Third Place: The Socialist Conception of Citizenship (Pt. II of II)

Although I am an American Catholic who spent a good portion of childhood in Europe, most of my life has been spent living in these United States. My personal upbringing contributed to why I have always been cognizant of a belief among Europeans–specifically the Germans–that “Conservatism” and “Socialism” are compatible enough to create a Unity of Opposites. The years between 2011 and 2021 has been a long, perilous intellectual journey to the realize what later became the Work-Standard since it was like a ding an sich. In that same timeframe, I also spent time comprehending what passes as “politics” for most everyday Americans. The experience was more akin to being an incognito detective than a political scientist or even a cultural psychologist–just a part of who I am as an Individual.  

In America, I quickly developed a higher sense of self-awareness on what passes as “American politics” insofar as it is anything but American; if I had to refer to it by another name, it would have to be “British politics.” The dead giveaway involves applying the Freedom-Security Dialectic to the Left-Right Political Spectrum and reevaluating the observations with the Work-Standard in mind.  

Most Americans are constantly struggling to comprehend why my rationality is “being irrational,” my irrationality “being rational.” They are always failing to know the American Essence. Restless disillusionment and spiritual emptiness define every moment of their waking consciousness, creating the complacency and apathy that comes with overdependency on “Experts” to be parental figures, and the lack of confidence on what the American Essence is supposed to be. They know something is terribly wrong with the American Way of Life, but they lack basic critical and creative thinking skills to know why. It all leads back to Thomas Jefferson imposing his Cult of Personality on the American educational system because most Americans are simply unaware of its presence, even as they unconsciously worship Jefferson.

  • “What does it mean to be free and unfree?” and “What does it mean to be secure and insecure?”
  • “How are they wealthier than me?” and “How are they poorer than me?”
  • “When did America stop being herself?” and “When will America start being herself?”
  • “Where has America been?” and “Where is America going?”
  •  “Who am I supposed to be?” and “Who am I not supposed to be?”
  • “Why am I being an American?” and “Why am I not being an American?”

Moreover, I also noticed that the Political Leftist, the Political Rightist, and the Political Centrist are always following the commands of somebody who issues them arbitrarily and demonstrates a complete and total disregard for the slightest notions of Command Responsibility.

  • For the Political Leftist, they obey the commands of their own Schuld.
  • For the Political Rightist, they obey the commands of their own Commodity.
  • For the Political Centrist, they obey the commands of their own Kapital.

Such arrangements are understandable because, no matter what happens, Schuld and Commodity are always dependent on Kapital itself insofar as all three are related to, for instance, the same Total Mobilization of Production for Profit or the same Fractional-Reserve Banking System. Anyone Left-of-Center is going to be emphasizing Inward Security and Inward Unfreedom. Anyone Right-of-Center is going to be emphasizing Inward Insecurity and Inward Freedom. Everyone who is Dead-Center is going to be emphasizing Inward Insecurity and Inward Unfreedom. All three possibilities are permissible under the terms of a Jeffersonian Social Contract related to Blood and Soil (Jus Soli) and Blood and Wealth (Jus Sanguinis).

One does not become an American by simply reading the US Constitution or having a US Birth Certificate stating that they were born on US soil or to US Citizens: either their soul genuinely wishes to serve the American people under a Sacred Oath or their soul refuses to make that Sacred Oath. In our Total Mobilization of Production for Eternal Glory, it is astonishing how most LGBT youths are more mentally prepared than other American youths by coming out of the closet, stepping forth and being legally recognized as US Citizens by the Federal government. All American youths cannot discern who they are supposed to be if their entire formative years are being spent on the Cult of Personality around Thomas Jefferson.

This brings me to the Socialist conception of Citizenship and why there will be no more PSATs and SATs at the secondary school level. Instead, there will be an Interpersonal Compact with the Union in the weeks before every student’s first days of high school and in the weeks before their final days of high school. I should preface that the document is not a loyalty test, just a way of determining how somebody relates to the American Way of Life, regardless of whether they are a US Citizen or not. In a Socialist world order of competing Socialisms, the goodness and greatness of America will always be decided by young people becoming something greater than themselves, communicating the American Way of Life to foreigners and knowing why every nation, including the US, has its own Socialism.

If one has not already figured it out yet, secondary school is meant to offer everyone an opportunity to reevaluate their life up to this point. When someone takes their Interpersonal Compact with the Union, they are essentially entering their first moments as a teenager and later ending their moments as a teenager. This is the sort of test that nobody in America does until during their university years, which goes to show just how devalued the secondary educational level truly is when compared to the primary and tertiary levels. It accounts for why Carl Jung expressed concerns about an extended adolescence by insisting that the Ego of every Individual begins during their young adult years, typically between the ages of 14 and 15. That should have been the time when an American youth becomes a US Citizen because children are still too young to decide who they want to be when they grow up. Thus, the concept of the Socialist Student Economy (SSE) was created by me in response to why I felt whole generations of young people were being deprived of their inward freedoms and inward securities as upstanding adults.

The SSE is also my answer to why so many young people rallied around the Counterculture because educational systems in the Empire of Liberty have become increasingly Totalitarian–a word that must always be reserved for special occasions–in the decades since the 1960s. Not just on university campuses, but also on high school campuses. An Interpersonal Compact with the Union is how everyone enters the rite of passage into adulthood by becoming part of our Unified Federalist Student Economy (UFSE), providing their chance to reevaluate life up until that point before proceeding to specific EGOs (Extracurricular Guild Organizations) as part of their education. After they take their second Interpersonal Compact with the Union, they now have a choice to decide whether they shall continue into university, the workforces or the armed forces.        

Personally, my Interpersonal Compact with the Union began with me being asked why my parochial school has a “US Dollar/School Lunch Ticket Exchange Rate,” in addition to the fact that our US History textbook included an odd question that vaguely alluded to why the Soviet Union had made multiple trade agreements with the German Reich and tried joining the Axis Powers prior to Operation Barbarossa. Yes, the rest of my childhood was about as Socialistic as my secondary school years. I have no idea why the school was rationing US Dollars and issuing Lunch Tickets as if we were living in an Eastern Bloc country. For those who are curious, I still have the US History textbook and a copy of the Exchange Rates. My father never stopped asking me why the school refused to convert $12.00 of Lunch Tickets back to US Dollars ten years ago.    

My Parochial School Exchange Rates
School YearValue of 1 Lunch Ticket
2007-2008$2.25 USD
2009-2010$2.75 USD
2010-2011$3.00 USD

My Catholic high school experiences were like living under a student government that had pursued enough market reforms to become a Market Economy. Tuition Rates had risen into the tens of thousands of US Dollars, the Lunch Tickets replaced by overpriced food items, decadence and decline, and the sudden return to my childhood experiences of being in Europe. A part of my personal experiences were partly referenced in “The State’s Educational Policies and Ranking System”:

“The revolutionization of education under the Work-Standard is predicated on the need to address the problems of educational curricula in most Liberal Capitalist regimes affiliated with the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the Western Bloc equivalent to the Eastern Bloc’s CMEA (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance). What passes as an ‘education’ under Liberal Capitalism is a Commodity: it offers a lot of theoretical knowledge and very little practical experience for young people. It is discernible in the secondary or high school level education since all curricula are intended for later entry into the tertiary or university level, where Kapital reigns in the form of ‘student loans’ and ‘job opportunities’ to pay off the Schuld. And it becomes even more obvious when people enter the workforce with an astounding lack of practical experience to apply for even the most menial and boring of entry-level jobs. 

Everyone who had attended a school or university within an OECD member-state within their teenage and young adult years knows how uninteresting it truly was. Anyone can deny it with rose-tinted glasses and let nostalgia serve as their opiates, but no form of escapism lasts forever. School life for most young people is like a poorly-written ‘Bildungsroman,’ a corny coming-of-age novel where they undergo enough character development to demonstrate their personal inability to deal with the real world. Those Western young adult novels and film adaptations and those Japanese anime, manga and light novels are one and the same insofar as they describe the educational curricula among OECD member-states. Recalling of one’s teenage and early adult years and familiarizing oneself with the average school life of most young people is just the first step.

An average teenager’s school life will have various classes that are only there to inform them of theories about the world without any reference or relevance about why the world exists as it does. Their peers may be pressured into taking courses which will not help them later in life, but they must take it in order to ensure it looks great on their student transcript as ‘college credit.’ The teachers may not be involved in the students’ school life as a Vocation but because somebody needs to look after them while their parents are away. Without those teachers, a teenager’s school life resembles their nation’s Parliament, except the students are not brawling over cutting or increasing Taxes and deregulating regulations for this or that business.

Students at the secondary school level under Liberal Capitalism lack the Will-to-Power, complete with the Intents, Obligations, Duties and Rights of a Socialist nation-state. Rather, they only have the illusion of power that causes them to rebel against their parents and their teachers. There is no opportunity for the teachers to instill within their students the Intents of Command and Obedience and the concept of Command Responsibility like the kind for prosecuting war crimes, which finds its greatest relevance within ‘the talk’ of any sex education curriculum. Just as when a girl says ‘no’ to the sexual advances of her boyfriend to avoid teen pregnancy, the superior is responsible for issuing direct orders which conflict with the morality of their subordinates when they say ‘no.’    

Sometimes, one may encounter increasing difficulty finding any free time to spend on Socialization in the Socialist sense. What could have been spent on Socialization is spent on afterschool clubs and activities that resemble the lobbyists and special interest groups of Parliamentary Democracy, never to expand beyond anything resembling an actual Vocation. Afterschool sports resemble more like an illegal prize fighting ring where animals (or in this case, people) compete for the Kapital of higher educational scholarships and trophies. And a student council offers its members the illusion of political power but not the Will-to-Power, regardless of the student council being governed as a Parliamentary Democracy or a Council Democracy.”

Not everything during my teenage years was about trying to comprehend the Work-Standard. It was also marked by a struggle to figure out why teenagers in OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Student Economies were always so tragically bored, apathetic, complacent, preoccupied, depressed, anxious, contemplating suicide instead of discernment, obsessed with instant gratification, and also incapable of actually being upstanding adults. What has been motivating me for the past ten years was developing the SSE, gathering hard data and historical evidence for the Work-Standard, and the hardships of a dangerous intellectual journey. If one finds all of this hard to believe, then they are free to disbelieve and assume that everything I have been through for the past ten years is a literary figment.

I should summarize everything here by arguing that Citizenship in a Socialist world order should not be determined by them simply being born in one Land and/or being born to Citizens of that Land. Human consciousness does not develop spontaneously nor is it developed in absolute isolation. It does not reach maturity until the Ego has been fully formed by ages 14 or 15. Any youth who receives Citizenship is essentially being compelled to swear a Sacred Oath to serve the Totality of their nation and let their best years be wasted on themselves alone. There will always be plenty of free time to figure out how anyone wishes to do with their lives.

Moreover, not everyone from every country likes to consider themselves as one of its Citizens due to historical motives which are consistently political. There are some young people who feel that they are born in the wrong body or the wrong mind. It is not an accident of world history insofar as this is a metaphysical obstacle posed by the Mind-Body Problem of Rene Descartes. If their soul yearns to be with another Totality instead of their own, accommodations should be made to test their discernment. Immigration can become as inspiration and heroic as Bishop St. Johann Neumann, CSsR, of Bohemia.

For those who do decide to swear on this Sacred Oath, they must be determined to find “The Will-to-Power” once foretold by Mother St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC, and later affirmed by Friedrich Nietzsche, to train themselves in preparation for Life beyond their formative years and not become domesticated by anybody’s Cult of Personality. There is no such thing as “Youth Unemployment,” “Youth Underemployment,” “NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training),” “Youth Subcultures,” “Youth Pop Cultures,” “Youth Subcultures,” “Waithood,” “Extended Adolescence,” and loads of other problems affecting young people under OECD-Type Student Economies.

As for American Catholic Education, I had always known about its true purpose–to remind all European-Americans about why they exist in these United States and why their contributions in the Pursuit of Eternal Glory are now at risk of being forsaken and forgotten. Under a Socialist world order, American Culture will be delineated between one High Culture and fifty Low Cultures. Our High Culture originates from the Federalist Command Economy, the Low Cultures originating from each State Command Economy. The Federal government and the State governments shall allocate Actual Geld toward the flourishing of a genuine American High Culture where every youth will receive their opportunity to contribute to the American Essence instead of constantly chasing after what is “trendy” and “fashionable” for the sake of “trying to be different.”

The perquisite for inward freedom and inward security from Debt-Slavery among the SSEs of the World State Organization, to quote the Abolitionist Wendell Phillips, is “Eternal Vigilance” from young people in America and around the world. Everyone must demonstrate a willingness to commit part of their Life-Energy toward becoming a Citizen without ever losing having their inward freedoms and inward securities as an Individual. As with anything about the Work-Standard, nothing about the SSE was seen as being feasible until recently, when I had finally finished the SMP Compendium. In a future series of Blog posts, I will be discussing about “the eponymous Third Place”–the Shopping Mall–and its Founder’s Intent in a Socialist world order.  

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