Update (October 4 2021)

Just a quick note: the SMP Compendium entry “World State Organization” is what I will be working on for this week as part of the Compendium. Unfortunately, unlike the the previous entries from the past few weeks, this one is going to be the longest and most intricate of the Compendium entries. So long in fact that I cannot be expected to complete it by the end of today, tomorrow, or even Wednesday. Earth is too complex to write about in a single day.

The other three remaining SMP Compendium entries cannot be completed without addressing the role of the World State Organization. Part of it has to do with the question that nobody wishes to delve into: what will it take to convince my fellow Americans that all the problems in the Union can be traced back to the US Dollar being the World Reserve Currency? That America and the rest of humanity are still languishing from death of Bretton Woods? Or why there needs to be a better way for humanity to decide what shall become the next World Reserve Currency?

That is not all. Two important personal matters have come up, requiring me to deal with them for the next three days. My hope is to deal with them by Wednesday. If all goes according to plan, my goal of finishing the SMP Compendium will be achieved.

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