Third Place Insignia

For this Post, I will be presenting the Third Place Insignia and provide further elaboration on it.

Third Place Insignia (Black and White)

The Third Place Insignia is a Coat of Arms featuring as four symbols:

  1. The hand gesture is called the “Schwurhand” from the German-speaking world, its legal and political contexts reapplied within the school life of the youth in the Total Educational Effort. When You perform a Schwurhand, You are swearing an Oath in the court of law and under the Intents of Command and Obedience. Have You familiarized Your Mine-Self yet with the finer distinctions between the Explicit Intents and the Implicit Intents of Command and Obedience?
  2. The three Inverted Exclamation Marks (“¡¡¡”) from the Spanish language signify the three Places in the daily life of the youth. Have You familiarized Your Mine-Self yet with those three Places?
  3. The “Twin Crosses” symbolize, in addition to the Blonde Bestie, the Political Organization Problem within the SSE, which is only discernible from a metaphysical level and expressed through specific lifestyle choices and social group affiliations. It was there that I was able to apply a Unity of Opposites on the “Third Wave Experiment,” describing where it actually went wrong.
  4. The “Peace Symbol,” apart from its well-known connotations to the 1960s Counterculture (“Make Love Not War”), denotes the primary, secondary and tertiary educational levels of a national educational system. The Student Body of an SSE and its Liberal Capitalist rival, the OECD-Type Student Economy, is organized in this manner and led by a Student Government.
I chose to color the Third Place Insignia in two shades of brown with Reference and Relevance to one of the Catholic secondary schools in St. Johann Neumann’s Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 2012. Only a Jungfrau would know exactly which one I am referring to, whose students had been a very personal inspiration after all these years.

The Socialistic tendencies of American Catholic youths from the so-called “Generation Z” and the so-called “Millennials” were foretold long ago by Mary Perkins Ryan in Are Parochial Schools the Answer? and We’re All in This Together. Those two books ought to become essential reading for all American Catholics.

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