Third Place: “Total Educational Effort” (Pt. V of V)

The Tannhäuser Legend

Cold Culture War II: “Are Traps Gay?”

“[O]ur technique of identifying predicted future disasters [is] a simple series of questions derived from our observation of past Cassandra Events[:] (1) the warning, the threat, or risk in question; (2) the decision makers or audience who must react; (3) the predictor or possible Cassandra; and (4) the critics who disparage or reject the warning. [W]e have seen experts ignored in the past, when paying attention to them might have prevented or reduced the scope of calamities. In many of those cases, the same factors were at work over and over again. We can list them. If you see those things happening in that combination again, now or in the future, you may face a problem that deserves more attention and the application of a more diligent, rational, and unbiased analysis. The Coefficient can help us identify and understand our biases, the flaws in our wiring that repeatedly hinder rational thought.”

-Richard Alan Clarke and R. P. Eddy, Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes, ca. 2017

In the Socialist world order, we could expect the Student Governments of various Socialist Student Economies to get creative with Solidarity Preferences and Solidarity Traps. Both factors are related to the possibilities presented by the Work-Standard regarding Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP), Workshops, Museums, Household Appliances, and the Third Place itself. And thanks to Mary Perkins Ryan and American Catholic Education, I now know exactly why.

The Solidarity Preference refers to social phenomena related to the Interpersonal Compact in which the Student of a secondary school or university has a particular affinity toward a “Foreign Student Government’s Socialism” as opposed to the “National Student Government’s Socialism.” It might be because of their Childhood, Family, Culture, Faith, Weltgefühl (World-Feeling), Weltanschauung (Worldview), and Authentic Dasein, but it might also be their latent talent at being an Anarch. They make great Student Diplomats at Diplomatic Consulates and even Student Ambassadors to the “International Student Assembly” of the World State Organization (WSO).

When the Student Government and the State are hostile toward the Legitimate Socialism of another nation-state, that is when the Solidarity Trap emerges to turn the Student into a Vogelfrei (Free-Bird). A Vogelfrei could be the political dissident, a persecuted ethnic or religious minority, identifies with the LGBTQ People’s Community, or just emulating the Figure of the Partisan from Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan.

Far more dangerous, cunning, beautiful, and daring than our Student Diplomat and Vogelfrei is a cloak-and-dagger Jungfrau (Jungian Maiden) from their SSE’s Student Intelligence Corps. The latter best personify the Solidarity Trap as “Are Traps Gay?”, the Synthesis of Richard Wagner’s “Tannhäuser Legend” and Friedrich Nietzsche’s Blonde Beast.”  The Jungfrau have a knack at infiltrating the classrooms and campuses of foreign SSEs on espionage missions. They are opposites of Samantha Reed Smith and Karl Otto Paetel in the Dark Art of Weltanschauungskrieg (Worldview Warfare), fueling intense paranoia and distress for insecure personalities like Ludwig von Mises, Ronald Reagan, Grigory Romanov, Adolf Hitler and J. Edgar Hoover.

“Are Traps Gay?”: The Suburban House

“One of the problems of a society as tightly controlled as ours is that we get so little information about what those of our fellow citizens whom we will never know or see are actually thinking and feeling. This seems a paradox when most politics today involves minute-by-minute poll taking on what looks to be every conceivable subject, but, as politicians and pollsters know, it’s how the question is asked that determines the response. Also, there are vast areas, like rural America, that are an unmapped Ultima Thule to those who own the corporations that own the media that spend billions [of US Dollars as Kapital] to take polls in order to elect their lawyers to high office.”

-Gore Vidal, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: How We Got to Be So Hated, ca. 2002

Continuing our discussion from Part IV, I should point out that a “student couple” had recently purchased that Four-Year Plan from the Student Government of the SSE. They said that they had arrived in Suburbia looking for a place of residence conveniently located in the “Venusberg Metropolitan Area.” Are they really a newlywed couple fresh out of secondary school or the university? Or could they perhaps be twin siblings who are also the Jungfrauen of a Hostile SSE?

It is difficult to tell at first, but what I can argue is that they are particularly interested in this aforementioned two-story suburban house from Part IV. I find it perplexing as to why people look down on the notion of somebody “living in their mom’s basement,” as if that is supposed to be a bad thing. Unfortunately, most people are not well-aware of the hidden underworld beneath their feet. The student couple who accepts the Four-Year Work-Plan from the Student Government of their SSE should be aware of the Krupp-Thyssen elevator in the basement that goes multiple stories down. Where does the elevator lead and why would the elevator panel double as a keypad lock with a built-in card swipe? Why is the Student Government paying Geld for its upkeep costs?

This “student couple,” apparently, knew the combination to the Keypad Lock and even swiped the Student ID Card registered under different identities. The elevator slowly descends to the hidden economic and financial Will-to-Power inherent within the SSE. After all, the SSE is also that one institution in the Socialist nation-state who controls the Third Place for all university students serving their mandatory Three-Year Conscription without joining the armed forces or the workforce. For the “student couple,” most SSEs in the Socialist world order have a “First Place,” “Second Place” and “Third Place.”

The elevator ride ends, the doors open, and the “student couple” is greeted by the First Place. Stepping out of the elevator, they navigate through various concrete hallways, passing by the doorways to the nearby sewer lines until they come across the one door that will take them to a secret entrance disguised as part of a wall. Opening it, they discover the Service Entrance to the Maglev Subway Station of this Suburbia. But they did not find just any ordinary subway station: the student couple discovered a Deep Underground Shopping Center (DUSC) for the several Homeworker Details, POE (Public-Directed Enterprise), Homebuilder Command, NSEs (National-Socialized Enterprise), and Military-Industrial Complex-backed EGOs (Extracurricular Guild Occupations).

“Are Traps Gay?”: The DUSC

“The development of events in the world arena demands from us the highest vigilance, restraint, firmness and unremitting attention to the strengthening of the country’s defense capability… Perhaps never before in the postwar decades has the situation in the world arena been as tense as it is now… Comrades! The international situation at present is white hot, thoroughly white hot.”

-Grigory Romanov, at State Kremlin Palace, ca. November 5, 1983

This Deep Underground Command Center contained the usual amenities that one could find in most “underground shopping malls”: Family-owned Shops, Department Stores and Retailers, Food Courts, Movie Theater, Thrift Stores and Antique Stores, a large Catholic Chapel, Parking Garages and the Subway Station from earlier. However, the student couple also found out-of-place facilities. Battalions of the SSE’s student body, courtesy of their own Student Government, resided in barracks and dormitories with running water, electrical generators, air conditioning and heating, oxygen recycling systems, health clinics, televisions, radios, Intranet and WIFI, and all the other important equipment for most COOPs (Continuity of Operations Plans).

Student prefects, local police and counterintelligence agents patrolled the long corridors. They turned individual kiosks into makeshift observation posts, wanted posters of the twin siblings taped onto bulletproof glass windows. Of course, the wanted posters only depicted the actual appearances of the “student couple.”
Disappearing into a crowd of secondary schoolers and university students wearing the same uniforms as regular visitors, the student couple meticulously surveyed their surroundings and compared study notes.

It turns out that the students who lived near the vicinity of the two-story suburban house were also the Property Owners of specific State-Owned Enterprises and State-Administrated Enterprises: Toy Manufactories, Paramilitary Sporting Goods Retailers, Department Stores selling Household Appliances, a Uniform Tailor Shop, a Post Exchange (PX) with an Intranet Café that sold State-sanctioned translations of Japanese Anime, Manga and Light Novels, Workshops, Museums and Assembly Halls for Cosplayers and Historical Reenactors as well as their corresponding Student Guilds.

The Toy Manufactories had 3D Printers and finished components to build MATVs (Miniature Automated Tractor Vehicles), MARVs (Miniature Automated Repair Vehicles), C-Wings (Civilian Aerodyne Wings), MAFVs (Miniaturized Armored Fighting Vehicles) and A-Wings (Military Aerodyne Wings). Local students would build them, have them on display at the Paramilitary Sporting Goods Retailer, and even export them elsewhere at the Parking Garage. While the student couple were unable to steal the A-Wing technical documents, they were able to steal technical documents for MAFV “Beutepanzer” (Trophy Tanks) captured from other SSEs:

They also captured some undated photographs of the Toy Manufactories:

The Man in charge is pictured here on Right.

The local Student Council on this day was also engaging in a public forum debate with the Parent-Teacher Cooperative and State Functionaries from Student Government and Central Government about the student body’s codetermination in the Socialist nation’s “Nuclear Transmutation Program.” Somewhere in the Socialist nation, some ambitious nuclear engineering student recently discovered the Philosopher’s Stone–the Noosphere of Soviet Geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, and the French Catholic Jesuit Philosopher Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ.

He then became the next “Radioactive Boy Scout” to build a nuclear reactor, going above and beyond the previous by closing the nuclear fuel cycle and converting base metals into Pure Gold. The Central Government, pressured by the Environmentalists inside of the People’s Party, had demanded that this nuclear engineering student become the Youth Rector of the David Hahn Nuclear Power Plant. This student couple also learned that the David Hahn NPP, SAE is located at a suspected military installation responsible for a SAP (Special Access Program) involved in the “Specialized Manufacturing of Non-Renewable Resources.”

“About 14% of electricity consumption in the world is covered by nuclear energy. While many countries are embarking on nuclear energy — or wish to keep the option open of doing so in the future — the increasing use of nuclear power puts stringent demands on the nuclear fuel cycle. Concerted efforts are needed, for example, to increase sustainable uranium production; to better utilize uranium resources; to improve nuclear fuel performance; and to properly manage spent fuel through long-term storage as well as reprocessing and recycling. In addition to these fields, the IAEA supports its Member States to develop materials, fuels and fuel cycles for new, innovative nuclear reactors, which would be more efficient in utilizing uranium fuel, using thorium as a safe and sustainable alternative, while reducing the amount of radioactive waste generated.”

-International Atomic Energy Agency, Getting to the Core of The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

“Are Traps Gay?”: The Third Place

“Incidentally, I notice that our professors, trying to show off to their students, rant and rail against the State and against Law and Order, while expecting that same state to punctually pay their salaries, pensions, and family allowances, so that they value at least this kind of Law and Order. Make a fist with the left hand and open the right hand receptively—that is how one gets through Life. [But when] society involves the Anarch in a conflict in which he does not participate inwardly, it challenges him to launch an opposition. He will try to turn the lever with which society moves him. Society is then at his disposal, say, as a stage for grand spectacles that are devised for him. Everything changes; the fetter becomes fascinating, danger an adventure, a suspenseful task.”

-Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil, ca. 1977
Viktor David Grünbaum, Architect of the Third Place

This Deep Underground Shopping Center is connected to a nearby Third Place, a Germanic Shopping Citadel, which could be accessed from the Subway Station or from the Parking Garage. The student couple chose the Parking Garage, snuck past the patrols of student prefects with their German Shepherds and Rottweilers, and emerged in the immediate vicinity of a busy city street within the Socialist nation. Back on the surface, the student couple encountered columns of civilian automobiles, delivery trucks and motorcycles. C-Wing helicopters whirled overhead, carrying products ordered on eCommerce websites. MATVs navigated the sidewalks past the pedestrians around concrete square to haul preordered meals from a local McDonald’s. Beyond the entrance to the Parking Garage was the Germanic Shopping Citadel. The student couple waited for a Skoda streetcar to pass by before crossing the street, paid the hefty Entrance Fee (which is worth half the monthly Paygrade of a working class family), then walked straight in.

The Germanic Shopping Citadel was built by the Student Government to be like an actual Citadel. The Student Diplomats from dozens of other SSEs had their Embassy Offices here, in addition to various important facilities that cannot be found at the DUSC and beyond the Command Responsibility of the Parent-Teacher Cooperative.

The Casbah Milk Bar at the Youth Hostel lobby are packed with world-famous foreign exchange students and State officials, and the entourages of SSE’s paramilitary generals and admirals from various Student Governments. Near the Milk Bar is a Five-Star Youth Hostels with a swimming pool, sauna, boutique shop, conference rooms and a marble lobby of several Krupp-Thyssen elevators. All kinds of important youth leaders from dozens of SSEs around the world have come to partake in a sort of Youth Olympics competition.

In the hallways and corridors of the Germanic Shopping Citadel are a Student Infirmary/Apothecary, the SSE’s own Student Patrol and Intelligence Services running a counterintelligence operation against the student couple. They have orders from the Student Government to shoot the student couple on sight under the State Counterterrorism Legislation. Getting past them, the student couple finds Some Art, Film, Music, and Gaming Studios, and Student Cinemas and Theaters. There are also Heliopolis Internet Cafés, American students operating Federal Kontore and Federal-State Commissaries, various Service Sector-oriented EGOs (Extracurricular Guild Occupations) from this SSE, and the luxurious Prussian Maid Cafeteria.

The Prussian Maid Cafeteria under Socialism is far more hardcore than working at a Japanese Maid Café under Neoliberalism. I’m talking about a refined, sophisticated cafeteria dedicated to the Socialization of the People’s Party’s children and the Student Government officials, bureaucrats and functionaries. There are library shelves full of interesting books to read, grand chessboards, fine caviar and champagne befitting of the student’s couple personal palate.

Ceiling decked with chandeliers and Baroque artistry decorating the walls. Uniformed maids, clad in these Soviet maid uniforms, usually play Nietzschean music in the daytime. In the evening hours, the high-ranking students are greeted to elaborate stage performances of Wagnerian operas like “Tannhäuser and the Minnesängers’ Contest at Wartburg (WWV 70).”

The student couple completed their reconnaissance mission at the corner table with their intelligence handler, who was waiting for them, smoking a Cuban cigar and a fine glass of Barry Goldwater’s Goldwasser Alchemy Reserve on the rocks. The intelligence handler quietly whispers to the student couple that a package and chauffeur are waiting for them at the presidential suite on the top floor. Just who were these twin siblings? And what else is this SSE, its student body the proud Property Owners of this Third Place, trying to hide from the student couple and other SSEs at the World State Organization (WSO), anyway?

Are Traps Gay?: Tannhäuser Legend and Blonde Beastie

“Are Traps Gay?” ought to be the prevailing question of our generation, especially for your research as well as my own. We cannot properly answer the question if we do not know why the “Typus of the Trap,” the “Otokonoko” of Japanese Anime, Manga and Light Novels, is in fact relevant to Rudolf Jung (Pan-Germanic Socialism), Gore Vidal (Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism), “Social Democracy = Fascism” and “Arbeit = Arbot,” and the Great Recession. Yes, it’s a lot of information to unpack, and I might need to follow up with this comment, but the Trap is the lynchpin to the previous comment, this one and the next major Blog Post on The Fourth Estate. If there is anything that I had learned from historical reenactors, cosplayers, crossdressers and transgenders, the “best way to keep a secret – hide it in plain sight.”

It’s true that our cultural perceptions about the Typus of the Trap was created in the 2000s by Japanese Internet users and later adopted by English-speaking 4Chan users. However, as I had recalled that one peculiar passage on Climate Change in Ernst Jünger’s “Der Arbeiter,” Japan is a great place for Western Civilization to deposit its own ideas into the Japanese Collective Consciousness for the Japanese Volksgemeinschaft to claim as its own. For instance, I cited the Japanese slang word ‘Freeter’ as a recent contraction of ‘Freelancer’ and ‘Arbeiter’ in Part II of “Total Educational Effort” (

“Its accurate translations for English and German speakers alike are ‘Temporary Worker’ and ‘Leiharbeitnehmer’ respectively, both of which are part of the same phenomenon as the Japanese Freeter. But unlike the English and German equivalents, the Japanese version has had two connotations over the course of two decades. Coinciding with the 1980s Asset-Price Bubble in the wake of the Plaza Accord, the Freeter once denoted a ‘Japanese youth who is wealthy enough to work for minimum wage and fewer working hours’ in the Keynesian sense. Since the Lost Decade of the 1990s, however, Freeter now refers to an ‘underemployed Japanese youth.’”

The Trap, as I had correctly concluded last weekend, is another Western concept being misidentified as a Japanese one. If Traps are neither Gay nor even Japanese, where in the Western world did it come from? Bogumil, the Trap is in actuality a 21st century derivative of the “Typus of Venus” from the Tannhäuser Folklore Legend of the German Reich in the 15th century. Richard Wagner’s “Tannhäuser and the Minnesängers’ Contest at Wartburg (WWV 70)” is the 19th opera adaptation from 1845. The general plot of the Folklore Legend is as follows:

-A Germanic Knight discovers the subterranean Jenseitswelt (Otherworld) or “Venusberg,” encounters the Greco-Roman goddess Venus, spends a year worshipping her, then leaves Venusberg with an obsessive fixation on the goddess.

-Bearing the Schuld (Debt/Guilt) of having such unhealthy thoughts as a Roman Catholic, he travels to the Pope at the Chair of St. Peter for forgiveness.

-Even though His Holiness condemns and absolves him under the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Germanic Knight never acts on his resolve to live in holiness, choosing instead an erotic adventure to Venusberg to have sex with Venus.

Most depictions of Traps in Japanese Anime, Manga and Light Novels tend to follow similar plot structures.

-The Germanic Knight is now the “Male Protagonist” who encounters the Trap or is the Trap himself, the latter in depictions where he must crossdress as a girl [or his twin sister] at an all-girl secondary school serving as the “Venusberg of the Reich.”

-Encountering Venus is now “Encountering the Trap” or “Encountering the Best Girl.”

-“It’s a Trap!” is related to those European paintings of the Typus of Venus where the Gender is ambiguous. Thus, we are forced to assume that Venus may not necessarily be the actual goddess or even a mortal female per se; it could just as easily be a mortal male.

-The Pope is whoever will prevent the “Male Protagonist” from having sex with the Trap (or with the girl of his choosing in other depictions).

-The Germanic Knight’s erotic adventure to be with Venus and have sex is “Are Traps Gay?”. If we can put “Venus” and “Trap” together, we are actually looking at a “Venus Flytrap.” The Soviet KGB and Russian FSB have a more fitting term than Venus Flytrap: “Kompromat” (Compromising Material).

The most Germanic Trap of all is the Blonde Bestie known as “Mariya Shidō” between 7:40 and 8:07:

Yes, he is in fact the Blonde Bestie as described by Nietzsche: “At the centre of all these noble races we cannot fail to see the Blonde Beast of Prey, the magnificent Blonde Beast avidly prowling round for spoil and victory; this hidden centre needs release from time to time, the Beast must out again, must return to the wild: – Roman, Arabian, Germanic, Japanese nobility, Homeric heroes, Scandinavian Vikings – in this requirement they are all alike. It was the noble races which left the concept of ‘barbarian’ in their traces wherever they went; even their highest culture betrays the fact that they were conscious of this and indeed proud of it.”

“You can’t say I didn’t try,” Bogumil:

What I really find fascinating about that particular Trap is the Kompromat of Social Democracy and particularly why Rudolf Jung (Pan-Germanic Socialism), Gore Vidal (Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism), and my Work-Standard are all related. The Kompromat of Social Democracy is going to be related to the topic of Part V of Total Education Effort. For now, let me to conclude this erotic adventure by quoting those two fellow Comrades of the Patron Saints of American Catholic Education, Ss. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR and Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC.

“We cannot change our character, it is true, as easily as we change our clothes. It is the Arbeit of a lifetime. It is achieved with the grace of God and constant [Total Educational Effort].”
-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ

“So much Geld goes through our hands every day, it is such a pity if it goes to waste. Don’t let it. Live a life that, in the midst of material details, is quiet, rich, thoughtful and [meaningful].”
-St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ

Diversity in Conscience and Community, Unity in Discipline and Action.

-The Third Wave’s Unity of Opposites

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