Compendium: World State Organization (Pt. II of II)

The Hamiltonian Federalist World State Organization (WSO) shall, in many respects, behave and operate differently from the “United Nations” (UN) of Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicanism. Hamiltonianism in foreign policy is defined by Interventionism and Nationalism. Jeffersonianism by contrast has relied on Isolationism and Internationalism. No better way of illustrating the systematic differences between the WSO and the UN than to evaluate their differences through the SSE (the “Socialist Student Economy” under Council Democracy; “Students School Economy” under Parliamentary Democracy) in a Prussian-American context.

The size and composition of the WSO is dependent on how many nation-states exist on contemporary political maps of Earth and how many SSEs (Socialist Student Economies) operate within their respective borders. The UN by contrast do not recognize the autonomy of any SSE. SSEs in Liberal Capitalist regimes are always unfree, insecure, and undemocratic. This is evident in the manner in which students regularly commit suicide over standardized testing, butcher each other in school shootings, engage in petty sectarian and ethnic strife, and Totalitarian governance over campuses since the 1960s Counterculture. Those secondary and university students will never be educated about the bureaucratic and institutional nightmare that occurs at the UN from behind the scenes. Instead, they are only educated by a so-called “Model United Nations,” their student government unrecognized by the real UN and the student body denied a formal rite of passage into adulthood by their own government. Students from every school or university will never understand how the UN operates in actual practice unless the entire student body of the SSE begins to comprehend the UN collectively as the national educational system of their State.

In a more utopian Dystopia, a Liberal Capitalist SSE would be ‘incentivized’ into cosplaying and roleplaying as a real “Model UN” with hundreds of other SSEs from throughout the LIEO. For instance, all of the petroleum-producing SSEs of the world are not free to sell petroleum except in US Dollars and Euros and accepting a full-on “Model Washington Consensus” presided over by two American SSEs claiming to represent over a thousand smaller SSEs in the United States.

This Model UN would also have a “Model IMF” providing ‘student financial aid’ to SSEs and coercing their student governments with real Sovereign Debt Restructuring and XDRs (Special Drawing Rights). There would be a “Model World Bank” that provides ‘SSE student development loans’ to developing countries, complete with real Structural Adjustment Policies. That Model UN would even be enforcing economic sanctions on certain SSEs that nobody really likes, selling food to Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese SSEs for crude oil, and launching “Model UN Peacekeeping operations” to the Yugoslavian SSE under the R2P (Responsibility-to-Protect) Doctrine. Oh, and while we’re at it, this Model UN should include a Model European Union with a British SSE demanding its own Brexit Referendum, a Model WTO overseeing the trade war between the Chinese and American SSEs, and an indecisive Model WHO governing the next pandemic.   

That is the true educational value of what a Model UN should be because the real UN is clearly not a make-believe corporate boardroom meeting like the Model UN itself or is it? How would the secondary and university students feel if their SSE had to reenact such hardcore experiences? How many of them would be repulsed by the real United Nations and the fact that there has not been any true freedom, security and democracy among Western SSEs since the 1960s Counterculture?  

The “Model UN” is a continuation of the historical “Model League of Nations,” just as the real United Nations is a continuation of the historical League of Nations. That is an actual historical fact between the two World Wars. It is at these Model UNs (and the Model LNs by extension) that the Utopian Socialist Robert Owen had found a natural ally in Thomas Jefferson in 1825. Even Karl Marx himself was literally repulsed by this historical fact during the 19th century, as evidenced by what Oswald Spengler had written in Prussianism and Socialism:

“Robert Owen attempted to formulate as a kind of reform of Kapital the desire of the English lower class to adopt for itself the upper-class ideal of [Private Property-as-Wealth]. But it would be a gross underestimation of the Viking instinct to think that [Jeffersonian] Kapital will retreat one step on the path toward absolute economic domination of the world. Unlimited personal freedom and the natural inequality of man, based on relative degrees of individual talent, are the fundamental articles of the [Jeffersonian] creed. Instead of authoritarian socialism, the [Jeffersonian] billionaire adheres to an impressive form of private socialism, a welfare program on a grand scale which turns his own personal power into pleasure and morally vanquishes the recipient of welfare funds. The flashy techniques for distributing these millions are an effective cover-up for the methods used to obtain them in the first place. It is the same attitude as that of the old corsairs who, while banqueting in the castle just conquered, threw their table scraps to the prisoners: the voluntary surrender of property increases the value of what remains. The question whether or not such voluntary acts should become a legal duty is the chief point of contention among the economic parties of the future in England and America. Today some people are prepared to transfer broad economic areas that are less amenable to speculation, such as the mining and railroad industries, to the case of a pseudo-state [like the European Economic Community, precursor to the European Union or the North American Union]. But of course they intend to retain the behind-the-scenes prerogative of making this ‘state’ an executive organ of their own business interests by utilizing the democratic forms of Parliamentarism, i.e., by paying for election campaigns and newspapers and thus controlling the opinions of voters and readers.

Therein lies the frightful danger of an enslavement of the world by big business. Today [in 1919] its tool is the League of Nations, ostensibly a system of nations that have ‘self-government’ on the English model, but in reality a system of provinces and protectorates whose populations are being exploited by a business oligarchy with the aid of bribed parliaments and purchased laws, just as the Roman world was exploited by the bribery of senators, proconsuls, and popular tribunes. [Karl] Marx saw through this nascent system, and it became the target of his caustic social criticism. He wished to depose the English idea of omnipotent private property, but once again he was able to formulate only a negation: expropriation of the expropriators, robbery of the robbers.”

Therefore, this SMP Compendium will discuss about why the WSO is educationally titillating and exciting for the secondary and university students from every SSE on Earth. Unlike the UN and its Model UN, the SSEs of the world can finally begin to voice their generational grievances at the WSO in a more orderly and disciplined manner. Nothing is more satisfying for this author than the image of WSO member-states averting another repeat of those student riots in 1968. We can summarize the entirety of the SMP Compendium for the duration of this entry. After all, what is “Globalization” if the concept itself consistently reflects the national struggle between Socialization and Liberalization among every nation-state?

Nomos of Globalization: Political, Economic, Financial, Digital, and Cultural

Political Socialization or Political Liberalization?

The World State Organization will be the only international governmental organization whose legal jurisdiction pertains to international laws in a Socialist world order. How every nation-state interacts with the Work-Standard will learn more about itself and those of other nations through the Work-Standard. Some nations will naturally opt for a “Command Economy,” others choosing a “Planned Economy,” and the political decisions of both recognized and recognized by the WSO. Command Economies have just one SSE, whereas Planned Economies have two or more SSEs to accommodate the presences of sectarian and ethnic interests among certain African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Asian nation-states.

At the “International State Assembly,” each member-state is delegated by its Head of State, its Head of Government, and its Ambassador to the WSO. Their SSEs shall attend the annual “International Student Assembly,” the student body’s membership in the WSO chaired by their student government’s “Youth Head of State,” “Youth Head of Government,” and “Youth Ambassador.”

Everyone in both Assemblies shall have one vote to decide who should be the five sitting member-states on the Supreme World Council for two consecutive terms of ten years. When the first term ends, and if they are not convinced that one of the sitting member-states on the Supreme World Council are fit to govern international politics, the Assemblies can vote them out.   

The Supreme World Council shall appoint the “Supreme General Secretary” and the “Youth General Secretary” with the majority approval of both Assemblies. The Supreme General Secretary and their SSE counterpart have Command Responsibility over the WSO’s “Working-Groups” related to world governance of the Economic, Financial, Cultural, and Digital Globalizations.

The Supreme World Council and the Assemblies shall also have one vote each to decide on certain international laws and treaties that everyone knows as necessary. In the event of a tie, assuming the composition of both Assemblies in the WSO is even-numbered, the Supreme General Secretary and the Youth General Secretary serve as the tiebreakers.

Remember, the decisive polity in the conduct of international politics will always be the nation-state. We need the nation-states of the world to be enforcing all WSO-related international laws and treaties. No nation shall call on the WSO to enforce anything that they know will never be in the interests of any member-state or its SSE(s) on the WSO. Important topics of interest will include but not limited to: Climate Change, chemical, biological and nuclear weapon proliferation, landmines, war crimes and refugees, diseases and famines, transnational terrorism and organized crime, money laundering, tax evasion and draft dodging, financial fraud, forgeries by economic planners, dealing multinational enterprises, non-governmental organizations, political internationals, religious and paramilitary groups, humanitarian and relief aid, international trade, the Internet, Antarctica, the Metric System, Intellectual Property, space exploration and the establishment of new nation-states and SSEs on Earth-like planets.   

There will also be an international court to prosecute those who have committed crimes, no matter how many or how grand, against the WSO in peacetime. While the Head of the State is primarily responsible for what happens to their nation-state, they will be held accountable when their own domestic affairs begin harming the entire world. For instance, if a Head of the State deliberately harms its own Totality by imposing food taxes on them and unjustly buys up the world’s food production instead of requesting humanitarian relief, the international court will hold them to account. If a Head of State deliberately allows its own citizens to flood across international borders as migrants and refugees and nothing is being done about it by that nation or its immediate neighbors, the international court will hold all of them to account. If a Head of State compels the WSO to justify their invasion of a certain country on grounds of alleged “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and still invaded in spite of reports sent to the WSO by its weapons inspectors, the international court will hold them to account. Note that all of those examples involved the actions of a nation-state and the WSO; the actions between two or more nation-states are exempted until the WSO is affected by their respective foreign policies.    

The WSO will only be dissolved if one of the five sitting member-states on the Supreme World Council declares war on one of the other four because the WSO ceases all operation in response to a new World War. The WSO will be reactivated once the World War ends. Alternatively, the WSO can also be dissolved with a two-thirds majority vote from both Assemblies.  

The true mission statement of the World State Organization is ‘neither perpetual war nor perpetual peace.’ Every nation must accept the historical reality that war is politics. War is not an exact science as Neoliberalism has a habit of often claiming, which is the problem that everyone recognizes, even if they never wish to admit it. From the standpoint of Military Science, when everyday people think of ‘war’, they are always thinking of Conventional Warfare or Unconventional Warfare. Never will they ever think of the other forms of warfare that were conceptualized as alternatives to the widespread death and destruction of those two. Anyone who does not recognize the importance of war will never know the true ontological meaning behind what it means to live in peace. In politics as in war, everyone is welcome to disagree on just about anything, but there are certain events where nations cannot avoid the inevitable prospect of war.

Such is the problem of the United Nations in the realm of Political Globalization. It is very troubling that five of the sitting member-states on the UN Security Council are considered as “Permanent Members” with veto powers, three of whom also happen to be the victors of World War II (i.e. the Jeffersonians, British and French Empires). In a more utopian Dystopia, the Jeffersonians and their fellow British and French colonialists would be sharing the UN Security Council with a pro-Western Russia and the Kuomintang of Taiwan. What has happened instead is that the Maoists now represent all of China and Vladimir Putin still governs a Russian Federation opposed to further expansion of the EU/NATO. The only genuine way (and it is very important) that the composition would change is through a new World War, except no nation on Earth finds it compelling enough to start World War III. Nobody wants to be held responsible because of the UN’s aversion to all forms of war because the UN itself refuses to believe that wars will continue to happen, no matter how many Resolutions it dictates to its own member-states.       

Economic Socialization or Economic Liberalization?

Socialist economics in need of revolutionary technologies in the conduct of any nation-state’s economic life. A Socialist world order cannot continue with the failures of Soviet-Type Economic Planning (STEP) because not only is it inefficient and impractical, it also fails to uphold the Socialist conception of Property and the National Sovereignty of nation-states in the realm of international trade. More importantly, STEP is incompatible with the methodology of the Work-Standard itself. This historical fact and more are what influenced the formation of the Work-Standard over the course of ten years of research.

As one reads through the SMP Compendium, it will soon become apparent to them that the Work-Standard has its own conception of economic planning and methodology designed in response to the undemocratic and bureaucratic features of STEP. A specific criterion was designed over the course of ten years in order to ensure the greatest flexibility and authenticity.

The Work-Standard does not rely on the “Incentives of Supply and Demand.” Instead, it relies on the Socialist alternative, the Intents of Command and Obedience. The concept of Equipmentality under the Work-Standard replaces the Liberal Capitalist equivalent, the “Commodity.”

Every Planned Economy and Command Economy eventually assumes the characteristics of a Vocational Civil Service. It is evident in the specific manner in which historical and existing Socialist nation-states had chosen for themselves before being subverted by hostile external pressures by Liberal Capitalists. Below are examples:

  • Liberal Capitalist nation-states more predisposed to Socialism such as Germany and the United States will find their transitions to Socialism to be less difficult than their respective economic histories would indicate. For the United States, there would then be an infinite multitude of ways to eradicate the US National Debt, restore fiscal budgetary and trade deficits, rejuvenate the Union, and restore the long-forgotten American legacy as being one of the world’s first Socialist nations.
  • Marxist-Leninist nation-states like the PRC and Vietnam will receive the same benefits as the non-Marxist Socialisms by pegging their Currencies to the Work-Standard. The once broken relations between Chinese Socialism and Chinese Nationalism, Vietnamese Socialism and Vietnamese Nationalism are going to be restored by the Work-Standard and recognized by the WSO.
  • Nation-states with large sectarian and ethnic minorities like Brazil, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, India, and Hungary and Romania will be accommodated by the Work-Standard. Developing nations will finally be able to sustain themselves within their own means of production, the WSO ready to provide economic redevelopment and foreign aid.  
  • Theologically-oriented nation-states like Vatican City, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran will be able to sustain themselves, independent of Kapital and Petroleum. The Work-Standard is designed to accommodate the three Monotheisms of the Holy Land, including their distinct teachings. They are free to practice their respective Monotheism without interference from the rest of the WSO.
  • Nation-states not free to assert their own right to economic self-determination, from Ecuador and Zimbabwe to the EU member-states, will be restored by the WSO.
  • Nation-states closed to international trade like the DPRK and those dependent on international trade like Cuba or Panama accommodated when pegging their Currencies to the Work-Standard.

In the realm of international trade, there are no “Free Trade Agreements” (FTAs). WSO member-states will be signing Real Trade Agreements (RTAs), where the signatories will pursue realistic expectations and goals while respecting the cultural and traditional values of their trade partners.

The WSO maintains a number of International Working-Groups dedicated to specific professions like postal services, telecommunications, air and sea travel, tourism, science and medical institutes, and educational and culture institutes for secondary schoolers and university students interested in studying abroad as well as developing cultural understanding between nation-states.

The concept of Intellectual Property will be revisited under the Socialist conception of Property. Opportunities will be provided to nation-states interested in purchasing the Production License from another nation-state. There shall be no “economic sanctions” on other nations without the WSO deeming the foreign policy decision as an act of limited war between the two nations.

The WSO will have a Working-Group, an institution devoted to laying down the international laws regarding the conduct of international trade and international finance during peacetime. The international court discussed earlier has an additional assignment of helping nation-states resolve trade disputes and allowing them to wage trade wars and currencies wars before they could affect the WSO. Every member-state shall be constantly reminded that they must live within their own means of production. They shall not expropriate the economic strength of the working classes of every nation on Earth through international trade agreements.

Financial Socialization or Financial Liberalization?

The Work-Standard is capable of accommodating the benefits of pure Socialism: high-quality free healthcare, free education and retraining, workers’ compensation, free housing, a modest retirement age, paid leave and vacation holidays, and May Day celebrations. There will be a Ranking System, plenty of medals, awards, promotions, and prizes to be conferred by either their State, a foreign State or the WSO. And anyone can be a recipient as early as their teenage years by working with the student government in charge of their SSE. Minimum Wages will be replaced with a weekly Paygrade based on Years of Services and Number of Dependents.   

Other benefits include conventional Welfare, Taxation, and Insurance Systems being abolished because of their incompatibility with both the Work-Standard and the very essence of Socialism itself. Taxation will be reduced to a handful of smaller taxes promoting certain behaviors and dissuading others that everyone recognizes as necessary such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography, and gasoline among small, densely-populated nations. Any nation-state that decides to allow a Lottery or a Casino like in the United States will be counted as part of their Taxation Policies.

The secret to all of this is the fact that the Work-Standard relies on the Value of any Currency’s Quality of Geld being pegged to the Value of Arbeit being done by every Individual and Economic Enterprise vis-à-vis their Quality of Arbeit as part of the nation-state’s Total Productive Potential (TPP). A distinct methodology of accounting is employed as an alternative to the Liberal Capitalist “Double-Entry Account Bookkeeping System” and the “Triple-Entry Account Bookkeeping System” employed by the Blockchains of conventional Cryptocurrencies.

Like international trade, international finance will also change through the Work-Standard. Among nation-states, the Liberal Capitalist “Fractional-Reserve Banking System,” “Interest Rates,” Currency Depreciation/Appreciation vis-à-vis “Inflation/Deflation Rates,” and so on will be replaced by their Work-Standard equivalents.     

Instead of “Financial Markets” issuing “Liberal Capitalist Financial Instruments (LCFIs),” there will a special Financial Office called the “Kontor” issuing “National-Socialized Financial Instruments” (NSFIs). And instead of Speculators profiting from Speculative Attacks and Labor Unions fighting each other and their Employers for the most Kapital vis-à-vis labor strikes, there will be a special financial civil court called the “State Commissariats of Wages and Prices.”

Finally, when one reads the relevant SMP Compendium entries related to the “Triffin Dilemma,” do pay attention to the fact that this author avoided discussing about in enough detail. The Intent behind this is two-fold? Why should any nation in this Socialist world order have to contend with a concept that its origin in Liberal Capitalist ideology? Why should any nation in this Socialist world order deserve to have their Currency be the “World Reserve Currency?”

History has shown that the Bretton Woods System is not the most ideal form international finance. What the Socialist world order needs is an international financial system where the WSO issues a World Reserve Currency backed by the Currencies of the five largest economic powers on Earth. The purpose of WSO-issued World Reserve Currency is to accommodate two NSFIs: the “Economic & Financial Autarky Kit” (NFAK) and the “Economic Redevelopment and Reconstruction Banknote” (ERRB). The WSO must see to it that, in peacetime, every member-state and SSE shall convert their national Currency into a stockpile of this World Reserve Currency, to be readily converted into another Currency and able to maintain the balance of power through the Balances of Trades and Payments.

Every WSO member-state and their SSE’s national Currency will have three specific types of Geld under the Work-Standard: the “Actual Geld,” “Digital Geld,” “Military Geld.” Everything up to this point has been about Actual Geld. Digital Geld is generated by the national Intranet and Military Geld is generated by the Military-Industrial Complex. All three correspond to a specific FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate).

  • Anyone who works with a State Enterprise can be allowed to operate abroad, under the Command Responsibility of their diplomatic Consulate while operating within the borders of another nation. They will be given an FEC where they will be able to convert their Currency into the foreign one at a specified Fixed Exchange Rate arranged by the Central Banks of their nations.
  • Anyone who travels abroad as a tourist will find out very soon that their Currency is not Legal Tender in other nations. Important lessons must be learned from the Coronavirus Pandemic because the worldwide reach of COVID-19 was made possible by hundreds of nation-states dependent on Tourism as a source of Kapital. Tourists must convert their Currencies into an FEC at a specified Fixed Exchange Rate arranged by the Central Banks of their nations.
  • And anyone who imports anything by buying them directly from foreigners at a Foreign Enterprise, be in an online store or an offline one, will be required to purchase them in their Currency. Importers must convert their Currencies into an FEC at a specified Fixed Exchange Rate arranged by the Central Banks of their nations.

Digital Socialization or Digital Liberalization?

How Technology is developed in the Socialist world order will change. Technologies are going to reflect the cultural, traditional, social, theological, and national values of a specific Totality, an identifiable group of people, from within its country of origin. The Work-Standard will facilitate this noble challenge, its distinct accounting system enhancing those effects. Technological innovations intended for exportation must follow the example of the Work-Standard: it must be capable of accommodating the soul-life of all cultures and civilizations on Earth.

The Socialist conception of political-economic freedom will be reapplied in the digital realm. It will be recognized and enforced by the WSO. Nation-states will be asked to assist in international efforts to combat cyberterrorism, cybercrime, and computer malware. For economic activities in the realm of international trade do not just take place offline; they also occur online.

Nation-states will be establishing national Intranets connected to an international Internet presided by the World State Organization. This international Intranet is called “Heliopolis,” the smartphones designed to facilitate mobile access to Heliopolis as the “Phonophore.” A national citizen’s smartphone is their digital passport to Heliopolis, aside from visiting Heliopolis from Internet cafés. The Intent behind such an arrangement is straightforward. Anyone who commits a cybercrime on the national Intranet of a foreign nation will be extradited and tried in a fair and just trial under their judicial system. Conversely, anyone who a cybercrime on Heliopolis will be extradited and tried by the international court at the WSO.

Heliopolis is designed to be unlike the “World Wide Web” (WWW). The WWW, as it exists, was once owned by the United States and as of late is currently controlled by a privatized corporation operating under the legal jurisprudence of the Californian Republic (aka the “State of California”). Meanwhile, nation-states are reasserting their National Sovereignty in the digital realm, which is slowly becoming a reality that everyone who accesses Internet must accept.        

Instead of “Cryptocurrencies” that harm the environment and are quite limited in their ability to the harness the true power of digital technologies, nation-states will be issuing Digital Geld backed by the Work-Standard.  This is far more beneficial because an Individual under the Work-Standard is capable of boosting economic growth in their nation with autonomous robotics, unmanned vehicles, and programmed computer software. The Work-Standard’s distinct conception of accounting is capable of recording the effects of their own handiwork.

Anyone with an “online hobby” under Liberal Capitalism can now convert that activity into a secondary or even tertiary Vocation within the framework of Socialist legal jurisprudence. They are free to set up a website that can be counted toward their contributions of Arbeit to the Total Productive Potential of their nation-state. They will also be free from unwarranted mass surveillance and the expropriation of their personal information by intelligence services and privatized social media platforms profiting from post-9/11 digital surveillance systems.

Cultural Socialization or Cultural Liberalization?

The Work-Standard is specifically designed to be compatible with all Socialisms. Every nation has its own conception of Socialism and other Socialisms, including those of identifiable groups of people, shall be recognized by the WSO. The WSO shall include a list of legitimate and illegitimate Socialisms, the merits of the legitimate and illegitimates ones judged by an international military tribunal. The Intent of this is to have the economic historians inform future generations of their successes and failures. Let history decide its victors.

In the WSO, nation-states are allowed to form political-religious-economic-military alliances in Solidarity according to their common interests. Such alliances will continue to exist so long as those interests remain mutual. Member-states are allowed to join the newly-reconstituted “Non-Aligned Movement” (NAM), their SSEs allowed to join the newly-reconstituted “World Federation of Democratic Youth” (WFDY).

Political Internationals based on legitimate Socialisms will be allowed to operate around the world under the direct oversight of the WSO and its member-states. Political parties and their youth groups are welcome to join their respective Political International. Illegitimate Socialisms are forbidden and therefore unrecognized by the WSO as doing so will endanger the entire world.

Religious Pilgrimages will be allowed by the WSO and facilitated with assistance from its member-states. Member-states are allowed to let foreigners, particularly Catholic religious orders, to work abroad as part of their Vocation.

Multinational Enterprises will be allowed by the WSO and facilitated with assistance from its nation-states under the terms of a multilateral Real Trade Agreement.

All nations shall consider the first day of May as an international holiday to be recognized by the WSO. The WSO shall be the platform by which any nation is allowed to promulgate their international achievements on the world stage.

The SSEs of the world are allowed by their nations to facilitate international student programs and diplomatic efforts by students and citizens alike. Tourists will also be allowed to travel abroad and learn about the national culture and tradition. The WSO shall respect, accommodate and celebrate, the political, economic and cultural diversity of humanity in this Socialist world order.

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