Update (14 October 2021)

So far, I have completed nearly a third of Part III of “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget.” The goal as of today is to see if I can finish it tomorrow and hopefully Part IV by the end of this coming weekend.

My conclusions about US Command Economy relying on a Central Plan is still holding up insofar as the Preamble to the Constitution, the least cited passage by the Supreme Court and the US Federal Courts as of late, is supposed to the Central Plan for Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party. What this means is that true economic planning must always be Qualitative without a definitive Actuality Date as opposed to being Quantitative with a definitive Maturity Date as in the case of Soviet-Type Economic Planning (STEP). The Mormon Church, especially their clergy, in the State of Utah have understood this since the American Civil War. Will the State of Utah finally be able to revisit “Mormon Socialism” thanks to the Work-Standard? Who knows, maybe the Catholic Church in America will revisit Socialism by paying more attention to the Socialistic legacy of Philadelphia Bishop St. Johann Neumann, CSsR of Bohemia, as opposed to the Capitalistic one of Cardinal St. John Newman?

For the Federal and State governments (and yes, that includes the States of Utah and Pennsylvania), I am convinced that we can issue special variants of economic plans pegged to the Work-Standard where someone pursues the Intent outlined by the economic planners over the course of, say, four or five years (which is the average timeframe for most “Work-Plans”). As they continue to realize the Intent, the Quality of Geld that they can be expected to receive by cashing it in with one of the State governments or the Federalist government itself is dependent on the overall Quality of Arbeit. The greater their overall Quality of Arbeit, the more Geld they will be gaining on the specified Actuality Date.

Assuming that continues to hold up over the course of Part III, I can then proceed further by describing the following ideas.

  • Discuss the descriptions and Quality of Arbeit required for NSFIs issued by the State governments and FSFIs issued by the Federal government. We can even expand this even further to state that if the United States and the whole world are living under a Socialist world order, the World State Organization (WSO), will provide US citizens access to WSO-issued Work-Plans where the payout can be in US Currency or a Foreign Currency of their choosing. Expect to be sent around the world doing humanitarian and peacekeeping duties in developing countries on WSO missions.
  • Since all three Parts of “Taxation and the Work-Standard” have set the basis by which Federal and State Taxes are going to be conducted in the United States, I feel that a discussion about Federal-State Investments should be in order. There has to be better ways for the US to save trillions in Geld by minimizing potential misallocations of administrative funding.
  • There will be a decreased emphasis on borrowing and lending under the Work-Standard because the Liberal Capitalist Fractional-Reserve Banking System is going to be phased out because of the Socialist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System. I have identified the locations of 12 Federal Reserve Banks and 12 Financial Markets in the US that would be slated for renovations “under new management” so to speak. Each of these Federal Reserve Banks will be used by the Federal government to oversee the movements of Arbeit and Geld to the Federal Life-Energy Reserve in Washington DC and back as part of the distribution of Paygrades to every US household on a per weekly basis.
Map of US Federal Reserve Banks

The twelve Financial Markets in these United States will also be renovated, converted into Federal Kontore (Financial Offices), its personnel to be reeducated and retrained by the Federal government in our Unified Socialist Student Economy under the US Department of Education. We will be installing the Socialist Fintech (Financial Technology) for the purposes of revolutionizing Western Finance. Those twelve are:

  • American Stock Exchange (AMEX) [Located in New York City, NY]
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ) [Located in New York City, NY]
  • Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) was a combination of Boston Equities Exchange (BEX) and the Boston Options Exchange (BOX). [Acquired by NASDAQ in 2007.]
  • Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
  • Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) [Privatized and controlled by CME Group, Inc.]
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) [Privatized and controlled by CME Group, Inc.]
  • Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)
  • International Securities Exchange (ISE) [Located in New York City; also includes ISE Options Exchange and the ISE Stock Exchange]
  • Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)
  • National Stock Exchange (NSX) [Located in Jersey City, New Jersey]
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)

Complimenting them and the Federal Reserve Banks are Federal-State Commissaries of Wages and Prices. Here, we can determine the Prices of everyday goods and services and provide the institutions through which we can phase out labor unions, labor strikes, lockouts, minimum wages, and so forth. In addition to the more specialized “Transvaluation of all Arbeit,” I can provide greater clarity on the methodological basis behind how we can determine for ourselves our own Quality of Arbeit and Quality of Geld. It is one thing for us to say what they ought to be; it is another to demonstrate what they shall be in the workspace.

I will then conclude Part III with a discussion about the United States Federalist Intranet, describing how we can unlock the untapped potential of digital realm and begin the creation of Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld by automated or unmanned vehicles, some form of artificial intelligence, and computer software. We can also talk about the ways in which we can defend our Intranet by combating malware, cybercrimes, cyberterrorism, and deterring cyberwars with other nation-states.

Originally, I had once decided that my website, www.fourthestatepolicy.com would be renamed as “fourthestatepolicy.us” in a Socialist world order. If I had to write the official long title on a search engine in the United States Federalist Intranet, it would be “https://fau.fourthestatepolicy.fae.us/,” The search engines of foreign Intranets will show my website on the World State Organization’s International Internet, “Heliopolis,” as “https://fau.fourthestatepolicy.us/.”  

For this Blog post, here are some important quotes from Richard Alan Clarke’s 2009 book, Cyberwar, to ponder over as we advance further into the 21st and 22nd centuries. I totally recommend it and the sequel, The Fifth Domain. The first quotation from Clarke is a digitized version of Total Mobilization of Production for Profit, the other being a digitized equivalent of Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein:

“The U.S. military is no more capable of operating without the Internet than Amazon.com would be. Logistics, command and control, fleet positioning, everything down to targeting, all rely on software and other Internet-related technologies. And all of it is just as insecure as your home computer, because it is all based on the same flawed underlying technologies and uses the same insecure software and hardware.”

“North Korea gets a high score for both ‘defense’ and ‘lack of dependence.’ North Korea can sever its limited connection to cyberspace even more easily and effectively than China can. Moreover, North Korea has so few systems dependent upon cyberspace that a major cyber war attack on North Korea would cause almost no damage. Remember that cyber dependence is not about the percentage of homes with broadband or the per capita number of smartphones; it’s about the extent to which critical infrastructures (electric power, rails, pipelines, supply chains) are dependent upon networked systems and have no real backup.”

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