Third Place: The Socialist Conception of Citizenship (Pt. I of II)

On another Blog, I wrote a Comment that read:

“The goal of monetary policy is to restructure the national economy.” Allow me to begin by informing you that both Parts of “Beyond the Korean Mousetrap” has been completed and my justifications to write this comment. For “Left Meets Right” and “East Meets West” will always converge at their Schwerpunkt, their “Focal Point” or “Center of Mass.”

Third Place: Beyond the Korean Mousetrap (Pt. I of II): (

Third Place: Beyond the Korean Mousetrap (Pt. II of II): (

In “Part I,” I began with this quotation:

“Under Fordism-Taylorism, the industrial worker had to work at a pace dictated by the speed of the assembly line. Work was repetitive and often exhausting. [Since the death of Bretton Woods], if you have a job, you have to work at a speed dictated by computers, and you are competing, wage-wise, with other desperate people in low-wage countries.”

I later went on to argue that Jeffersonianism is metaphysically related to Hitlerism and Trotskyism. What unites the three ideologies is “Fordism-Taylorism,” the business model of Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor. That is a very important observation and a terrible realization to address, Bogumil, because Fordism-Taylorism is capable of Synthesizing any ideology vulnerable to Kapital and Schuld under the Incentives of Supply and Demand. You can be of any ideology of your choosing and you will still be beholden to Liberal Capitalist ideology without realizing it.  I know this because the same pattern repeats itself over and over again in hundreds of nation around the world, historical facts made apparent in my writings and readings of the SMP Compendium.     

Jeffersonianism = (Fordism + Hitlerism) + (Taylorism + Trotskyism)

American Dust Bowl = German Reichsnährstand + 1st Soviet Five-Year Plan

What this means is that my Work-Standard is literally incompatible with Fordism-Taylorism because of its propensity toward Producerism and Consumerism, resulting in either environmental degradation, food shortages, mass starvation or all of the above. In fact, it has been a longstanding economic argument of mine that those three events in the 1930s can only be interrelated vis-à-vis Liberal Capitalist Technology commensurate with Thomas Jefferson’s Agrarian Society. What happens if I were to present to the readers of our Blogs the Financial equivalent that has since emerged in the wake of the Death of Bretton Woods?

Producerism: Everyone creates Kapital out of Schuld by Borrowing, Taxing, and Earning.

Consumerism: Everyone creates Schuld out of Kapital by Lending, Spending, and Saving.

In essence, the everyday life of a Liberal Capitalist regime has people creating Kapital and Schuld into Inexistence and destroying Kapital and Schuld out of Existence. Only in a Fractional-Reserve Banking System can anyone find the “Unity of Opposites” between Friedrich von Hayek, Milton Friedman and Alfred Mitchell-Innes on the one hand and Georg Friedrich Knapp, Irving Fisher and John Maynard Keynes on the other. Only under Fractional-Reserve Banking System are concepts like UBI (Universal Basic Income) and MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) as well as Cryptocurrencies and Derivatives are able to exist as Liberal Capitalist Financial Technologies (Fintech) that have no place whatsoever in a Socialist nation-state as part of a Socialist world order.

The Work-Standard is Socialist Finance part and parcel with Socialist Economics that can only be applied by Socialist Technology to create “Socialist Fintech,” delivering peace and prosperity in these United States and around the world. We can avoid or at least mitigate certain tragedies if Technology is designed with a sense of Innovation informed by a concurring sense of Tradition. Richard Alan Clarke, whom I would consider as one of us in the Hamiltonian sense, has realized this in the wake of the 9/11 Attacks in books like Your Government Failed You, Cyberwar, Warnings, and The Fifth Domain. That brings me to the DPRK and ROK, the real focus of those Blog posts and my comment here.

The DPRK’s reluctance and hesitance in being more open with the world is the result of what is happening to the ROK. The ROK went from being a Mixed Economy to becoming a Market Economy in a span of ten years thanks to Liberal Capitalist Fintech. If that can happen to the ROK, then Liberal Capitalist Fintech is capable of causing any Socialist nation-state to go from being a Planned/Command Economy to becoming a Market/Mixed Economy within a decade or two. It’s just as Ernst Jünger had warned in Der Arbeiter:  

Recalling this, I was able to link Part II with Part I by pointing out how the SMP Compendium has given me a newfound sense of self-awareness of myself and the DPRK. It suddenly became self-evident to me that I had become able to rationalize the DPRK and why they have been adamant about wanting to reunite the Korean Peninsula in a Korean manner (as opposed to a Vietnamese manner or a German manner). The problem for the DPRK is that they have yet to convince everyday Koreans south of the 38th Parallel and abroad that life in the DPRK will be far better than life in the ROK in terms of peace and prosperity. All of it boils down to the economic and financial means to do so due to the aforementioned prevalence of Liberal Capitalist Technologies. This accounts for why the DPRK seems “outdated” and “antiquated” to outsiders. 

I am amused by the fact that you were able to connect Arbeit to “Arbot” because the latter is something which I would encounter among people like Bishop St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR of Bohemia. His Excellency’s mindset was attuned to this as much as the other Patron Saint of Catholic Education, Mother St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC, of New York.

“I would like to be something, if it did not cost so much Geld.”

-Bishop St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR

“Faith lifts the Soul, Hope supports it, Experience says it must and Love says…let it be!”

Mother St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC

Speaking of which, because of those two Saints, I was able to figure out the primordial point of origin for Lebensenergie (Life-Energy) required in discernments and commitments toward a Vocation to contribute Arbeit (Work) and generate Geld (Money). And I have also begun to conceptualize an alternate form of citizenship that goes beyond the “Blood and Wealth” (Jus Sanguinis) and “Blood and Soil” (Jus Soli) concepts employed by Liberal Capitalist regimes in this Empire of Liberty. Both ideas were increasingly apparent to me as I studied the inner-workings of the DPRK and the ROK from the metaphysical, ontological, psychic and psychological.

The Work-Standard’s Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping equation is formatted as this:

State = Totality + Self

This “Self” can be reinterpreted as the “Owned-Self” or “Self-Ownership” as part of the Socialist conception of Property Rights. The “Owned-Self” is what Carl Gustav Jung referred to as the “Persona,” the part of ourselves that we present to the world. The Owned-Self (Persona) is formed by two halves of waking consciousness: the They-Self (Shadow) and the Mine-Self (Ego). 

Owned-Self = They-Self + Mine-Self
Persona = Shadow + Ego

It is precisely in our waking consciousness that we encounter the Socialist conceptions of Freedom and Equality, our senses of inward freedom and inward security as Individuals. Rudolf Jung and Oswald Spengler understood the significance, as did scores of other people whose works I had consulted in my research over the years. Before I can begin conceptualizing a Socialist conception of citizenship, it is important that we always discern how to avoid infringing on this inward freedom and inward security, otherwise we run the risk of condoning the “Road to Debt-Slavery.”

Authentic Choice and Authentic Existence: “Owned-Self – They-Self = Mine-Self”

Inauthentic Choice and Inauthentic Existence: “Owned-Self – Mine-Self = They-Self”

The first equation creates the Arbeit and Geld, whereas the second equation creates Kapital and Schuld. The best example of the first equation, what has compelled me to continue this research for the past ten years, is demonstrated by the Patron Saints of Catholic Education.

Meanwhile, I have so many examples of the second equation to the point that I am now able to connect the phenomenon itself to contemporary politics in the US and most Liberal Capitalist regimes. It is also evident in the literature, television, cinema, music, gaming and so forth, up to and including their apparent lack of creativity, originality, and authenticity.

My advice to living outside the metaphysical framework of Liberal Capitalism: “Know the Intents of the Patron Saints of Catholic Education, always striving to follow and to uphold those same Intents.”

What can be learned from this comment? In essence, a Liberal Capitalist conception of Citizenship is incompatible with the Socialism of any member-state at the World State Organization as part of a Socialist world order.

Let us begin with the obvious conclusion that I had reached at the end of “Beyond the Korean Mousetrap (Pt. II of II).” I basically argued that the Hitlerist slogan “Blood and Soil” is related to the Jeffersonian ideal of social status, which is “Blood and Wealth.” It soon became apparent over the course of that Blog post. The former is in reference to Jus Soli and latter referencing Jus Sanguinis, both of which are two common legal concepts employed by the Liberal Capitalists. Even the most committed Antifascist at Charlottesville is never going to question and challenge them. If they did, all of humanity on Earth–including themselves by extension–is ipso facto “Fascistic” because every nation relies on some combination of Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis. That is where I, a random bystander of world history, enter the picture:

  • Jus Soli: Being born under one legal jurisdiction of the same nationality will suffice in qualifying the child to become the Citizen of any nation-state.
  • Jus Sanguinis: Being born under one legal parent of the same nationality will suffice in qualifying the child to become the Citizen of any nation-state.

There is something clearly wrong about these two legal concepts to warrant scrutiny. It does not take very long to realize how a combination of Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis enables aspects of the Freedom-Security Dialectic. By process of Reference and Relevance, I can cite a wide variety of Liberal Capitalist ideological language like “Nanny State,” “Nightwatchman State,” “Welfare State,” “Welfare Queen,” “Child Tax Credit,” “Limited Government,” “Religious Liberty,” “Civil Liberty,” “Civil Society,” “Civil Government,” “Homeland Security,” “Child Protective Services, “Divorce Settlement,” “Equal Opportunity,” “Wealth Redistribution,” “Wealth Inequality,” “Social Security,” “Social Contract,” and “Bill of Rights.”

By scrutinizing both Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis, what can be inferred from the invocations of such familiar ideological language? What is now being made apparent is the metaphysical weaknesses of Liberal Capitalism, originating with the Individual on a deeply subconscious level at the center of human consciousness itself. Anyone born under a Liberal Capitalist regime is theoretically ‘entitled’ to “Natural Rights” that they are said to be “Inalienable” on top of their Legal Rights, refusing to acknowledge the possibility of certain Unnatural Rights that can be deemed as Alienable to somebody’s Legal Duties in the State of Total Mobilization.   

Could something as Alienable as an Unnatural Right be repurposed into a “Natural Right” and convince everyone into believing that it is somehow “Inalienable?” The ideological language is implying that Nature itself constitutes as its own government outside of a nation-state’s legal jurisprudence. If anyone is willing to believe in that, they are also capable of adopting the same mindset that enjoys theological pastimes like conspiracy theories, alternate histories, parlor games, investment speculations, economic sanctions, and labor strikes. This “State of Nature” is in fact about as ‘natural’ as a Derin Devlet (Deep State), a Shadow Government, a Vehmgericht (Extrajudicial Court of Contract Killers), Secret Societies, Offshore Banks, Black Markets, Terrorist Cells, Political Assassinations, Military Coups, and Smoke-Filled Rooms. I mean, why would criminals not want to establish their own parallel governments? The Commission of the American Mafia is an often overlooked example since the Castellammarese War, the Castellammarese War itself continuing the Prohibition introduced by Amendment XVIII.

But the “State of Nature” concept is capable of coexisting under legal and illegal contexts. Its illegal context claims that “Nature itself” is somehow capable of exhibiting the “human consciousness” of an actual criminal. The legal context, meanwhile, suggests that this “human consciousness” is incapable of being free and secure on a deeply subconscious level, compensating this apparent unfreedom and insecurity by projecting them onto reality itself through the Freedom-Security Dialectic. Here, we find all of the ideological justifications for Liberal Capitalism because we are left assuming that somebody is psychically and psychologically enslaved by a “Shadow Government” operating on dubious legal claims of “Natural Law.” From the purview of Jungian Psychology, is it too much of a coincidence for the oldest conspiracy theory in existence to be consistently about a “Shadow with its own Government?”

In essence, the Freedom-Security Dialectic of Liberal Capitalist ideology argues that the personal freedom and personal security of the Individual is always outward and never inward (which is in the point of fact the opposite of what is promoted in the SMP Compendium). We can tell that this is the case by citing a number of recurring patterns of behavior associated with Liberal Capitalism. I mean, do I really need to remind people why there are inherent differences between a genuine banknote and a counterfeit banknote?

Owned-Self = They-Self + Mine-Self

Persona = Shadow + Ego

Authentic Choice and Authentic Existence: Owned-Self – They-Self = Mine-Self

This equation indicates that the Individual–the Author of The Fourth Estate–is eliminating the Shadow of his Totality, determined to find his true Self in the Jungian sense. I have deliberately and voluntarily chosen to reject Jeffersonianism as a Hamiltonian Federalist who rejects the existence of a Left-Right Political Spectrum. There can be no “Political Left,” no “Political Right,” and no “Political Center” if Jeffersonianism prevails among all three, as evidenced by the religious procession on behalf of Thomas Jefferson’s Cult of Personality. Moreover, I have also discerned that half of my Life-Energy (my physical, mental and spiritual strength) is to be committed toward a Vocation. As long as my Inward Freedom-Security (the Mine-Self) is not being eliminated on either side of this equation, I have no problems arguing that Hamiltonian Federalism and Socialism are one and the same.  

Owned-Self – They-Self = Mine-Self

Owned-Self = Mine-Self

State of the Union = Totality of the Union + Owned-Self of the Union

Inauthentic Choice and Inauthentic Existence: Owned-Self – Mine-Self = They-Self

The other equation, however, is what happens if I stop being myself and simply play along with Jeffersonianism and agree to deify Thomas Jefferson. Seriously, I could have pursued my university education at UVA (University of Virginia) as a political scientist, but I never went to UVA. Even in my teenage years ten years ago, I have always felt that UVA is for the absent-minded and the naïve, for people who wish to live in a Bildungsroman and never do anything meaningful with their lives. I can still remember the negative reactions I had once made toward Catholic high school classmates who said they were going to attend UVA upon graduation, including the voluntary decision to skip class on a ‘pleasant day’ in May. But nobody reading this Blog will know what I am talking about, so why would I lose ownership of myself? I thought the Union fought a Civil War to end Slavery after the passing of St. Johann Neumann?  

Owned-Self – Mine-Self = They-Self

Unowned-Self = They-Self

State of the Union = Totality of the Union + Unowned-Self of the Union

All men are not created equal. If Thomas Jefferson is correct in arguing that “all men are created equal,” I should also be able to argue that his “Empire of Liberty” concept is in fact related to Leon Trotsky’s “United States of Europe” and Adolf Hitler’s “New Order of Europe.” Those three men had sought to turn Europe into a “Shadow America” during the 20th century, this Shadow America eventually culminating in the European Union/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (EU/NATO) as the latest incarnation of this historical phenomenon. There are metaphysical weaknesses to be found while relying on this sort of logic for such thinking is also capable of restraining my ability to think critically and creatively in order to comprehend the “Albanian-Soviet Dispute,” “Yugoslav-Soviet Dispute,” “Sino-Soviet Dispute,” “Korean War,” “Vietnam War,” “Sino-Soviet Border War,” and “Sino-Vietnamese War.”

I have yet to find one American who realizes what is inherently wrong about the conception of so-called Europe shared by Jefferson, Trotsky and Hitler, let alone why Hoxha, Tito, the Eternal President, Bác Hồ, Brezhnev, and Chairman Mao run counter to the Cold War historical narrative on what passes as “Socialism” within these United States. All Socialisms are never created equally! One can be a “Conservative Liberal,” “Liberal Socialist,” “Social Liberal,” “Market Liberal,” “Classical Liberal,” “National Liberal,” “State Liberal,” “Religious Liberal,” “Green Liberal” or a “Liberal Monarchist/Anarchist” and never comprehend exactly what I am arguing. This behavior from the Liberal Capitalists adheres to the same decision-making process as “the Trotskyist who enjoys finding ‘Nazis’ behind every Bush (Read: George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush)” or “the Hitlerist who enjoys finding ‘Jews’ under every Rose-Field (Read: Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt).” All of these Jeffersonians, Hitlerists and Trotskyists were present in some form or another at Charlottesville; this “Unite the Right Rally” was really about “Uniting all Natural Rights” from the moment it was conceived.

The same pattern of behavior repeated itself on January 6, 2021, an afternoon made possible by the incompatibility of Parliamentary Democracy and Council Democracy because an Electoral College is ill-suited for Parliamentarian governance. Why eliminate the Electoral Vote or the Popular Vote, when it is a lot easier to let the American people vote at the State level to choose their State-Electors who will then in turn elect the President of the United States at the Federal level? Do the American people even know who their State-Electors are? Or why all of the State-Electors happen to be party functionaries and cadres of the Democratic-Republican Party like “President William ‘Bill’ Jefferson Clinton” in the case of the “2016 US Presidential Election?”

How am I supposed to convince the Hitlerists, Trotskyists, Jeffersonians and Madisonians supposed that this US Citizen named “Alexander Hamilton” was a Jew, a Nationalist, and a Socialist according to US History itself? Is it possible for me to tell a sitting Federal judge and jury at a US Federal Court, under the condition that I could be penalized for committing Perjury, that this same Hamilton is a “Jewish National Socialist” whose likeness is literally being printed on every $10 USD Banknote by the US Federal Reserve? Or why I feel unashamed to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” about why Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism is a far more appropriate name than calling it “Jewish National Socialism?” Or why I have evidence to tell everyone in America that there were “multiple National Socialisms” in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire at the turn of the 20th century? Or why I have evidence to accuse Thomas Jefferson of having built a Cult of Personality around himself within the US educational system?

“The public school system in the United States is very liberal in theory; but in reality it is most intolerant towards Catholics. It cannot be doubted that the young mind is influenced by the irreligious dispositions of the teacher. Even the textbooks selected for use are injurious to Catholic children. They are merely heretical extracts from a falsified Bible, and histories which contain the most malicious perversion of truth, the grossest lies against the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church[.] These circumstances combine for the spiritual ruin of Catholic children.”

-St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR

What would I tell this US Federal Court? I would tell them that “a human being becoming an American” cannot be guaranteed by something as vague as Jus Sanguinis and Jus Soli. That the historical record is adamant about why President Bush 43 referred to America after 9/11 as a “Homeland” (and not Fatherland or Motherland), as if to unconsciously reference Hamilton’s childhood as an orphan under the Freedom-Security Dialectic? That the “Birthers” who accused President Obama of not being a US Citizen had also demonstrated an apparent inability to think past the Freedom-Security Dialectic, given the fact that Hamilton was never born on US soil? Or why economic and financial concepts like “Institutional Racism” and “Culture War,” “Critical Race Theory” and “Great Replacement Theory,” if one looks beyond Jeffersonian ideological language, are all related to the same Freedom-Security Dialectic?  

  • Is it possible for an “American” to be born outside of US Soil and where neither the Mother nor the Father are US Citizens? That this “American” is so attuned to American culture, history, tradition, social customs and norms that they are incapable of being anything but American, and is fervently devoted to serving the American people to the best of their ability?
  • Is it possible for a “Non-American” to be born on US Soil and where both the Mother and the Father are US Citizens? That this “Non-American” is so antithetical to American culture, history, tradition, social customs and norms that they would hang their Birth Certificate on a wall somewhere and then hang themselves next to it, committing suicide in the process?  

Maybe it is not a good idea to be convincing all of humanity to become racial caricatures of the American people by compelling them to become Debt-Slaves based on “Blood and Soil” and “Blood and Wealth.” I say this as an American deeply concerned about the Americanization of Humanity by the Jeffersonian Empire of Liberty vis-à-vis “Cultural Globalization.” There is an Implicit Intent behind my consultation of works written by people like “Oswald Spengler” or “Ernst Jünger,” seeing how they had always been accused by the Jeffersonians of condoning Hitlerism (and somehow, by extension, Jeffersonianism). But there is no indication that Spengler or Jünger had been advocating for Jeffersonianism (and by extension, Hitlerism). My Intent pertains to the obscure historical reality, unbeknownst to most Americans, I am fully aware of the fact that Weimar Germany was extensively Americanized due to Economic Foreignization. Therefore, in retrospect, there a better way for the Federal government to determine US Citizenship beyond Good and Evil, beyond Jus Sanguinis and Jus Soli?

My advice to living outside the metaphysical framework of Liberal Capitalism: “Know the Intents of the Patron Saints of Catholic Education, always striving to follow and to uphold those same Intents.”

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