Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. II of IV)

Why America deserves a Federalist Command Economy

As counterintuitive as this will definitely sound, the United States of America has always been designed for Command Economy as opposed to Planned Economy. It was made possible thanks to our Independence from the British Empire and the Ratification of the “Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.” Alexander Hamilton and his faction in the Federalist Party simply made this more obvious by replacing the Articles of Confederation with the “United States Constitution.” When our Constitution was ratified by the Framers of the Constitution in 1787, America became an official Federalist Union.

Contrary to Jeffersonian propaganda, Hamilton and his Federalist faction were actually opposed James Madison and his faction over the Slavery issue, arguing that Slavery and Madison were antithetical to the Party and America as a Union. It is very peculiar that the language of Article V in the Constitution includes a Clause where the earliest date for the Union to decide over that pressing matter is “1808.” All questions about whether America is either a Planned Economy or a Command Economy were already decided long ago at the Appomattox Courthouse in 1865. 

But why bring up the Civil War in relation to why America is designed for Command Economy? My fellow Americans, what were the Northerners and Southerners really fighting over in the Civil War? Was it really Slave Rights as the Northerners claimed, was it really States Rights as the Southerners claimed, or was it something entirely different and relevant to why nobody in America wants to admit what Richard Alan Clarke had called the “invisible obvious?”

Early on in the SMP Compendium, I argued that the Socialist conception of Property in America was violated by the Chattel-Slavery of the Southern States and the Debt-Slavery of the Northern States. Since the Socialist conception of Property was violated, the Civil War became inevitable. We should be proud of the fact that it was the Union, not the Confederacy, that won the Civil War because it shows that America has demonstrated its willingness to uphold her birthright to Socialistic political and economic freedoms vis-à-vis Hamiltonianism. As I stated in “Incentive”:

“There is a whole world of difference between being an indentured servant under Liberal Capitalism and a civil servant under Socialism. An indentured servant is an involuntary mode of being that is not too far away from literally becoming a slave like those African Americans who picked cotton in the fields of Southern plantations prior to the Civil War. They can just as easily be a Northern factory worker who, upon emigrating from Europe, is forced to spend long hours for low wages as an indentured servant on the assembly lines of Chicago, Pittsburgh, or New York. But by contrast, a civil servant is somebody committed to their profession on a voluntary basis or is at least compelled by their State and everyone around them–a ‘Totality’–that they must be involved in another profession like the military for three years. What distinguishes our Socialistic civil servant from the Liberal Capitalistic slave or indentured servant is their inwardly senses of freedom and security that stays with them even as they get injured in the workspace or on the battlefield.

Liberal Capitalism tends to conceal these facts by a veneer of outward freedom and outward security within the ‘social contract’ (as opposed to a Socialist sacred oath) that an Individual makes with their ‘civil society’ (as opposed to the Socialist State) under Liberal Capitalism. As Americans, we find elements of this false veneer throughout pre-Civil War America, where the slaves toiling in the fields are ‘entitled’ to food, shelter and healthcare by the plantation owner just as the indentured servants are ‘entitled’ to a tiny share of this Liberal Capitalist conception of Currency called ‘Kapital’ by the factory owner. We realize that what is ultimately motivating the slave in the Southern cotton field and the indentured servant in the Northern assembly line are never to be found within their economic activities. Instead, it is that outward freedom that the slave looks forward when he escapes the plantation to the North through the Underground Railroad. It is also that outward security that the indentured servant looks forward when he notices his next paycheck being slightly larger than the previous one.”

How many of us are even aware of the fact that, prior to the Civil War, the Southerners had once resented Liberal Capitalism so much that they were willing to tell the Northern States that Slavery is somehow ‘far better’ than Liberal Capitalism? Have we forgotten that the Confederates rejected both Jeffersonianism and Hamiltonianism out of political-economic Nihilism? If America is meant to be a Planned Economy, shall we begin referring to these United States without Slavery as “these Confederate States with Slavery?” Shall we begin referring to our Union as “the Confederacy?” Shall our American Ensign be lowered and replaced by the Confederate flag?

The Ensign of the United States of America, the “Stars and Stripes,” features seven red stripes, six white stripes, and fifty white stars on a blue background. The thirteen Stripes symbolize the original Thirteen Colonies, the fifty Stars being the fifty States of the Union, and the Federal government as the blue Background. In the SMP Compendium, the Stars and Stripes also have Socialistic connotations: thirteen Stripes to signify thirteen Economic Organizations in the US, fifty white Stars for each State Command Economy and one Federal Command Economy as the blue Background. 


Specifications of America’s Command Economy

Property Rights under Socialism: Productive and Personal Properties

The abolition of Common Property-as-Wealth and Private Property-as-Wealth were made possible because of the Revolutionary War. The Civil War, meanwhile, resolved all questions about America being a true Vocational Civil Service Command Economy befitting of the SMP Compendium. Hamiltonianism bears those historical decisions, continuing that primordial point of origin begun by the Constitution. The Work-Standard identifies ten variations of Productive Properties and ten variations of Personal Properties, applicable to all US citizens.

Every US citizen has Self-Ownership of themselves and control over their own means of production in the US Command Economy. By engaging in Meaningful Work and warding off Meaningless Work, they shall voluntarily pursue their Vocation anywhere in these United States, ready to commit their Life-Energy toward that Vocation to contribute Arbeit and generate Geld for the Federal Life-Energy Reserve (aka “the Fed”). Any Actual Arbeit received by the Federal Life-Energy Reserve and its twelve branches will be readily converted to Actual Geld in real-time transactions under the oversight of the US Treasury Department. Anything not intended for the immediate creation of Arbeit and Geld like their savings account, household and land, automobiles, clothes, jewelry, firearms, furniture, computers and appliances, and other personal belongings and effects are to be considered as their Self-Sovereignty under Federal Law and enforced by the State governments. For all circumstances where Personal Property can become Productive Property like artworks, cultural media, technical patents, research papers, and conscription will be paid in full by the Federal government under Eminent Domain.

Collectives like the Amish or Native American tribes have control over their people’s community and its own means of production under Communal Ownership. They too are US citizens capable of engaging in Meaningful Work and warding off Meaningless Work. They shall voluntarily pursue their Vocation anywhere in these United States, ready to commit their Life-Energy toward that Vocation to contribute Arbeit and generate Geld for the Federal Life-Energy Reserve. Anything that their leaders deem as not intended for the immediate creation of Arbeit and Geld shall hereby be deemed as their Collective Sovereignty. For all circumstances where Personal Property can become Productive Property, they must be paid in full by the Federal government under Eminent Domain.

The Catholic Church in the US has parochial schools, high schools, universities, hospitals, seminaries, convents, monasteries, and cathedrals that belong to Dioceses and Archdioceses under the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). The USCCB have US citizens and foreigners in religious orders pursuing their own Vocations under the Command and Obedience of His Holiness, the Pope, at the Vatican. Other religious denominations have organizations similar to the USCCB. They and the USCCB have control over their own means of production as Ecclesiastical Ownership.  They shall voluntarily pursue their Vocation anywhere in these United States, ready to commit their Life-Energy toward that Vocation to contribute Arbeit and generate Geld for the Federal Life-Energy Reserve. Anything not intended by the USCCB and other religious denominations for the immediate creation of Arbeit and Geld shall here be deemed as their Ecclesiastical Sovereignty. For all circumstances where Personal Property can become Productive Property, they must be paid in full by the Federal government under Eminent Domain.

Local families and small businesses operate under the Command and Obedience of their Municipality and County governments or Metropolitan and Borough governments in the case of New York City for instance. They all have control over their own means of production as Municipal Ownership, are free to relocate their Vocation in another jurisdiction, and shall contribute Arbeit and generate Geld for the Federal Life-Energy Reserve. Anything not intended for the immediate creation of Arbeit and Geld by local governments are considered as their Municipal Sovereignty. For all circumstances where Personal Property can become Productive Property, they must be paid in full by the Federal government under Eminent Domain.

And finally, all other forms of Productive and Personal Properties pertain to the States and the Federal government itself as Constitutional Intents and Constitutional Obligations under the Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the Constitution:

[Congress shall have the Will-to-Power] To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.

All fifty States in the Union have some sort of “Interstate Compact” arranged between themselves and are recognized by the Federal government. The Commerce Clause of the Constitution upholds the presences of Socialized Ownership, State Ownership, and Interstate Ownership for the States, Federal Ownership and National Ownership for the Federal government, and International Ownership for foreign nations trading with these United States.

The same set of rules for Productive and Personal Properties still apply here. Every form of Socialized Ownership under the indirect command of the State government has Socialized Sovereignty. Every form of State Ownership under the direct command of the State government has State Sovereignty. Every form of Interstate Ownership under the direct commands of their respective State governments has Interstate Sovereignty. For all circumstances where Personal Property can become Productive Property, they must be paid in full by the Federal government under Eminent Domain.

The Federal government itself has Federal Ownership of Economic Organizations large and powerful enough to receive FSFIs (Federal-State Financial Instruments) from the US Treasury under Federal Sovereignty. The Military-Industrial Complex is an obvious examples, they also include other examples discussed in Part I:

We have a Federalist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System with Federal, Federal-State, and National-Socialized Banks without any Interest whatsoever, Federal Financial Offices, Federal-State Commissaries of Wages and Prices, Federal Post Exchanges (FPXs) for foreign currencies, goods and services, mails and emails. We rely on a Federalist Intranet of “.fau” website domains, our Information Sector working towards the creation of an International Internet to replace the World Wide Web by harnessing the full power of Socialist Fintech (Financial Technology) to create Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld. This International Internet will be controlled by the World State Organization (WSO), the Federal government financing it as a member-state of the Socialist International Economic Order (SIEO). ‘Never forget’ that every people, including the American people, will always have their own version of Socialism.

As the highest authority in the United States, the Federal government has National Ownership of all lands, locales, buildings, and tenants not already owned by any US citizen or their local and State governments under National Sovereignty. The Intent of this arrangement is to distinguish what belongs to America from what belongs to foreign nation-states as their International Ownership and International Sovereignty under the terms of a Real Trade Agreement (RTA).

If a foreign nation were to, for instance, have troops stationed on a US military installation as part of a military alliance, its government is allowed to convert the Military Arbeit contributed from live-fire training exercises and into Military Geld. Or if the foreign nation is allowed to operate a .fau website domain for eCommerce, its government is also allowed to convert the Digital Arbeit contributed from its operation, maintenance, cyberdefense and retail transactions into Digital Geld.  Alternatively, if the Department of Defense has military attachés training foreign militaries abroad or a hypothetical ‘Department of Science & Technology’ allowing an American technology platform to maintain an international website on the WSO’s international Internet, the United States is thereby allowed under international law to convert the Military Arbeit and Digital Arbeit from those activities into Military Geld and Digital Geld respectively.

Based on the Socialist conception of Property, we can finally create a Unified Federal-State Ranking System and a Unified Federal-State Tournament System, creating well-defined distinctions between the Federal Civil Service (FCS) and the States Civil Services (SCS). And all of this can be done under Article One, Section Ten, Clause Three of the US Constitution:    

No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

Unified Federal-State Tournament System

Our Unified Federal-State Tournament System will usher forth the rejuvenation of the American spirit of competition by an ‘Ordered Liberty of Duty and Honor’ as proclaimed by Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind against the Jeffersonian version:

“[Legal] [R]ights are linked with [Legal] [D]uties, and when they are distorted into extravagant claims for a species of freedom and equality and worldly aggrandizement which human character cannot sustain, they degenerate from Rights to Vices.”

The Jeffersonian conception of competition in economic life literally resembles Evolutionary Theory from Biology, a ‘Spontaneous Order’ characterized as the ‘Great Replacement of all Americans with the least Kapital and the most Schuld (Debt/Guilt), and to be eliminated by a sort of Natural Selection. All European Americans, Native Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, Asian Americans have been oppressed by this Jeffersonian version for centuries. For Prussian-Americans, they suffered ethnic cleansing by the Jeffersonian Woodrow Wilson during the irrational wartime frenzy of World War I in 1917.     

There is another US President in American history who best understood the authenticity of the American spirit of competition in our Federalist Command Economy. In the state of Total Mobilization, he shares a similar mindset compatible with the Work-Standard, which can be found among a diverse array of historical personalities like Vladimir Lenin and Oswald Spengler, Ernst Jünger and Martin Heidegger, St. Johann Neumann and Richard Nixon. This is not a joke: that President had perfectly described the concept of a Unified Federal-State Tournament System in this obscure TV advertisement at the very end of World War II in 1990:

“A [Hamiltonian Federalist] spirit of competition – that’s what makes America great [again]. [It] compels us to reach higher than what we think we can. That’s what I like about our new [Unified Federal-State Tournament System]. It’s an exciting blend of strategy and speed, the competition is fast and furious, but it is also intelligent and entertaining. The player that wins has to have more than just knowledge – they have to have the Will-to-Power [and the Figure of the Arbeiter]. That’s what it’s all about.”  

In our Federalist Command Economy, we have thirteen Ranks of Economic Organization, applicable to all Productive Properties. Under the Intents of Command and Obedience vis-à-vis our Constitution, there are three Tiers of Ranks: five for local governments, four for State governments, and four for the Federal government. These Ranks apply for every Vocation, Profession, Industry, Sector, and State Economy within these United States, from the eldest corporate executive officer in Corporate America under the US Department of Commerce to the youngest high school student in the American Socialist Student Economy (SSE) under the US Department of Education.  

What is the secret for any Economic Organization to receive the highest Rank? The answer, my fellow Americans, is the greatest Quality of Arbeit for the lowest Quality of Geld.

Tier-1 Economic Organizations (Municipal Government)

  • Personnel-Directed Enterprises (PDEs) are created by a self-employed vocational civil servant or by a vocational administrator with several civil servants within their local municipality. Everyone from here to the end of Tier-2 are all considered members of their State Civil Service.
  • Personnel-Owned Enterprises (POEs) are created from a PDE deciding to start either a family-owned enterprise such as a small family farm and ranch or in this case more than one small business within or near the vicinity of their local city.
  • Municipal-Personnel Enterprises (MPEs) are created from a POE deciding to create a larger family-owned enterprises or several small businesses across or throughout their local city.
  • Municipal-Owned Enterprises (MOEs) are created from a MPE deciding to create two family-owned enterprises or multiple small businesses in a local city and its vicinity.
  • Municipal-Administrated Enterprises (MAEs) are created from an MOE deciding to create three family-owned enterprises or multiple small businesses encompassing the local city and its entire surrounding county. Further expansion will promote any MAE to the Command and Obedience of their State government as a “National-Socialized Enterprise” (NSE).  

Tier-2 Economic Organizations (State Governments)

  • National-Socialized Enterprises (NSEs) are created from MAEs branching out of their local city and county and immediately entering another city or county within their own State. This designation is specifically chosen to the Compact Clause of the Constitution because all Economic Organizations with a Rank of NSE or higher can now establish a presence in another State. It is because they are now able to accept NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) from the State governments at their Financial Offices.  
  • State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are created from NSEs establishing their presence across at least three cities and seven counties in either their State or two States in the Union. Further expansion into the State capital promotes any SOE to the Rank of SAE (State-Administrated Enterprise).
  • State-Administrated Enterprises (SAEs) are created from SOEs that have been able to establish their presence across five cities and ten counties in either their State or else two States within Union, in addition to their own State’s capital. Further expansion by an SAE into ten cities, twenty counties, and anywhere between two and four State capitals will promote any SAE to the Rank of ISE (Inter-State Enterprise).        
  • Inter-State Enterprises (ISEs) are created from SAEs that have a presence in at least ten cities, twenty counties, and anywhere between two and four State capitals in the Union. Further expansion of an ISE into twice as many cities, counties, State capitals, and/or an additional presence in Washington DC will promote any ISE to the Command and Obedience of the Federal government as an FSE (Federal-State Enterprise).

Tier-3 Economic Organization (Federal Government)

  • Federal-State Enterprises (FSEs) are created from ISEs that achieved the minimal presence of ten cities, twenty counties and over four State capitals and/or a presence in Washington DC. They are now able to accept FSFIs (Federal-State Financial Instruments) from the Federal government at its own Financial Offices under the US Department of Treasury and are allowed to join the Federal Civil Service under the US Department of Labor.  
  • Federal-Owned Enterprise (FOEs) are created from ISEs that achieved the minimal presence of hundred cities, two hundred counties, at least twenty State capitals, and Washington DC. Further expansion will continue until they have a presence in all US cities and counties, State counties, and Washington DC itself, at which point any FOE shall receive the Rank of FAE (Federal-Administrated Enterprises).
  • Federal-Administrated Enterprise (FAEs) are created from FOEs and have achieved the ability to assert an economic presence in the entire United States of America and are also considered eligible for authorization by the US Department of State to conduct Economic Foreignization abroad under the terms of a Real Trade Agreement (RTA) signed by the US. Any International Treaties on Economic Foreignization ratified by the US as a member-state of the World State Organization (WSO) shall be adhered to and enforced by all FAEs operating abroad.
  • Foreign Exchange Enterprises (FXEs)are the designation for any foreign economic enterprise from another nation-state authorized by Congress and the President to operate in the United States of America as part of a Real Trade Agreement (RTA) with their national government and their Head of State. Any US citizen who wishes to import foreign goods and foreign services from any FXE on American soil must convert their US Notes to a Foreign Exchange Certificate (FEC). Access to FSFIs and NSFIs are restricted to all FXEs without Congress authorizing the US Department of the Treasury to allow limited issuance to its foreigner property owners.

With the Work-Standard, our Hamiltonians in the Federal government shall see to it that every American people’s community will be able to preserve and promote their cultures, traditions, social customs and norms, languages, and ancestral identities. Everyone in America needs this because we need to stand united as one Totality, one Union, one Will-to-Power. A ‘Prussian-American’ shall be referred as an American Prussian, an ‘English-American’ an American Englishman and so forth.  

Unified Federal-State Civil Service System

Our Unified Federal-State Civil Service System works in Solidarity between the spirit of the old Federalists and the spirit of, yes, the old Anti-Federalists. Anti-Federalism, when revisited in a process of De-Jeffersonianization, can be rehabilitated by Hamiltonianism and treated as the other half of American Federalism. We need the Anti-Federalists because they were the ones who had later convinced Hannah Arendt that the United States is not an English Parliamentary Democracy, but a Prussian Council Democracy. This can only be evident when one realizes the significance of the US Electoral College and its similarities with three other Electoral Colleges devised by Western Civilization:

  • The Catholic Church maintains a Sacred College of Cardinals where the Cardinals act as the Ecclesiastical Electors of the next Pope as part of a conclave when the Chair of St. Peter is empty. The Sacred College of Cardinal convenes over the decision under secrecy so as to prevent any untimely disclosures of their decisions until they are ready to promulgate it to the rest of the world.  The Cardinals, as the Ecclesiastical Electors, are to decide who among themselves shall be the one to inherit the Chair of St. Peter.
  • Half of the US Electoral College, based on its original description given by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper No. 68, is partly based on the Kurfürstenkollegium (Electoral College) of the First German Reich. Hamilton never specifically mentioned where he got the idea of the Electoral College from, but he did base his concerns about the subversion of the US Electoral College by Kapital and Schuld based on the German Electoral College. Its German equivalent to the US Congress, the Reichstag, convenes the Electoral College at the behest of the Kurfürsten (Prince-Electors), who will in turn elect the next Kaiser based on a high-enough Rank. The Kaiser is to be coronated by the Pope. Neither the Second Reich nor the Third Reich revisited the practice after it was abolished by Napoleon Bonaparte during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century.
  • The other half of the US Electoral College, again based on its original description given by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper No. 68, is partly derived from the Prussian Council Democracy where the economic participation of all Americans in the production process are corelated with their political participation in the electoral process as part of a functioning Council Democracy. America, like Prussia, suffered from attempts by Liberal Capitalists to turn its Council Democracy into a Parliamentary Democracy, as documented by people like Alexis de Tocqueville, Orestes Brownson, Hannah Arendt, and Russell Kirk. But it was Vladimir Lenin who essentially brought this version up to contemporary standards by stressing for a “Vanguard” capable of serving in any Electoral College on behalf of their ruling People’s Party in What is to be Done?. While Hamilton never specifically mentioned where he got this particular half of the Electoral College from, he did maintain that in the event of a tie, the US House of Representatives is obligated to play the role of a Federal-State Electoral College under Article Two, Section One of the Constitution.

The US Electoral College is a combination of the second and third versions because the Pope is not overseeing the ‘Coronation’ (Read: Inauguration) of the next President of the United States. The American people do the coronating by accepting the results of the Presidential Election. Unfortunately, as American history has demonstrated, with the tragic afternoon of January 6, 2021 being the latest example, we will revisit this in Part IV of this final Compendium entry.

For now, it is imperative that every upstanding, law-abiding American realizes that our Electoral College and our Council Democracy exist in tandem with our Command Economy. We need a Federal-State Ranking System that begins in the secondary and tertiary educational levels of America’s Unified SSE at the State level and ends at the Federal level when those same high school and university students become elderly senior citizens.  

Basically, everyone who enters the American SSE receives the lowest Rank in their State Civil Service as their rite of passage into young adulthood. As we continue our Vocation in the Municipal government, we can graduate and move on to the State government. If we have been able to be faithful to our oath of office, doing what they love as our Vocation, and having the hopefulness to look forward to everything that the American Way of Life has offer, we can finally continue our Vocation to the Federal Civil Service.

As we ascend the Ranks of the State Civil Service and eventually the Federal Civil Service, we gain valuable expertise, training and experience, leadership and character traits, admirers and close comrades. With each promotion to a higher Rank, our Quality of Arbeit must be able to rise to facilitate the subsequent reductions in Quality of Geld. This in turn translates to recipients of higher Ranks receiving more Geld as part of their Vocation because the recipient had chosen to make a lifetime commitment according to their own discernment. The result resembles a new-old Emancipation Proclamation where all Americans are no longer slaves to their Kapital pegged to their own Schuld (Debt/Guilt).    

Emancipation Proclamation

For Quality of Arbeit (QW), anyone concerned about “Wealth Inequality” will be reassured that how much Geld an Individual has is given less importance when compared to their Rank. Every financial day trader and floor trader on Wall Street and every banker and businessman in Corporate America can become the wealthiest people in America according to Forbes Magazines by literally flipping burgers at McDonald’s, manning the cash register at Seven-Eleven in the middle of the night, driving taxi fares to their destinations, taking orders as restaurant waiter, doing pizza deliveries and late-night janitorial and watchman at the office. Yes, the Work-Standard allows it thanks to Socialist Fintech (Financial Technology) and the issuances of NSFIs and FSFIs.  

True Wealth Inequality in America must always be created by these greatest contributors of Actual, Digital and Military Arbeit: agricultural farmhands and industrial workers, retail and hospitality workers, scientists and engineers, computer programmers and software developers, police and firefighters, judges and jurors, doctors and nurses, artists and scholars, educators and teachers, military, intelligence and police personnel, clergy and religious, and the Federal-State officials, functionaries, commissars, superintendents, accountants, central planners and economic planners and the economic planners of the Prussian Artform of Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP).

For Quality of Geld (QM), anyone concerned about “Federal Minimum Wage” and feels oppressed by the Welfare and Insurance Capitalism of Jeffersonianism will be reassured by our Unified Federal-State Paygrade Scale. The Unified Federal-State Paygrade Scale repeals and replaces Jeffersonian policies such as SNAP and EBTs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, TANF, and so forth. Every American household will be given a weekly Paygrade based on Years of Services and Number of Dependents. More importantly, Paygrades are also adjusted for overall economic conditions in the United States, the American people now have the Will-to-Power to raise the amount of Geld for their Paygrades based on their performance as a Totality and as Individuals.  

And for the first time since the 1960s Counterculture, American youths in the high schools and universities will finally be able to participate in the political-economic-social life of this Union. Our student government, under the Department of Education, has a student congress of councils and a student presidency where statesmen can learn lifelong leadership skills. We have a Student President with a Cabinet of Student Departments, a Student Chancellor (aka “Vice President”), a Student Speaker, Student Senators and Student Representatives. It is up to the real Federal Congress of Councils on Capitol Hill and the real Federal President at the White House to let the Department of Education oversee the awarding of medals, awards, promotions, and prizes in official ceremonies and functions. To facilitate this arrangement, there will be national uniforms with proper dress code and regulations for our Unified SSE that American Catholic Education will be proud of and redeem the honor and glory of American scouting.

Teenagers will receive free school lunches by learning how to cook for themselves, their classmates and other students at their high schools. They will also be able to learn how to conduct themselves in the Federalist Command Economy through our Unified SSE’s Tournament. Religious youths will be able to practice their faith without the Federal government establishing a national religion so long as the ecclesiastical authorities confront any emergence of a cult of personality in the American Way of Life. Even so, all American youths will get their chance to pursue any missed opportunity and realize any untapped potential with the Work-Standard. The physical, mental and spiritual strength of the Fourth Estate in these United States will be able to reach its best-possible potential in their Vocation’s oath of office under Federal Law and the Constitution.

Only when the Federalists and Anti-Federalists are in Solidarity shall the United States finally make America great again and keep America great under Hamiltonianism by abolishing all notions of Americans being ‘Leftists’, ‘Centrists’ and ‘Rightists’ of the Left-Right Political Spectrum. There is no Left, no Right and no Center under Hamiltonianism; there are only Americans first and foremost. Only then can they be expected to abolish most Taxation, dissolve all Welfare and Insurance Capitalism, rebuild manufacturing in the Midwest and New England, promote peace and peace in the American Way of Life. And only then can they be expected to restore America’s rightful birthright as that “Shining City on a Hill” promoting Socialism and saving the whole world from Neoliberalism and the Death of Bretton Woods. For they shall combine American Federalism with these nine all-American ideologies: Conservatism, Nationalism and Socialism, Statism and Ultramontanism, Traditionalism and Environmentalism, Anarchism and Authoritarianism.

Therefore, in retrospect, the economic and financial power of this Federalist Command Economy will always be dependent on the State Command Economies of the Union. Economic Governance of the US relies on an Explicit Intent from the Federal government, describing the clear delineation between itself, the State governments and the Municipal governments. Such Economic Governance will bring about the ‘Great Replacement of the Jeffersonian Market’ by the Hamiltonian Tournament. Unemployment and Underemployment shall be eliminated by our current Total Mobilization of Production for Pursuits of Eternal Glory.

In the next Compendium entry, we shall address Federal-State Taxation and Investments, the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, Federal Financial Offices, Federal-State Commissaries of Wages and Prices, Federal Post Exchanges (FPXs), US Postal Service, Federal Intranet and ways of applying Socialist Fintech the American way. And then we will conclude this SMP Compendium on more about the Federal-State Educational System as the American Unified SSE, Federal-State Electoral College, American Council Democracy, and what this means for the US Congress and the Presidency in their relationship with the World State Organization.

My fellow Americans, only under Hamiltonianism will I be confident enough in saying that I am proud to be an American with Geld pegged to my own Arbeit, “both Personal and Federal.” Under Jeffersonianism, however, I will always be ashamed of being an American with Kapital pegged to my own Schuld (Debt/Guilt), “both Public and Private.”

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