Card will be paid in those FECs.

The US Armed Forces still rely on their own Military Geld, “EagleCash.” Volunteer for the US Armed Forces or just get drafted by the Selective Service System (SSS) for three years without complaint. Given the hundreds of US military bases outside the US and the Federal government’s hesitance over reinstating the draft because of the Vietnam War, it is up to the American people to decide whether or not this option to earn foreign currencies should become valid again.

Anyone interested in earning foreign currencies, the Federal government shall offer them opportunities to receive special ‘Black Seal’ FECs, where they can convert their US Notes into foreign currencies under a specified Exchange Rate for a limited period. Here are three ways of earning them:

  • Enlist in Federal-Administrated Enterprises (FAEs) allowed to work abroad by foreign nations. Congress and the President will have to ratify a Real Trade Agreement with the other nations.
  • Join the US State Department or the intelligence services for those looking to conduct their personal activities in diplomacy and intelligence (or counterintelligence).
  • Participate in humanitarian and peacekeeping duties or participate in the digital affairs of the International Internet “Heliopolis” with the World State Organization. A US citizen can earn foreign currencies by doing the latter on their PC, Tablet or Smartphone without ever having to leave these United States.

Of course, my fellow Americans, this is Hamiltonian America exercising Protectionism through the Federal government. By abiding by this arrangement, we are continuing another time-honored tradition where the Boston Tea Party rejected foreign tea and Americans started manufacturing their own tea. Were we really thinking that the Hamiltonians are going to reinstate Prohibition over foreign currencies, which was what the Soviet Union had done, creating a black market for US Dollars? Have we not yet realized that these Federalist Exchange Certificates are meant to be designed against speculators becoming the next George Soros, engaging the American people in financial combat?

Federal-State Investments: “Out of Many Socialisms, One Socialism!”

Every American people’s community will always have its own Socialism. That is why the true official motto of the United States has and will always be “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One). American Socialism enrich American Nationalism with the strength that comes with the benefits of our diversity in these United States. It is that diversity which will enable us to achieve better cultural understanding with every nation in the event of a Socialist world order where international law is governed by the World State Organization. We must not let America’s diversity go to waste.

European Americans should be proud of their respective ancestral legacies: Hamiltonianism is what allows us to harness the powers of Prussian Socialism, English Authoritarianism, French Anarchism, Italian Statism, and Spanish Ultramontanism in this Union through the Federal government. They should receive respect from and give that same respect to the Socialisms of African Americans, Native Americans, Latin Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Russian Americans, Turkish Americans, Iranian Americans, Palestinian and Arab Americans. The same must also be true for religious denominations like the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, Episcopalian Church, Mormon Church, the Amish, Evangelical Churches, and Eastern Orthodox Churches have their own Socialisms, in addition to Jews, Muslims, other religious groups, and LGBTs.

Yes, I am one of those Americans who have reasons to believe that Alexander Hamilton was an American Jew. However, I am not like those Americans obsessing over their biological and chemical functions because of Jeffersonianism treating all American economic life as “proof” of Social Darwinism. I know for a fact that Hamilton sincerely cared about European Americans and sought to preserve and promote their culture, tradition, language, customs and norms, history, ancestral legacy and heritage, the vast majority of whom were Roman Catholics. I do not consider someone to be Jewish if they do not reflect the values of Judaism, just as I simply do not consider someone Catholic if they do not reflect the values of Roman Catholicism. The same goes for Prussians and Englishmen: either one’s upbringing reflects the Weltanschauung of an American people’s community or it does not.

Once the Greater American Amendment is passed by Congress and the State legislatures, the Federal government shall establish a US Department of Culture. It will proceed to promote the cultural and traditional diversity of this Union, ensuring that all American youths are proud of who they are and who they are meant to become. Our hope is to realize the fact that America could have become bilingual where English and German would have been widely spoken before the ethnic cleansing of Prussians by the Jeffersonian Woodrow Wilson in World War I. Today, only the Amish speak German and it is only a specific Swiss German dialect.   

The Department of Culture will have separate Government Bureaus and Offices for religious groups and the Native Americans. The Intent is to work with them and the Federal-State Commissaries of their respective States, creating a more refined system of Checks and Balances to include their Quality of Geld and Quality of Arbeit. Native American Reservations should be allowed by the Federal government to diversify their economic activities beyond casino gambling. Religious groups should be allowed to convert their Arbeit into Geld with the Federal Life-Energy Reserve. For the Federal government, our Hamiltonian Congress and President must realize this:

  • How much Geld should be allowed for religious groups before they abuse that Geld to promote their respective faiths to the detriment of other faiths? How much Arbeit from the Catholic clergy and religious should be going to the Catholic’s Church’s Institute for the Works of Religion, the ‘Vatican Bank’ in Vatican City? What about the banks controlled by the Mormons?
  • How much Geld should be given to political parties with seats in Municipal, State and Federal governments before they abuse that Geld to Congressional gridlock and partisanship? How much Arbeit are they allowed to convert into Geld from political activities?
  • How much Geld should be given to Native American tribes before they abuse that Geld? How much Arbeit are they allowed to convert into Geld by adhering to their traditional lifestyles?
  • How much Geld should be given to the Amish before they abuse that Geld? How much Arbeit are they allowed to convert into Geld by adhering to their traditional lifestyles?

Federalist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System

Under Jeffersonianism, it was the Fractional-Reserve Banking System that had once made the banks more dangerous than the Military-Industrial Complex. Thanks to the Reciprocal Reserve Banking System, that changes with Hamiltonianism: The Military-Industrial Complex is now more dangerous than the Federal, State, and National-Socialized Banks.

There are 12 Federal Banks in the Union. Each of them has Command Responsibility over their jurisdiction when receiving Arbeit and Geld intended for the Federal Life-Energy Reserve. Any Geld intended for the Federalist Command Economy by Congress goes through the Federal Banks.

For state governments and their State Civil Services, they will be relying on separate State Banks for transferring Arbeit and Geld to the Federal Life-Energy Reserve. Any Geld intended for their Command Economies will be going through the State Banks.

For Paygrades intended for the Civil Services of the Federal and State governments, a well-organized and well-disciplined IRS shall oversee them. Every American civilian household will receive them by mail or wired electronically to their accounts at their State Banks. Those receiving them through mail will be delivered by the US Postal Service.

This leaves the National-Socialized Banks of the States as the only ones authorized by the Federal government to lend Interest-free loans called “Work-Tenures” to prospective borrowers. State Banks lend Work-Tenures for State Enterprises and Federal Enterprises lend to Federal Banks. The Federal Life-Energy Reserve allocates the Geld intended for Work-Tenures through the United States Federal Kontore.

United States Federal Kontore

Under Jeffersonianism, there have been twelve Financial Markets in these United States:

  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ)
  • Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) was a combination of Boston Equities Exchange (BEX) and the Boston Options Exchange (BOX). [Acquired by NASDAQ in 2007.]
  • Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) [Privatized and controlled by CME Group, Inc.]
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) [Privatized and controlled by CME Group, Inc.]
  • Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)
  • International Securities Exchange (ISE) [Located in New York City; also includes ISE Options Exchange and the ISE Stock Exchange]
  • Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)
  • National Stock Exchange (NSX) [Located in Jersey City, New Jersey]
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)

The twelve Financial Markets in these United States will also be renovated, converted into Federal Kontore (Financial Offices), its personnel to be reeducated and retrained by the Federal government in our Unified Socialist Student Economy under the US Department of Education. We will be installing the Socialist Fintech (Financial Technology) for the purposes of revolutionizing Western Finance. Doing so will allow the Federal government to employ the Anti-Federalist policy of decentralizing and spreading the Federal Kontore throughout the entire Union. The conventional NSFI/FSFI Distinction remains valid here, requiring the Federal Kontore to be able to issue State-level and Federal-level Financial Instruments pegged to the Work-Standard.

The ideas discussed in “Proposed Types of NSFIs” stands as, except with the additional requirements discussed previously. As former engineering student who later became a political scientist, I have full faith and confidence in America’s financial engineers being capable of coming up with new Financial Instruments pegged to the Work-Standard. So long as the Work-Standard’s Reciprocal Theory of Value (RTV) and Work Theory of Money (WTM) are properly conveyed to them, I am convinced that our financial engineers will regain the artistic creativity that was denied to them by Jeffersonianism. Allow me to demonstrate RTV and WTM just for them.

Federal-State Commissaries of Wages and Prices

“How much Gold is there in existence?”

In Illinois, the Federal Kontor of Chicago received stimulating reports from its Office III, immediately relaying them straight to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC. SEC informs the Federal government that “the Price of Gold as an Equipmentality is rising,” despite the impressive economic growth occurring in the United States as of this SMP Compendium entry. Last month, 1 Metric Gram of Gold was worth $26.42 United States Notes (USN). This month, the Price of Gold per 1 Metric Gram has tripled to $79.26 USN, a weekly difference of +$52.84 USN.

There are 28.3495 Metric Grams per 1 Ounce of Gold. Last month’s Price of 1 Ounce of Gold, given the aforementioned information, was $748.99 USN; this month, it is now $2,246.98 USN—a monthly difference of +$1,497.99 USN.

Why would the Price of Gold be rising so quickly? Are the Federal-State investors working in Office III of every Federal Kontor in America ‘uncertain’ and ‘worried’ that something is going to happen? What would tip them off about this particular Equipmentality, seeing how the US Currency is now pegged to the Work-Standard? How can we distinguish the methodology of Socialist Finance from the more well-known Liberal Capitalist conception of finance?

Fortunately, Oswald Spengler and Martin Heidegger offered some clues in Volume II of Decline of the West and Being and Time respectively. In the century since those two men had written their works, Liberal Capitalist Economics claims that when Gold is treated as a so-called “Commodity,” financial investors will determine its Value based on the sheer magnitude of its own existence. The less Gold there is in existence, the greater its Price; the more Gold there is in existence, the lower its Price. Under the Work-Standard, however, a different ontological process is at play here.

Since America is already under Hamiltonianism and the US Currency is pegged to the Work-Standard, Gold is now being an Equipmentality. Our financial investors determine its Value based on the discernible functions of its own effects. With the Intents of Command and Obedience wielded by the Federal government and enshrined under the US Constitution, we can explain why the Price of Gold is rising according to the Work-Standard’s Reciprocal Theory of Value (RTV).

Command: Mining Vocations responsible for production of Gold in America was able to achieve “Economic Socialization” because the US Department of Education, the US Department of Defense, and the Hamiltonians’ US Department of Culture and US Department of Science and Technology are buying large Gold in bulk. Fort Belvoir has placed large orders of Gold from every Office III in the US. DOD is spending a sizeable portion of its Congressional funding on SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) sensitive SAPs (Special Access Programs) with the other three Federal Departments.

Obedience: The Work-Productivity (WP) and Force Multipliers (FMs) for Mining Vocations producing Gold are America not keeping pace with their current Work-Intensity (WI). Based on their Quality of Arbeit for those Vocations, the WI is telling us that Gold is being priced higher to deter financial investors and the four aforementioned US Federal Departments from hoarding and causing shortages of Gold. For WP, Gold is being valued more by those four US Federal Departments because of its strategic importance, the Price being allowed to accrue Attrition.

Intent: The US Federal-State Commissaries of Wages and Prices, following the Intents of the Mining Vocations and all four Federal Departments, reacted accordingly by officially promulgating the Price hikes. The State government of Illinois and the Federal government by extension will now be enforcing this Price until a change in conditions permit its increase or decrease.

Under the Work-Standard’s Work Theory of Money (WTM), we can argue that the Work-Productivity of the Mining Vocations is declining because the four aforementioned US Federal Departments are buying a lot of Gold. The Arbeit of the Mining Vocations is depreciating, and we can argue that this will be reflected in the returns of Geld. The result is a lower Quality of Arbeit and a higher Quality of Geld, causing any conversions of Arbeit to require more for less Geld. 

Truly, there has to be other purposes for Gold besides jewelry, commemorative coins, dental fillings, and people buying them because of some pre-ordained bias toward the Value of Gold. The only thing that is far more valuable than Gold under Hamiltonianism is the electrification of Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld with Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld respectively. That is correct: Gold allows us to create the Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld capable of significantly boosting the returns of Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld through the Electrification of the entire United States.  

Miniature Automated Tractor Vehicles (MATVs), Command MATVs, Miniature Automated Repair Vehicles (MARVs), and Civilian Aerodyne Wings (C-Wings) are all LERE-capable contributors of Digital Arbeit. They can enhance the Actual Arbeit contributions of its operators by being remotely controlled by them or automated by sophisticated software programming. All of those were discussed previously in “Operational Logic of Technology.”

Given the involvement of the Department of Defense, I can reasonably argue that the MATV and C-Wing are both capable of being turned into “Miniaturized Armored Fighting vehicles” (MAFVs) and “Military Aerodyne Wings” (A-Wings). MAFVs and A-Wings, I should mention, can serve as contributors of Military Arbeit. MAFVs are fielded by US Army Mechanized and Armored Divisions as well as the US National Guard and Marine Corps. For A-Wings, there are variants deployed by the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the US Marine Corps.

What I am envisaging are ways for the US Armed Forces to overcome the production difficulties and the costs of losing a single 1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) or 1 Joint-Strike Fighter (JSF). For every 1 MBT that the US Army and Marine Corps is capable of fielding, I can imagine both fielding seven or eight MAFVs for each MBT. For every 1 JSF that the US Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps is capable of fielding, I can imagine all three deploying five or six A-Wings for each JSF they can field. In essence, the MAFV and A-Wing is a product of World War II and will no doubt become a reality as militaries around the world struggle to justify the costs of fielding Cold War-era MBTs and JSFs.  

An MAFV would either by automated or manned by a three or four-man crew. Most MAFVs would feature would be a coaxial turret featuring a plasma cannon and laser machine gun with a roof-mounted light machine gun for accompanying infantry to mantle over the rear engine hood of the chassis and operate it, and a hull-mounted laser machine gun. I can even envisage a return to the World War II-era Light-Medium-Heavy Chassis Classification Scheme because an MAFV is a lot easier to replace than a larger Armored Fighting Vehicle or its Cold War-era equivalent, the MBT. Something similar can be argued about A-Wings. We can revisit the older ways of doing things from World War II, but with more advanced technologies. That cannot be possible with more recent aircraft like the F-22 or the F-35. Everything depends on whether the American people are the ones controlling the Military-Industrial Complex and by extension controlling the size and composition of the US Armed Forces in a manner that is less costly and more meaningful.  

The United States Federalist Intranet

Originally, I once decided that my website, would be renamed as “” in a Socialist world order. If I had to write the official long title on a search engine in a “United States Federalist Intranet,” it would be “,” The search engines of foreign Intranets will show my website on the World State Organization’s International Internet, Heliopolis, as “”  

Everything that I had discussed here and in Part II of this Compendium entry has a digital equivalent where we can electrify our Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld with Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld. Anyone who does anything online on tech platforms like,,,,, and so forth can file them as a secondary Vocation as part of their contributions of Arbeit. The effects of Digital Arbeit are doubled for those who are able to access the International Internet of the World State Organization, Heliopolis. If the latter happens to be the case, there is their chance to receive foreign currencies in the form of Digital Geld. This is possible thanks to the Work-Standard’s Blockcycle and LERE-Stamp.

Let this be the opening crescendo of what can be done with the Work-Standard. Digital Technology is still relatively new and I am convinced that the Work-Standard is capable of helping the US and the rest of the world to unlocked whatever untapped potential which I have never able to discover for ourselves under Liberal Capitalism. There is still so much that we have yet to consider which even I am not aware of at the moment. It is because of this that I had to leave the accounting tables for the US Economy incomplete since we cannot know if someone, somewhere in these United States, is able to develop new-old ways of contributing Arbeit and generating Geld for the US Economy. The Jungian Collective Unconsciousness is the limit.    

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