Preview of “Third Place: The Secret Deployments of Our 1%! (Pt. I of V)”

“Shock Therapy” or “Schacht Therapy?”

I was able to help [the First Place], I sacrificed my office, endangered my existence, and forfeited influence over events in the attempt to [save the Second Place]. I do not wish to [destroy the Third Place] by remaining silent. If we do not manage to forestall the [Death of Bretton Woods] in good time it will lead us into an economic crisis of such proportions that even ‘Schachtian restrictions’ may not suffice to effect a certain cure. There is no such thing as a Schacht System [in the State of Total Mobilization nor should anyone assume there was one from 1933 to 1945]. [I] have told those who put their faith in [financial] systems that Monetary Policy is an Art. Art and Systems contradict each other.”

-Hjalmar Schacht, The Magic of Money, ca. 1967

“My faith in the future rests squarely on the belief that man, if he doesn’t first destroy himself, will find new answers in the universe, new technologies, new disciplines, which will contribute to a vastly different and better world in the 21st century. Recalling what has happened in my short lifetime in the fields of communication and transportation and the life sciences, I marvel at the [real] pessimists who tell us that we have reached the end of our [Total Productive Potential], who project a future of primarily dividing up what [Arbeit] [that] we now have and making do with less [Geld]. To my mind the single essential element on which all discoveries will be dependent is [the Demand for Arbeit].”

-Barry Moris Goldwasser, With No Apologies, ca. 1979

In the State of Total Mobilization, every Total Educational Effort (TEE) has three Places for the professional and personal lives of the Student Body and Student Government, the Totality and the State respectively. The establishment of an SSE within the Socialist Nation requires a Unity of Opposites between Socialist youths and Nationalist youths. For those who have not already figured out why, the Socialist youths and Nationalist youths are the Socialist Nation’s Figure of the Arbeiter’s children, the State-Builders and the Nation-Builders, inasmuch as they are same youths who had sent Student Prefects and Intelligence Corps tasked with preventing after those crossdressing twin siblings from “Total Educational Effort (Pt. V of V).”  

Socialist youths engage in the Art of State-Building to promote and implement the flourishing peace and prosperity of their generation, their parents and grandparents, their own children and grandchildren. Proficiency at State-Building affects the Council State’s economic and financial firepower, their overall combat effectiveness and readiness, and the integrity of the Totality’s Situational Awareness and Command Responsibility.

Nationalist youths engage in Art of Nation-Building to preserve and defend the flourishing peace and prosperity of their generation, their parents and grandparents, their own children and grandchildren. Proficiency at Nation-Building affects the Council State’s political and social firepower, their overall combat effectiveness and readiness, and the integrity of the Totality’s identity and diversity, history and heritage, culture and tradition, social customs and norms, religiosity and language of the Totality.

Every Prussian problem demands a Prussian solution. Since the “national educational system” is a Prussian concept, the world has yet to find a Prussian response to the challenge of freeing the secondary educational levels in most national educational systems from the Totalitarian OECD-Type Student Economy. Specific Dual-Purpose Technologies are required in order to convert any OECD-Type Student Economy into the Socialist Student Economy and swapping out the Economic Calculation Problem for the Political Organization Problem. How many educators and schoolteachers on Earth know the difference between the Auftragstaktik (Mission-Type Tactics) and the Befehlstaktik (Command-Type Tactics) of Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP) from The Work-Standard?

Fortunately, We’re All in This Together contains technical documents for our State-Builders and Nation-Builders to implement at the behest of the State of Total Mobilization. Every road is open to them; all they need to do is know how to alternate between the Figure of the Arbeiter and the Figure of the Anarch. State-Builders begin as the Figure of the Arbeiter and the Nation-Builders as the Figure of the Anarch. A Prussian Political Crossdressing Carnival is suitable enough to describe the State-Builders and Nation-Builders’ constant switching of roles with the Explicit Intent of finding the Schwerpunkt between Mary Perkin Ryan and Viktor David Grünbaum.

The “Custodial-Care Function” is the term that Ryan herself chose to describe the OECD-Type Student Economy in We’re All in This Together, which is congruent with the Production for Profit/Utility from The Work-Standard. The SSE, like the rest of the Socialist Nation, is supposed to be relying on the same Dual-Purpose Technologies compatible with Production for Dasein. This is no different than the Central Bank replacing the “Debt-Standard” and the “Fractional-Reserve Banking” with the Work-Standard and Reciprocal-Reserve Banking respectively.

The “Educating Community” (or the Teaching Communities for our purposes) was described by Ryan to encompass three Manual Shift Transmissions: “Open Schooling,” “Educational Parking,” “Deschooling.” The descriptions of those three technical designs are identical to the First Place, the Second Place and the Third Place, which is significant because Ryan neither read Der Arbeiter nor did she realize that her own TEE cannot be applied without its State of Total Mobilization!

Open Schooling involves State-Builders and Nation-Builders readily converting the SSE’s “Classrooms” and “Lecture Halls” into Workshops, Museums, or else both. Well-organized, politically-active student movements in the 1960s Counterculture were well-known for the former. The latter is synonymous with examples like the Japanese “Culture Festival” (as seen in various Anime, Manga, and Light Novels) or the American Catholic “Catholic Schools Week,” in which case the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association) never bothers to extend it beyond the parochial school at the primary educational level.

Educational Parking has State-Builders and Nation-Builders deploying the Figures of the Arbeiter and the Anarch, achieving a Schwerpunkt between Open Schooling and Deschooling. Educational Parking requires the training and expertise taught to Prussian armed forces as ad hoc combined arms formations called Kampfgruppen (KG; Combat Groups). For the SSE, the concept itself involves battalion-sized Abteilungen of students participating in the youth organizations that were identified in various Third Place Posts:

  1. EGO & Alter-EGO (Extracurricular Guild Occupations)
  2. ESAPs (Extracurricular Student Activities Programs)
  3. Parent-Teacher Cooperative
  4. Homeworker Detail
  5. Homeworker Command
  6. Afterschool Paramilitary Sporting Group
  7. DUSC (Deep Underground Shopping Center)
  8. Toy Manufactory
  9. Paramilitary Sporting Goods Retailer
  10. Department Store of Household Appliances
  11. Regulation Uniform Tailor Shop
  12. Post Exchange (PX)
  13. National Intranet Café
  14. Youth Assembly Hall
  15. Germanic Shopping Citadel
  16. Youth Hostel
  17. Youth Milk Bar
  18. Youth Apothecary
  19. Youth Restaurant, Library & Theater Hall
  20. Student Cooperative of the Military-Industrial Complex
  21. Student Exchange of the Military-Industrial Complex

Deschooling is the easiest one to figure out because it involves the construction a place where everyone between the ages of 14 and 34 can meet up afterschool on a Friday evening on the weekends to congregate, socialize, compare notes, participate in training exercises, meet students of different ideologies and religions, and foreign students from other SSEs. It should not take very long for our State-Builders and Nation-Builders to figure out that Ryan was apparently suggesting that the “Shopping Mall” is the metaphysical Third Place from which to construct the Germanic Shopping Citadel of Viktor David Grünbaum.

These are the three Manual Shift Transmissions provided by Mary Perkins Ryan for the Dual-Purpose Technologies employed by State-Builders and Nation-Builders, from which I can argue that the Third Place and the First Place are supposed to converge on the Second Place. It is precisely at the Second Place where we find the SSE: “Two Becomes One” or “One Becomes Two.”

In an All-American context, that is like saying “either the Main Streets of America control New York’s Wall Street or New York’s Wall Street controls the Main Streets of America!” In essence, the Total Mobilization of Production for Eternal Glory must oversee a Unity of Opposites between the Eternal Main Street and Eternal Wall Street for Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism. This allows the Federalist American Union’s SSE, the UFSE (Unified Federalist Student Economy), to “Reoccupy Main Street” and “Reoccupy Wall Street” at the same time. Literally, American youths ought to be unfurling the Old Glory, popping champagne bottles, setting off fireworks, having backyard barbecues, baking apple pies in the kitchen and playing baseball over this mind-blowing revelation!

“From a strictly technical viewpoint, Socialism is the principle of public service. In the final analysis every worker has the status not of a businessman, but of a public servant, as does every employer. There are public servants of industry, commerce, traffic, and the military. This system was realized in the grandest style in Egyptian culture and again, though quite differently, in China. It represents the inner form of Western political civilization, and it already became manifest in the Gothic cities with their professional guilds and corporations. A symbolic expression of the system was the Gothic Cathedral [of Roman Catholic Europe], in which every element was a necessary part of the dynamic Whole.”

-Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919
Viktor David Grünbaum

Shopping Citadels ≠ Shopping Malls

Shopping Mall = Temporary Wall Street + Temporary Main Street

Shopping Citadel = Eternal Wall Street + Eternal Main Street

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