Third Place: The Secret Deployments of Our 1%! (Pt. I of V)

“Shock Therapy” or “Schacht Therapy?”

I was able to help [the First Place], I sacrificed my office, endangered my existence, and forfeited influence over events in the attempt to [save the Second Place]. I do not wish to [destroy the Third Place] by remaining silent. If we do not manage to forestall the [Death of Bretton Woods] in good time it will lead us into an economic crisis of such proportions that even ‘Schachtian restrictions’ may not suffice to effect a certain cure. There is no such thing as a Schacht System [in the State of Total Mobilization nor should anyone assume there was one from 1933 to 1945]. [I] have told those who put their faith in [financial] systems that Monetary Policy is an Art. Art and Systems contradict each other.”

-Hjalmar Schacht, The Magic of Money, ca. 1967

“My faith in the future rests squarely on the belief that man, if he doesn’t first destroy himself, will find new answers in the universe, new technologies, new disciplines, which will contribute to a vastly different and better world in the 21st century. Recalling what has happened in my short lifetime in the fields of communication and transportation and the life sciences, I marvel at the [real] pessimists who tell us that we have reached the end of our [Total Productive Potential], who project a future of primarily dividing up what [Arbeit] [that] we now have and making do with less [Geld]. To my mind the single essential element on which all discoveries will be dependent is [the Demand for Arbeit].”

-Barry Moris Goldwasser, With No Apologies, ca. 1979

In the State of Total Mobilization, every Total Educational Effort (TEE) has three Places for the professional and personal lives of the Student Body and Student Government, the Totality and the State respectively. The establishment of an SSE within the Socialist Nation requires a Unity of Opposites between Socialist youths and Nationalist youths. For those who have not already figured out why, the Socialist youths and Nationalist youths are the Socialist Nation’s Figure of the Arbeiter’s children, the State-Builders and the Nation-Builders, inasmuch as they are same youths who had sent Student Prefects and Intelligence Corps tasked with preventing after those crossdressing twin siblings from “Total Educational Effort (Pt. V of V).”  

Socialist youths engage in the Art of State-Building to promote and implement the flourishing peace and prosperity of their generation, their parents and grandparents, their own children and grandchildren. Proficiency at State-Building affects the Council State’s economic and financial firepower, their overall combat effectiveness and readiness, and the integrity of the Totality’s Situational Awareness and Command Responsibility.

Nationalist youths engage in Art of Nation-Building to preserve and defend the flourishing peace and prosperity of their generation, their parents and grandparents, their own children and grandchildren. Proficiency at Nation-Building affects the Council State’s political and social firepower, their overall combat effectiveness and readiness, and the integrity of the Totality’s identity and diversity, history and heritage, culture and tradition, social customs and norms, religiosity and language of the Totality.

Every Prussian problem demands a Prussian solution. Since the “national educational system” is a Prussian concept, the world has yet to find a Prussian response to the challenge of freeing the secondary educational levels in most national educational systems from the Totalitarian OECD-Type Student Economy. Specific Dual-Purpose Technologies are required in order to convert any OECD-Type Student Economy into the Socialist Student Economy and swapping out the Economic Calculation Problem for the Political Organization Problem. How many educators and schoolteachers on Earth know the difference between the Auftragstaktik (Mission-Type Tactics) and the Befehlstaktik (Command-Type Tactics) of Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP) from The Work-Standard?

Fortunately, We’re All in This Together contains technical documents for our State-Builders and Nation-Builders to implement at the behest of the State of Total Mobilization. Every road is open to them; all they need to do is know how to alternate between the Figure of the Arbeiter and the Figure of the Anarch. State-Builders begin as the Figure of the Arbeiter and the Nation-Builders as the Figure of the Anarch. A Prussian Political Crossdressing Carnival is suitable enough to describe the State-Builders and Nation-Builders’ constant switching of roles with the Explicit Intent of finding the Schwerpunkt between Mary Perkin Ryan and Viktor David Grünbaum.

The “Custodial-Care Function” is the term that Ryan herself chose to describe the OECD-Type Student Economy in We’re All in This Together, which is congruent with the Production for Profit/Utility from The Work-Standard. The SSE, like the rest of the Socialist Nation, is supposed to be relying on the same Dual-Purpose Technologies compatible with Production for Dasein. This is no different than the Central Bank replacing the “Debt-Standard” and the “Fractional-Reserve Banking” with the Work-Standard and Reciprocal-Reserve Banking respectively.

The “Educating Community” (or the Teaching Communities for our purposes) was described by Ryan to encompass three Manual Shift Transmissions: “Open Schooling,” “Educational Parking,” “Deschooling.” The descriptions of those three technical designs are identical to the First Place, the Second Place and the Third Place, which is significant because Ryan neither read Der Arbeiter nor did she realize that her own TEE cannot be applied without its State of Total Mobilization!

Open Schooling involves State-Builders and Nation-Builders readily converting the SSE’s “Classrooms” and “Lecture Halls” into Workshops, Museums, or else both. Well-organized, politically-active student movements in the 1960s Counterculture were well-known for the former. The latter is synonymous with examples like the Japanese “Culture Festival” (as seen in various Anime, Manga, and Light Novels) or the American Catholic “Catholic Schools Week,” in which case the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association) never bothers to extend it beyond the parochial school at the primary educational level.

Educational Parking has State-Builders and Nation-Builders deploying the Figures of the Arbeiter and the Anarch, achieving a Schwerpunkt between Open Schooling and Deschooling. Educational Parking requires the training and expertise taught to Prussian armed forces as ad hoc combined arms formations called Kampfgruppen (KG; Combat Groups). For the SSE, the concept itself involves battalion-sized Abteilungen of students participating in the youth organizations that were identified in various Third Place Posts:

  1. EGO & Alter-EGO (Extracurricular Guild Occupations)
  2. ESAPs (Extracurricular Student Activities Programs)
  3. Parent-Teacher Cooperative
  4. Homeworker Detail
  5. Homeworker Command
  6. Afterschool Paramilitary Sporting Group
  7. DUSC (Deep Underground Shopping Center)
  8. Toy Manufactory
  9. Paramilitary Sporting Goods Retailer
  10. Department Store of Household Appliances
  11. Regulation Uniform Tailor Shop
  12. Post Exchange (PX)
  13. National Intranet Café
  14. Youth Assembly Hall
  15. Germanic Shopping Citadel
  16. Youth Hostel
  17. Youth Milk Bar
  18. Youth Apothecary
  19. Youth Restaurant, Library & Theater Hall
  20. Student Cooperative of the Military-Industrial Complex
  21. Student Exchange of the Military-Industrial Complex

Deschooling is the easiest one to figure out because it involves the construction a place where everyone between the ages of 14 and 34 can meet up afterschool on a Friday evening on the weekends to congregate, socialize, compare notes, participate in training exercises, meet students of different ideologies and religions, and foreign students from other SSEs. It should not take very long for our State-Builders and Nation-Builders to figure out that Ryan was apparently suggesting that the “Shopping Mall” is the metaphysical Third Place from which to construct the Germanic Shopping Citadel of Viktor David Grünbaum.

These are the three Manual Shift Transmissions provided by Mary Perkins Ryan for the Dual-Purpose Technologies employed by State-Builders and Nation-Builders, from which I can argue that the Third Place and the First Place are supposed to converge on the Second Place. It is precisely at the Second Place where we find the SSE: “Two Becomes One” or “One Becomes Two.”

In an All-American context, that is like saying “either the Main Streets of America control New York’s Wall Street or New York’s Wall Street controls the Main Streets of America!” In essence, the Total Mobilization of Production for Eternal Glory must oversee a Unity of Opposites between the Eternal Main Street and Eternal Wall Street for Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism. This allows the Federalist American Union’s SSE, the UFSE (Unified Federalist Student Economy), to “Reoccupy Main Street” and “Reoccupy Wall Street” at the same time. Literally, American youths ought to be unfurling the Old Glory, popping champagne bottles, setting off fireworks, having backyard barbecues, baking apple pies in the kitchen and playing baseball over this mind-blowing revelation!

“From a strictly technical viewpoint, Socialism is the principle of public service. In the final analysis every worker has the status not of a businessman, but of a public servant, as does every employer. There are public servants of industry, commerce, traffic, and the military. This system was realized in the grandest style in Egyptian culture and again, though quite differently, in China. It represents the inner form of Western political civilization, and it already became manifest in the Gothic cities with their professional guilds and corporations. A symbolic expression of the system was the Gothic Cathedral [of Roman Catholic Europe], in which every element was a necessary part of the dynamic Whole.”

-Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919
Viktor David Grünbaum

Afterschool Special: Family Household and Student Dormitory

“[The] Warnings [of the Cassandra will require sufficient] explanation or interpretation by [the professionals] and [that] involves some technical understanding which may not be common [knowledge] in the audience of decisionmakers. When they are first predicted, a Cassandra’s Warnings may be alarms about highly complex technologies or theories that require discovery, translation, and learning on the part of the decisionmaker. [W]arnings can be blocked from reaching the appropriate decision makers by the nature of the institution involved. [Most people] cannot tell the difference between the routine and the dramatic. Information that is not routine and should be rapidly escalated to higher-level decision makers is often instead placed in the queue for consideration in due course by systems not designed for determining whether an alarm is urgently required.”

-Richard Alan Clarke and R. P. Eddy, Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes, ca. 2017

In the Total Educational Effort, our State-Builders and Nation-Builders should realize that every Dual-Purpose Technology has peacetime and wartime applications within their respective contexts. If they are going to engage in Political-Economic Crossdressing like FBI Director J. Edgar, they must camouflage themselves with the Cassandra Coefficient and operate The Work-Standard like the Spandau Arsenal Maschinengewehr 34.

To my Baby Boomer and Generation X readers, imagine watching an Afterschool Special and onscreen are teenage schoolgirls operating an MG34 at an outdoor firing ranges of their all-girl Catholic boarding school’s Afterschool Paramilitary Sporting Group. That is currently my best analogy for describing The Work-Standard for the Millennials and Generation Z readers of The Third Place. Since light machine guns require professional military training and knowing the Patronesses of Catholic Schoolgirls and Catholic Educators, Ss. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ and Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ respectively, the metaphysics of The Work-Standard resembling an MG34 is a perfect for quotes like these:

“Work more and more at letting yourselves be led by the Spirit of God: with this divine leader you will be rich in every spiritual gift for yourselves and others; you will have prudence, firmness when necessary; in fact, the Spirit will supply all you lack.”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ

“You may dazzle the mind with a thousand brilliant discoveries of natural science; you may open new worlds of knowledge which were never dreamed of before; yet, if you have not developed in the soul of the pupil strong habits of virtue which will sustain her in her struggle of life, you have not educated her, but only put in her hand a powerful instrument of self-destruction.”

-St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ
“Comrade State-Builder lugs the MG34 with its 75-Round Patronentrommel 34 Saddle Drum Magazine, removing its detachable Anti-Aircraft Spider Front Sight. Her Comrade Nation-Builder carries the Lafette 34 Deployable Tripod, spare barrels, and ammo boxes containing Gurt 34 Non-Disintegrating Belts of Mauser 7.92mm rounds. Those two are always together in offensive and defensive combat situations as the two most important ladies in the Prussian infantry. Under any rapid rates of sustained fire, State-Builder will periodically overheat the MG34 barrel, requiring Nation-Builder to quickly help the State-Builder replace that barrel. If those become careless, the MG34 will suffer from potential misfires and end up Fragging anything and anyone. From their stationary defensive position at the firing range, the State-Builder and Nation-Builder will disengage the latch, swing the receiver open, remove the old barrel from the barrel shroud, insert the new barrel, shut the receiver, then reengage the latch.”

“The MG34 has two firing modes to accommodate its Double-Crescent Trigger Mechanism. With a magnifying glass, we can see an ‘E’ on the upper-half and a ‘D’ on the lower-half. The ‘E’ is for‘ Einzelfeuer’ (Semi-Automatic Fire) and ‘D’ is for ‘Dauerfeuer’ (Fully-Automatic Fire). Comrade State-Builder, wrapping her index finger on the Einzelfeuer, pulls the trigger down. A loud gunshot reverberated as a single 7.92mm bullet strikes at the center of one of the targets downrange. She mischievously grins at her miraculous shot, lowers her finger to Dauerfeuer and propels several rounds at the same target in short, controlled bursts.”
“Comrade Nation-Builder inserts the Gurt 34 Belt into the MG34’s First Place on the left-hand side, allowing the 7.92mm rounds to enter the Chamber of the Second Place. Bullets exit the Second Place, shell casings ejected from Third Place on the right-hand side.”
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was right about the “Don’t try this at home, kids” quote: “If I had to advise parents, I should tell them to take great care about the people with whom their children associate. Much harm may result from bad company, and we are inclined by nature to follow what is worse than what is better.”

Given this metaphysical analogy and with the Unity of Opposites behind the Third Wave Experiment in mind, I can deduce that The Work-Standard is capable of being readily deployed in Socialist Financial Regimes and Liberal Capitalist Financial Regimes.

Every OECD-Type Student Economy corresponds to the Total Mobilization of Production for Profit/Utility, rendering it applicable to Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek’s “Economic Calculation Problem.” Social-Democracy has two “Roads to Serfdom,” Kapital-into-Schuld (Welfare Capitalism) and Schuld-into-Kapital (Workfare Socialism).

  • Schuld-into-Kapital begins at the Fractional-Reserve Banking System, trickling downward at the Market/Mixed Economy before then finally exiting OECD-Type Student Economy as “Student Loans.”
  • Kapital-into-Schuld begins at the OECD-Type Student Economy, trickling upward at the Market/Mixed Economy before finally exiting the Fractional-Reserve Banking System as “Student Debts.”

Conversely, every Socialist Student Economy corresponds to the Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein, rendering it applicable to Martin Heidegger and Ernst Jünger’s “Political Organization Problem.” There are two “Roads to Freedom,” Arbeit-into-Geld and Geld-into-Arbeit.

  • Arbeit-into-Geld begins with the Workshops and Museums of the Family Households and Student Dormitories, then the Student Government as part of the VCS Planned/Command Economy, and finally arriving at the DUSC and Germanic Shopping Citadel, where Economic Planners and Accountants are all standing by to oversee the Student Body’s deposits of Actual Arbeit to the Life-Energy Reserve. Actual Arbeit is then converted by the Central Bank into Actual Geld.
  • Geld-into-Arbeit begins with the Central Bank wiring Actual Geld from the Life-Energy Reserve to the Economic Planners and Accountants at the DUSC and Germanic Shopping Citadel, is picked up by Student Couriers for the Student Government to allocate to the Workshops and Museums of the Family Households and Student Dormitories as Student Body’s Paygrades. With Student Government’s approval, Comrades State-Builder and Nation-Builder.

Afterschool Special: Student Government and Central Government

The secret to understanding Barry Goldwater’s relationship with the Third Place is in his surname, besides its relation to a Southwestern American Department Store, which is Prussian in origin. Real Americans know the Prussian origins behind the name “Goldwater,” particularly its historical relationship with Financial Engineering, the Work-Standard’s “Financial Alchemy,” and the rewarding Prussian liquor.
Goldwasser (Goldwater), a Prussian alcoholic beverage, is said to have originated from Prussian alchemists trying to turn Base Metals into Gold or at least flakes of 22-23 Karat Gold into a fine herbal liquor. How much Gold should there be in each glass or shot glass of Barry Goldwater’s Goldwasser Alchemy Reserve? Only Barry Goldwater and the David Hahn Nuclear Power Plant know.

“My faith in the future rests squarely on the belief that man, if he doesn’t first destroy himself, will find new answers in the universe, new technologies, new disciplines, which will contribute to a vastly different and better world in the 21st century. Recalling what has happened in my short lifetime in the fields of communication and transportation and the life sciences, I marvel at the [real] pessimists who tell us that we have reached the end of our [Total Productive Potential], who project a future of primarily dividing up what [Arbeit] [that] we now have and making do with less [Geld]. To my mind the single essential element on which all discoveries will be dependent is [the Demand for Arbeit].”

-Barry Moris Goldwasser, With No Apologies, ca. 1979

At the Second Place, State-Builders and Nation-Builders train, learn and practice their skills, unlock the latent talents of the Student Body and the Student Government, before graduating on to the Totality and the State itself. Student Government operates on a Generational Term Limit that runs between ages 14 and 34, making the Student Government suitable for training the twenty-somethings for running the Central Government later on in Life. Even so, each and every Student should be making the most of their time at secondary school in order to figure who they are and why they exist in Life, otherwise they face a Midlife Crisis in their thirties and forties.

The Student Government operates akin to an extension of the Socialist Nation-State’s Council Democracy from The Work-Standard. There is a Student President, a Student Chancellor (aka “Student Vice President”), a Student Speaker, a Student Cabinet of Ministers. At the Legislative Branch, there are the Student Councilors and Student Electoral College. Even though the Council State’s Judiciary and Central Bank are covering the SSE’s legal jurisprudence and its TPP (Total Productive Potential), the State Administrators, Functionaries, and Vocational Civil Servants of the Ministry of Education must provide the required guidance, leadership, support and advice for Student Government’s State-Builders and Nation-Builders. Everything else forms the Synchronicity of the Student Body’s TEE to the LER (Life-Energization Reciprocity) and LERE (Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification) Processes of the Life-Energy Reserve. And just like the People’s Party and its United Front, the Youth Wings are the ones in charge of running the Student Government.

The SSE is integrated into the Socialist Nation-State’s COG (Continuity of Government), the Line of Succession running from the Head of State at the Central Government to the lowest-Ranked Student Councilors and Student Electors of the SSE. Every COG is supposed to be as inconspicuous as the Blonde Bestie’s twin sister, the Designated Survivor. Allow me to provide some general guidelines in accordance with “Aesthetics of Heroic Realism”:  

The General Secretary of the People’s Party will personally appoint three Reconstruction Battalion Commands of Nation-Builders and State-Builders to serve as Designated Survivors for every consecutive term served by the Head of State and Head of Government.

The Totality and Student Body in particular are counting on the Nation-Builders and State-Builders to grow up, take the initiative and assume Command Responsibility of the Council State, its Intents of Command and Obedience and Financial Regime like in Designated Survivor, Maureen Johnson’s Devilish, Asphalt Tribe, or The Girl Who Owned a City.

Do note that the Ministry of Education has every Constitutional Obligation and Constitution Intent to prevent the Nation-Builders and State-Builders, regardless of whether the Socialist Nation-State is in a national emergency or at war, from turning their SSE into Lord of the Flies, Dritte Welle, The Chocolate War or else 24. The Student Body and the Totality must never allow these youths become Social-Democrats emulating the “It’s Giuliani Time!” from Shaft.

Before wartime or national emergencies, always practice social skills, basic etiquette, table manners and remember “the Sex Ed Talk” from that one entry regarding the SSE within The Work-Standard. Never, from Father-to-Son or Father-to-Daughter, be perceived by the Student Body (and the Totality by extension) as a Dick–Tater or, worse, literally behave and govern like a Dick–Tater. Avoid making really stupid statements for the students of history such as myself to share like:

  • “I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”
  • “We’ve had triumphs. Made some mistakes. We’ve had some sex . . . uh . . . setbacks.”
  • “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
  • “I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”
  • “I need a glass of water.”

Finally, Student Body has a Command Responsibility to prevent any Designated Survivor’s plot to recreate Prussian Prime Minister Hermann Göring’s ‘Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Policy’ and letting trigger-happy Student Prefects shove their nightsticks up the asses of the Vogelfrei (Free-Bird)–our Student Dissidents. Nobody in their right mind wants to spend their teenage years and their twenties reliving the Giuliani Time of the German Reich’s SSE, the GroßdeutscheGemeinschaftliche Schulwirtschaft (GDGSW; Greater Germanic Communal Student Economy).

Afterschool Special: Shopping Citadel and National Economy

Frank Lloyd Wright

“Every idea that is a true idea has a form, and is capable of many forms. The variety of forms of which it is capable determines the value of the idea. So by way of ideas, and your mastery of them in relation to what you are doing, will come your value as an architect to your society and future. That’s where you go to school. You can’t get it in a university, you can’t get it here, you can’t get it anywhere except as you love it, love the feeling of it, desire and pursue it. And it doesn’t come when you are very young, I think. I believe it comes faster with each experience, and the next is very simple, or more simple, until it becomes quite natural to you to become master of the idea you would express.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright, Idea and Essence September 7, 1958
“King of Prussia Mall” in the 2010s. I have been to this particular Shopping Mall in my religious pilgrimages to Philadelphia, early on in research and investigation of the Work-Standard. Its design is befitting of becoming a Shopping Citadel in the Federalist American Union under the command of the UFSE.

Turning our attention to the eponymous Third Place, our State-Builders and Nation-Builders later visit the Shopping Citadel. As the audience of this Afterschool Special, we are being presented with specific locations, amenities and items reminiscent of those found at the OECD-Type Student Economy’s “Shopping Mall.” The metaphysics of the Shopping Citadel, like its architecture, floorplans, infrastructure and facilities, are conceptually distinct from that of the “Shopping Mall.” Personally, I have always been concerned about why a disproportionate majority of teenage girls and young women in the Western world have enjoy “Shopping” because “to Shop” in the English language has two specific definitions. For reasons that I have yet to figure out, the Liberal Capitalists are trying to prevent real women and real teenage girls, especially those whose Vocations are State-Building and Nation-Building, from learning the other definition. With the Dark Arts of Weltanschauungskrieg (Worldview Warfare) and Finanzkrieg (Financial Warfare), I can finally figure out why.

The Shopping Citadel is not just a place to buy and sell; it is also a great place for young women and teenage girls to learn the meaning of “Respectare” in more ways than just “coming home before curfew time,” “rejecting unwanted advances” or “evading potential stalkers.” No, I mean in the sense that Shopping Citadels are the go-to Place for reworking, rewiring, refitting, repairing, replacing, restoring, recreating, and reverse-engineering Household Appliances.    

The EGOs (Extracurricular Guild Occupations) of the SSE, when they are not learning and practicing Industrial Arts at the DUSC, will be found congregating, socializing, and demonstrating their Works of Art at the Shopping Citadel. There is an Implicit Intent behind why they have more to offer than just selling, buying, trading and showcasing their Works of Art. Real women who know how to handle themselves with Household Appliances and are capable practitioners of the Dark Arts of Weltanschauungskrieg and Finanzkrieg must realize the Dark Art of Shopping.

The Third Place facilitates Extracurricular Student Activities Program (ESAP) of Kontor Offices VI (“Priority Requisition”) and VII (“Economic Foreignization”) from The Work-Standard. To quote what I had written about both Offices:

Priority Requisition deals with the processing of transactions related to the logistics of Equipment by their Reference and Relevance. ‘Office VI’ is split into four Groups. Group A deals with those involved in the R&D projects of SAEs and SOEs, while Group B concerns the NSEs working on behalf of the State on technical patents and design documents. Group C oversees the affairs of those involved in mass communications applications, artists, video game developers, filmmakers, musicians, online personalities, university researchers and scholars, clergy and religious, intellectuals and philosophers. Group D, meanwhile, has the challenge of collaborating with inspectors, economic planners, and accountants overseeing the transfers of Arbeit, Geld, and Equipment across international borders. What distinguishes Group D from the rest of ‘Office VI’ and everyone in ‘Office VII’ (“Economic Foreignization”) is the nature of their activities: investors here are deeply involved in the logistical affairs of key governmental departments and ministries, the armed forces, intelligence agents, police forces, and the SSE (Socialist School Economy) of the national educational system. The military still needs the civilians to ensure the inconspicuous movement of supplies, just as the teenage students of the SSE need Equipment for their activities.

Economic Foreignization refers to expansions of the Work-Standard beyond the nation-state by domestic enterprises operating abroad and foreign enterprises that the State allowed to operate within the Socialist nation-state. Investors at ‘Office VII’ must be bilingual, be familiar with other cultures and demonstrate a willingness to work alongside foreigners within the Office’s two Groups. Group A coordinates the domestic enterprises in their overseas operations within other countries, whereas Group B follow similar set of parameters with foreigners in the Socialist nation-state itself. Members of the former are sent with the diplomatic consulate of the nation’s embassies in the capitals of other nations.

Eligibility for an ESAP requires either the prerequisite Social Rank or in this context the elite Construction Commands of State-Builders and Nation-Builders. The Student Government is authorized by the Council State to only oversee the Student Body’s initiation, operation, execution, and completion of all NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) at the Third Place. Each Shopping Citadel has ATMs and/or local branches for the “State Bank,” a “National-Socialized Bank (NSB),” the “State Commissariat,” and “Accounting Departments,” courtesy of the Ministries of Economics and Finance. It is the Command Responsibility of the Ministry of Education to provide the Student Government with everything it needs to cover the costs of Student Body’s educational, healthcare, dental care, regulation uniforms, school supplies, school meals, transportation, room and board. All of this is being justified under national defense policies because some the youths are actually serving the Draft. The proper equivalent for the Federalist American Union’s UFSE is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). No Draft Dodging!

The Third Place has infinite opportunities for thought-provoking, life-changing social interactions and potential comrades to meet, greet and socialize about Life. Not every youth one encounters is going to be attending the same school from the surrounding city and countryside; some are visiting from other regions, provinces or states within the Socialist Nation, the rest from the SSEs of other countries. For Students interested in Foreign SSEs, the mastery of foreign languages and the familiarity of foreign laws and customs will form lasting comradeships and, in the case of Otto Warmbier, save their lives. No Shoplifting!

When the State confers any Prize to anyone within the SSE, it is to be delivered to the Student at the Third Place. These Prizes, despite being easily manufactured and replaced in the State of Total Mobilization, are in actuality Heirlooms and Artificers. These ornate, ceremonial items are great for decorating the Family Household, being repurposed as Household Appliances, or a combination of both like custom-built automobiles, video game consoles, assorted gaming and literary collectibles, sports memorabilia, aged liquor, decorative goblets, candlesticks, and swords. Also delivered are Foreign MAFVs and Foreign A-Wings that the Domestic SSE had captured from Foreign SSEs in annual international paramilitary sporting competitions under the respective designations of Beutepanzer (Trophy Tank) and Beutefluggerät (Trophy Aircraft). No Cheating!

Speaking of MAFVs and A-Wings, the Parking Lots and Parking Garages are not just there for everyone to park their vehicles. Given the real climate and weather conditions, that aspect of the Third Place is suitable enough for the Student Government to oversee the scheduled or secret redeployments of Arbeit and Geld, Technologies and Equipmentalities, Household Appliances and Paramilitary Matériel, Patents and Prizes, MAFVs and A-Wings. It is possible for the Third Place to accommodate an adjacent subway or railway station to known (or unknown) destinations, in addition to shipyards, drydocks, and submarine pens. No Trespassing!

Solidarity Preferences and Solidarity Traps will no doubt be accommodated at the Third Place for Explicit Intents that have to do with the politically-active, the sexually-active and unfortunately both in certain contexts. Student Government should realize that various youths tend to visit specific destinations while on vacation. Youth Hostels are great for accommodating them. The Command Responsibility involves ensuring that the Youth Hostels will be clean, orderly and peaceful for all patrons; the Student Government is authorized by the State to ban any potential perverts who would go on panty raids to steal used lingerie in the middle of the night. No Looting!

Be aware that the Third Place in certain cities and countries may contain swimming pools and saunas, salons and barbers, beaches and boardwalks, spas and bathhouses. Exercise discipline and restraint when visiting a Germanic bathhouse, especially when encountering people in a state of undress. Remember, the secret to understanding the Intents of Command and Obedience are the Catholic Vows of the Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. No Fetishizing and Fapping!

Important Youth Leaders, the children of major political figures in the Socialist Nation, and even important dignitaries from Foreign SSEs are especially known to visit each other’s Shopping Citadels on occasion to convene political gatherings. Student Diplomats also frequent the Third Place and likewise for the Domestic SSE’s Student Ambassador to the International Student Assembly at the WSO. Avoid disturbing them or interfering with their activities because they Diplomatic Immunity while visiting foreign nations. No Stalking and Horseplaying!

It is possible for the Third Place to include Apartments and Penthouses. Of course, by “Apartments and Penthouses,” I am not referring to Michael Townsend, the New England Artist who secretly built an apartment for himself at an abandoned Shopping Mall and lived there for four years. These are actual Apartments and Penthouses for the high-ranking, well-to-do Valedictorian Vanguard (VV), well-connected, well-bred and well-renowned elites befitting of their true social statuses. Entrances to these Personal Residences are identified by a “Hotel Lobby,” a “Milk Bar,” “Youth Restaurant, Library & Theater Hall,” “Apothecary” and hallways leading visitors to standard elevators and stairwells as well as their equivalents, the Service Elevator and the Emergency Staircases. I should mention that that the Apothecary is pharmacy and clinic rolled into one, whereas the Milk Bar is a fancier way of referring to a Convenience Store. No Vandalizing!

Student Prefects and Student Intelligence Corps are always patrolling the Third Place daily for anyone and anything suspected of being out of place (or in cases, out of uniform). No Loitering!

The Coronavirus Pandemic has demonstrated that Overtourism – a sudden, massive influx of people for Kapital – is its own worst form of Terrorism. Report immediately to the nearest Student Prefects and/or the Student Intelligence Corps if there You stumble across the following:

  1. Opened windows, destroyed ceiling lights and CCTV cameras, and destruction of digital infrastructure by cyberweapons such as a well-placed Logic Bomb. If the Logic Bomb is not the online handiwork of the Black Hat Hacker, then consider the possibility of a Saboteur working offline and trying to destroy or at the very least conceal all evidence of their physical presence.
  2. Doors with their locks scratched or damaged (somebody had a lockpicking set) or else knocked off their hinges (somebody kicked the door down) to enter off-limits areas.
  3. Signs of a struggle, blood stains, broken glass, hastily moved furniture next to opened or closed ventilation ducts.
  4. Opened safes and vaults, especially those known to contain priceless valuables.
  5. Missing, incapacitated, gagged, injured or dead Students and/or Student Prefects and Student Intelligence Corps personnel who had missed several radio checks for some time. It’s double-time if somebody’s regulation uniform is stolen by their Imposter.
  6. Hidden cameras and listening devices of Prussian prostitutes (be they professional or contractual). In Prussia, the former is synonymous with the “Japanese Yandere,” whereas the latter is working with police authorities and intelligence services.
  7. An Assassin, Mercenary or Vigilante’s unregistered, illegal handguns, shotguns, submachine guns and assault rifles with attachments, high-caliber sniper rifles, weapon cases or proper equivalents such as music instrument cases, improvised weapons like umbrellas and canes, improvised sea mines, landmines, tranquilizer guns and sedatives.
  8. Rigged Semtex or C4 plastic explosive charges ready to go off on a timer or a detonator.
  9. Hijacked vehicles that had been remotely hacked into by Black Hat Hackers. That goes double-time if the vehicle in question happens to be rigged with explosives.  
  10. And anything that can be tampered with to make someone’s assassination resemble an accident, drug overdose, heart attack, suicide or kinky sex with Prussian prostitutes. If it is the latter, assume that the target is being framed and blackmailed on a later date.

Finally, to top everything off, allow me to point out that the Third Place and Total Educational Effort can now be reconnected back to Prussian Socialism. The Aesthetics of Heroic Realism could not have been made possible without the Vocations of Roman Catholic clergy and religious, the presences of stained-glass parishes or cathedrals, youths attending mass and receiving the sacraments, memorial, parks, preserves and cobblestone city squares named after historical figures, and prominent statues or monuments commemorating those important historical events. The Federalist American Union, to “Reoccupy Main Street” is to simultaneously “Reoccupy Wall Street.” Either the Main Streets of America control Wall Street or Wall Street controls the Main Streets of America. Let Wall Street and every Main Street in America have statues, monuments and memorials commissioned by the Federal government and at the behest of the Federalist Party.

“Socialism is the principle of public service. [It] represents the inner form of Western political civilization, and it already became manifest in the Gothic cities with their professional guilds and corporations. A symbolic expression of the system was the Gothic Cathedral [of Roman Catholic Europe], in which every element was a necessary part of the dynamic Whole [far greater than the sum of its own parts].”

Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919

Shopping Citadels ≠ Shopping Malls
Shopping Mall = Temporary Wall Street + Temporary Main Street
Shopping Citadel = Eternal Wall Street + Eternal Main Street

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